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    posted a message on Possible Desired Nerfs

    Druid card really need nerf, 2 manas ramp for only 4 manas and the most powerful 7 manas card in this game history in the next turn is way OP.

    Nerf to 5 manas solve this problem.

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    posted a message on Book of heroes IS NOT A SOLO ADVENTURE! IT'S TERRIBLE!

    I usually don't complain about free stuff but this is the exception, I bored in the second game and can't finishing the run, this become old because they recycled the formula too many times.

    I remember the old good days of Nax or Mountain, hard fights to get cool cards, now I can't play the thing even for the first time. :(

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    posted a message on DH has the healing potential of a priest and hits like a truck
    Quote from warcraftofworld >>

    blad i hardly ever lose against DH as a gala priest.

     Yes, give a massive healing option for a neutral minion like the old Healbot and problem solved.

    DH is unbeatable for any class can't heal 20 or more before reach 10 manas.

    Nothing works anymore because the class have everything to deal with aggro, healing and draw all cards from his deck every time, the only real weakness is the hero be frozen and can't do this forever.

    The soul fragment cards make the class don't need minions anymore to win the game, making all your removal dead cards.

    The 6 manas cards should have your cost being reduced to 5 and lose the outcast ability, it is just broken of the charts pay 6 manas draw 3 cards and get 9 manas discount.

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    posted a message on Bug with Galakrond's armor

    Ok, it is official, the devs are doing everything possible to destroy rogue class, even using "bugs". >.<

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    posted a message on is stealth rogue still good for climbing?

    They insists so hard they finally kill the class for good.

    Highlander and Galakrond rogue was ok at best, then they nerf Alex and Galakrond killing both archetypes.

    Rogue players are forced to play a decent but limited hyper aggro deck, what they do? Nerf the only card making the deck possible to be Tier 2, now is a completely useless tier garbage deck with no chance or hope of doing nothing, at the same time hunters don't get nothing nerfed.

    The devs hates rogue so badly they don't allow anything close to playable exist for long and now the class is dead.

    Just give up and choose another class.

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    posted a message on Why Rogue Can't Have A Single OP Card?
    Quote from kitox_me >>

    Drawing 4 for 1 mana still OP, dont disechant your copies noobs

     I disenchant the golden one I have, craft the second normal one I need and get the sweet 1.200 dust in the end, I can't care less about golden cards. ^^

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    posted a message on Why Rogue Can't Have A Single OP Card?
    Quote from sPacEtiMe19 >>

    Why are these stupid posts made driven purely off of emotion rather than data?

    Rogue is CONSTANTLY viable. I’d go as far as to say they have been more consistently viable over all other classes. 

    Do they always have the single best deck in the game? No. Do they always have a deck that is very viable and legend worthy? Absolutely. Hunter and Druid being next.

    Paladin? Nearly dead all of 2019/2020 save for this most recent expansion. 

    Mage: Waves of good, more waves of bad.

    Warrior: Same boat as mage. 

    Shaman: LOL

    Priest: Always annoying but data suggests they are hardly ever top for long periods of time. 

    Warlock: Waves of good, waves of bad. 

    Demon hunter: It’s young, very young comparably, but will probably generally always be decent if they remain tempo-oriented.

    You know what rogue doesn’t get? Half baked support like freeze shaman, murlocs for both pala and shaman, totem stuff, etc. Rogue rarely gets these random, off brand mechanics that get no support after the expansion in which they are released.

    I just can’t even imagine complaining about rogue lol.  



     Ok, you have some fair points, make sense, I just furious to lose games for druids because he play a single GODLY-OP card but my rogue can't have the old secret passage.

    Ok the rogue card be nerfed but why the druid one, much more powerful and game breaking, is let alone?

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    posted a message on Why Rogue Can't Have A Single OP Card?
    Quote from Tommykoppo >>

    How many times you lose because someone plays a 12/12 edwin in turn 2-3?

     Very few actually, not happen that often and is not hard to have an answer to many classes, this number increase a lot if you reduce to 8/8.

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    posted a message on Why Rogue Can't Have A Single OP Card?
    Quote from Anomaly98 >>

    Edwin Van Cleef sneers in the distance....

     Good but far from a broken card, in this meta how many times a druid play that 7 manas abomination for each Van Cleef played?

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    posted a message on Why Rogue Can't Have A Single OP Card?
    Quote from ChrisRex >>

    I honestly can't tell if this person is joking or not.


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    posted a message on Why Rogue Can't Have A Single OP Card?

    Druid now have a 7 manas card so insanely OP put the nerfed 5/5 draw 2 cards into garbage tier in comparison but looks like don't will be nerfed.

    Hunter have a 2/4 + 8/8 charge for 7 manas and don't will get nerfed.

    Paladin for years have MC ruining the meta and don't was nerfed and now have a 2 manas 11/13 minion and don't get nerfed.

    Why rogue can't have a single out of the balance class card when almost all other the classes have?

    Look... highlander rogue is playable, let's ruin the deck nerfing Alex...

    ...Galakrond rogue can do some nice tricks with 0 mana cards, after a big setup and draw a lot of cards in the correct order, druid only need to play a ramp card for 4 manas to do the same, what they do? Nerf Galakrond rogue.

    ...Hey, how dare rogue player having some sucess with aggro and secret passage? No way! Nerf the card to oblivion.

    WHY??? Why rogue never can have a broken card? Hunters and druids have an insanely amount of broken cards and hunter dodge nerfs for years now, they dislike this class so badly?

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    posted a message on returning to game with barely any new cards, would love some advice on a class to go with, please.

    Aggro rogue stealth, it is pretty good and cheap.

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    posted a message on Nvdia RTX 2070/80/Ti price after 3000 launch.

    Here in my country there is a lot of people trying to sell for the normal price expecting to catch some ill informed victims, used hardware market in Brazil is a nightmare and the pandemic only make things worse.

    That said, this new cards are insane overkill for any people don't have a massively powerful processor, i7 and Ryzen 7 as minimum and an awesome monitor, this should be the last piece of the puzzle for the upgrade.

    Here I am very happy with my Ryzen 5 2400G, Vega 11 integrated graphics and 1080p IPS monitor.


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    posted a message on Will the Highlander die out?

    I hope not, highlander decks are challenging for build and pilot (except the hunter one of course).

    Meta decks like rogue aggro pratically build and play by itself.

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    posted a message on So... no Scholomance Academy Adventure?
    Quote from CookieFamous >>

    Please don't. I don't want to be forced to spend exorbitant amounts of gold or money for access to otherwise uncraftable cards.

     You get much more value in terms of legendarys for gold in adventures compared to packs, unless of course you have GODLY LUCK oppening them but in average you get much more from the adventures.

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