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    posted a message on The perfect nerf for Razakus Priest

    It's a good idea and much better design but defeats the purpose of a highlander archetype as that is effect is not worth having only one copy of everything in your deck. It's the reason why Inkmaster Solia or Krul never really took off in MSG meta as a mediocre one time effect is barely worthwhile but continual value in Raza is.

    Blizzard would have to remove the "if your deck contains no duplicates" part of the card in order for it to be viable at all, which would mean highlander priest could run duplicates which would be really scary (double mind blast shenanigans etc). Obviousy they would have to cut Kazakus which is one of the most powerful aspects of the deck but i think duplicates or some other package would make up for this

    I think a better solution would be to simply change Shadowreaper Anduin to cant target face to remove OTK bullshit which is crippling other control decks like pally and warlock atm and would take priest back to its control orientated roots

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    posted a message on What was your Favourite deck (all time)

    3.wild inner fire combo priest- involvong lyra, ligtwarden and deathlord for multiple win conditions, capable of outpacing aggro with a turn 5 lethal or overwhelming control with an otk. too much fun 

    2.keleseth tempo rogue- will probs get some hate but genuinely fun deck to play with and against imo. Not quite a brainless aggro deck but not really full midrange deck either. Probably the most swingy deck capable of big power turns i've played and is just really cool to pilot. Also the degree of versatility (eleRogue, full aggro, corpsetaker, curator package) means I can always adapt to whatever I need to or just feel like playing without losing the core identity of the deck, which is something not many decks can do.

    1. sherazin miracle rogue-  absolutely destroyed control dec ks in un'goro meta. As a F2P player my first real full budget deck and certainly not the easiest to play but unquestionably the most satisfying experience I have ever had in hearthstone. 

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    posted a message on If you could ban 1 class from your ladder climb what would it be?

    Priest for sure. Even though I win most games against them, I lose a bit of my soul everytime in the process. Would honestly rather lose 10 games straight to jade druid than win one game against priest, its seriously not that fun.

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    posted a message on Most FUN deck to play AGAINST

    Been scrolling through the forums lately and everyone loves to complain about how (insert deck here) is not fun to play against.

    So I had a thought. What is actually enjoyable to play against?

    Now I know most of the meta is pure cancer atm with highroll or tempo decks but every ~20 games I see an original deck at rank 5 that really renews my enjoyment of the game

    My pick would go to something like Miracle Valeera Rogue, knowing that the game could really go anyway.

    Pls leave thoughts below


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    posted a message on Which cards are problematic in the game now? Let's discuss.

    Top 5 in no particular order

    Shadowkeeper Anduin- would be absolutely fine at deal 1 damage even with raza. Just too strong as effectively a hunter hero power for 0 mana that can be played ~4-5 times a turn + mass removal with the battle cry. The single biggest reason behind the tempo meta atm

    Primordial Glyph-gives the opportunity to discover answers and is just too versatile with the mana cost reduction.will very rarely give something unusable and is near inpossible to play around

    Vilespine Slayer- bonkers tempo card. Tempo rogue can be played just fine without ever drawing keleseth but not wthout this. 

    Spreading plague- singlehandedly wins games against anything slightly tempo based. Also removes druid's biggest weakness which is bad design. 

    Vicous Fledging- every aggro deck runs this and for good reason. absolutely the most snowballing card in the game



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    posted a message on Which to Craft? Taunt Warrior or Miracle Rogue

    Thx everyone!! After watching some vids and hearing the previous posts, I decided to craft miracle rogue cos it looks a lot more fun and interesting to play than quest warrior. Plus it has long term value in edwin and prep. After 3 games at rank 12 im currently 1-2 but the last game was  very close and it certainly is hard to play but is also very rewarding. I see it becoming my favourite deck cos it is so much fun. So thanks again to everyone!!!

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    posted a message on Which to Craft? Taunt Warrior or Miracle Rogue

    Hi guys! F2P player here. just looking for advice on which deck to craft. Im tossing up between taunt warrior and miracle garden rogue. I have all the cards needed but a few for each deck. I only have ~5000 dust so can only commit to one. The cards I would need to craft are:

    For Taunt warrior: Fire Plume's Hart, 2x Primordial Drake, 1x Brawl, 1x Shield Slam = total 3200 dust

    For Miracle Rogue: Edwin VanCleef, 2x Preparation, 2x Vilespine Slayer = total 3200 dust

    Which deck do u see being the strongest/most fun?? As well as which is a good long term investment, as i can only afford to fully craft 1 premium deck per expansion. Thx

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    posted a message on Legendary Tier Crafting Guide

    F2p player here. been sitting on ~2500 dust after full value  yogg and cotw disenchant. Play all classes and these are the good legendarys that i have:

    Ragnaros , Justicar, Jaraxxus, Soggoth, Ragnaros Lightlord, Deathwing Dragonlord, Cairne + all adveture sets

    considering crafting bloodmage thalnos for midrange shaman and freeze mage( would need to craft 2x ice block ) or sylvanas for control decks or any other powerhouse legendary ie Grom or Antonidas.

    would appreciate any advice. Thx

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!

    Playing arena as shaman. opponent on 11hp. His board empty, mine consists of a 4 mana 7/7 and 3 totems. Gauranteed win, I think. Opponent plays MCT, steals faceless from a 1/4 chance. Two turns later he wins. fml

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