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    i am beginning to question Blizzard class identify BS. 

    Let's take Shaman: 

    • Strengths: Minion swarms, damage spells, Totems, Elementals, Murlocs
    • Weaknesses: Card draw, card generation

    Have they seen what quest shamans do at the moment? They draw and generate tons of cards. I mean if you are trying to drain a shaman of ressources you basically have to through 50-60 cards or something. Sure, lackeys do a lot of work for them but if card generation and card draw is a weakness then why make lackeys viable in class that can double their battlecries? 

    Take take Sludge Slurper: it generates two lackeys. If one of those lackeys are a Ethereal Lackey that's two more cards - and if you get two of them then that's a total of 4 more cards. That's a total of 6 cards from a 1 drop (and 3 mana in total). 

    Besides: where are the elementals and totems?  

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    Quote from kizlyar >>

    Which deck takes more skill to play?  The one where it takes no skill to plop out Voidcaller into Voidlord, or the one that has to make every perfect play and maximize all damage to have a chance at finding lethal vs. a terrible matchup?

    Control vs. control = takes skill

    Control vs. aggro = no skill, easy win

     Let's take control warrior vs control warrior. Does it really take skill or rely heavily on RNG?
    Let's say player 1 has Dr Boom in his opening hand and player 2 has Dr Boom at the bottom of his deck. Who wins? 
    Let's say both players Dr. Boom on curve. Player 1 gets the "discover a mech" hero power twice as much as player 2. Who is most likely to win?
    Let's say player 1 gets 6 good mechs from omega assembly while player 2 gets 6 terrible ones. Who is most likely to win? 

    If you ask me control warrior vs control warrior depends a lot on RNG. While aggro vs aggro is the actual winner when it comes to showcasing skills. One bad trade and you might not be able to regain the board, go face at the wrong time and lose etc.. In the control mirror you can make multiple mistakes because you can recover with board clears. 

    Quote from Chreezer >>

    Control (Warrior) is like Chess - using your given resources wisely.

    Aggro is like Russian Roulette - Hope to topdeck the right card/ hope for the opponent to topdeck the wrong card. 

    Parallels to the IQ of the players of both games are, of course, coincidental.

     I disagree with this. 

    Control warrior is nothing but removal. It's simply a matter of playing it. Saying that you have to use your ressources wisely is, to me at least, redundant when roughly 50 % of the deck is removal and the rest is either taunts or armor gain. How can that require anymore IQ than aggro decks? 

    Playing aggro is more about managing your ressources: when to trade, go face, when to add more pressure and when to hold back so you have a chance to recover, calculate damage over turns, playing your outs etc. To me that  requires more IQ than: "Oh my opponent has something on the board. Should I remove it? Ah... tough one. Okay, I am going to removei it". 

    I hate to make this disclaimer but I know what's coming my why it I don't write it. I have over a 1100 wins with Priest where I played almost every possible control deck Priest has to offer. I loved the good old control warrior back when Justicar Trueheart was a part of the deck. But I also like every other aspect of Hearthstone: Aggro, combo, meme, control etc., so don't bother with the: "oh look whiny aggro player" argument. Cheers! 

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    Quote from airalert3 >>

    Anything that punishes degenerate agro players is A-OK in my book!

     Out of curiosity: How is aggro anymore degenerate than e.g. control warrior? 

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    I made a Prince Keleseth deck and wanted to optimize the deck, so I added a random 2 drop. I played a game, had Prince in my opening hand and he didn't work. The stupid thing is that I played the game and forgot about it, so I started another game  and drew him in my opening hand again. And believe it or not but I did it again after the second game - and I got him in my opening hand again. 

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    Quote from BradPitt >>

    Is Siamat really that good?.

     It's just a very flexible card. It can apply pressure, remove a single target and give you a thread on the board, remove two minions from the board or just be a decent taunt card. 

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    You can still get Deathknigts from discovery mechanics, e.g. Hallucination

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    How does this fare against Control Warrior? It seems like the control deck other control decks has to beat. 

    Does Shudderwock, with an extra Elysiana trigger, give the edge? 

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    Quote from bmpadm >>




    This is certainly not LUCK, but just one of several hidden and undisclosed ways Blizzard uses to keep customers coming back and still interested in the game.

    Left for a long time? Blizzard make your card packs matter like you´ve just described.

    Haven't completed new quests for weeks? Whenever I do that, I get the "Challenge a Friend" quest, no doubt the best quest in the game, reward-wise.

    The current expansion is already getting old and interest is dwindling? You magically get better and better cards from packs, AS IF there was something like a "Magic FInd Property" (like MF in Diablo) to give you more LUCK.

    The current expansion has just been released? That Magic Find will be at it's lowest and cards from packs will not yield that many Legendaries.


    Can anyone PROVE I am wrong?




     The question is rather: Can you prove you are right? A few postulates don't prove anything. 

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    Zephrys is by no means a win more card. It's  a comeback, win-more, find-lethal, regain the board and clear the board card.

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