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    posted a message on Undtakah + Recurring Villain Bug?

    You are not getting it. The text could basically read: "Deathrattle: If this minion has 4 or more attack resummon this minion".

    Thus it summons the basic form of the minion. In this case Recurring Villian with a deathrattle as it's deathrattle minion pr default. The Undertakah is a battlecry minion pr default, and won't keep the deathrattle.

    It makes sense. I played with a deck that was based around Recurring Villian, Zerek and Da Undertakah at the start of the expansion, and Da Undertakah was not a permanent thread but rather a: "Kill this dude and deal with a board of 8/5's".

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    posted a message on Magnetize on full board

    I've always hated these "I was not aware of this interaction and I lost because of it, so it is stupid" threads. 

    It makes perfect sense. The definition of magnetic, as Suchti352 also states, is: "Play this to the left of a Mech to fuse them together!" and you can't play more than 7 minions. Learn your mechanics and stop whining. 

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    posted a message on Are you saving gold yet for the 2nd expansion of 2019? You probably should! Stop spending it daily, it hurts your collection.

    I planned on saving gold but I've lost all motivation to play Hearthstone and haven't done a daily quest for two weeks. 

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    posted a message on warnings for naming a other site is new here so look out

    I guess it is forbidden to discuss outofcards (am I getting a warning now?) and other Hearthstone sites as some people are considering whether to stay on Heartpwn or not. 

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    posted a message on Big hunter?????

    Well, try it. 

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    posted a message on Let's talk about Priest
    Quote from jazzfan27 >>

    I think the problem with Priest is that if you want to play aggro there are better classes.  If you want to play midrange there are better classes.  If you want to play control there are better classes.  And if you want to play combo, there are better classes.

    Generally speaking Priest does well when it has either great control or great combo tools.  It has neither at the moment.  Or at least not a critical mass of such tools.

    Priest probably need either a top shelf board clear or a nice tutor to push them into relevance again.


     Agree. Shadow visions and Psychic scream are missed. 

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    posted a message on HearthPwn will stay open!! Woohoo

    I thought I would be happy reading this but honestly I have mixed feelings. On one side it's great to see the site lives on. On the other hand I really liked the old staff and kind a feel sorry for Flux as this will impact his new outofcards project. 

    Regardless I wish the new staff best of luck. 

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    posted a message on Last Wing of Dalaran Adventure is Now Live!

    Honestly, it was expected. 

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    posted a message on Wild Exodia Priest?!

    I have always disliked how the Hearthstone community defines 'infinite'. As long as their is a time limit we cannot talk about infinite. E.g. exodia mage cannot deal infinite damage but rather between 500-600 damage (in ranked/casual at least) depending on your APM. Exodia/APM Priest can deal a shot ton of damage too but it still depends on your APM. 

    I know why people use the word and it's fair enough - it's just my humble opinion. 

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    posted a message on Wild Quest Giant in Rank 10-5

    I play something similar but with 2x mana addict. I might cut 1 of them and add a second shooting star. But I like her because she is easy to combo with the quest, or she can deal a ton of damage if she manages to stick on the board.

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    posted a message on The Secret Achievements of HearthPwn

    I got the "That's just crazy " achievement last year I think and I thought it was pretty common. :D

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    posted a message on Thank you all the wonderful people at Hearthpwn

    Beautiful tribute. I would upvote a thread like this a 100 times if I could. 

    The staff and flux deserves it.


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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    First of all thanks for all the great content. Really. You and the admin staff have done a remarkable effort to create a cool community with a lot of great content. I mean, this site is part of a daily routine for me: Check a few websites, go to Hearthpwn, read a couple of new threads, refer people to the salt thread, state a few opinions etc. I will genuinely miss everything about that. 

    Honestly this could be the final nail in the coffin for my Hearthstone interest. I rarely play the game but I like to read about it and peoples experiences, and what crazy games they have had or just their salt. 

    Again thanks for everything. You will be missed.

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    posted a message on Is this community getting more and more toxic?

     What a load of rubbish. There is plenty of examples here on Hearthpwn that if you take your time to create a decent thread the vast majority of the replies is in a good tone. 

    Your post was nothing but salt: "I don't like aggro decks, so bye HS". What do you expect? If you want a discussion about it you should at the very least ask a question in the end - but you didn't. 

    Next time you want to discuss something use your previous thread as an example of: "how not to start a discussion", and be a bit critical of yourself rather than blaming the community for not liking a bad thread. 





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    posted a message on [F2P] Rank 50 - Legend in 15:12 hours

    Rank 49 to rank 5 with only 4 loses? 

    Well done! 

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