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    posted a message on Resizing Pouch // Zephrys the Great

    It is a decent card but not even close to Zephyrs level because you never can discover a card from another class.

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    posted a message on Quick q about the core set.
    Quote from SSFREAKAZOID >>

    Imo they ruined "collectible" aspect of the game. There's no reason to collect and keep some cards, now like everything is  temporary. 

     As long we continue getting all new stuff for free I don't see a problem.

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    posted a message on Aegwynn, the Guardian

    This being 3/5 or even 3/4 for 4 manas will be so sweet, the 5 manas spot is already cluncky in that deck, unfortunately, you will run Jandice and wish very hard to this card be one of the two minions.

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    posted a message on Lord Jaraxxus

    Finally!!! We asking for this for ages.

    Reduce or have max 15 life in turn 9 without a taunt is game over vs a lot of combo and finisher out there making the old version totally crap, this is we are talking about it.

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    posted a message on Best Tech Video Ever?

    It is very rare this days in YouTube when content creators are so afraid to lose profit, it is fresh air see something like this:

    NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers. - YouTube

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    posted a message on Nobody talking about Ysera nerf
    Quote from Kurgo >>
    Quote from Pizzacats >>

    Omg guys you don’t get it. Yes, the new card is better than the old one. We get it. The problem is that the new card is in the CORE SET, so when it rotates, we will no longer have it and be stuck with the old ysera which is even more useless being nerfed. The old version will still be playable in wild, and even wild cards, when nerfed, are given dust refund. The new ysera is NOT THE SAME CARD. It is a new card that will be added to the core set.

     You can't really be "more useless" than current Ysera. Has anyone legitimately and unironically run her in their deck in the past few years?

     Run in the deck? No.

    Get her from another card like lackeys or spells? Hell yes, lot of times.

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    posted a message on Paladin is so disgusting right now

    If paladin really piss you just play priest.

    You will have 100% winrate vs paladins, 50% winrate vs other priests and 10% winrate vs anything else.

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    posted a message on Tickatus is good or bad for this game because...

    Just compare this BS, unbalanced, broken out of the charts, completely and insanely undercosted abomination with a much more fair and well designed card and you get all answer for your questions about it:

    Rin, the First Disciple


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    posted a message on Paladin is so disgusting right now

    What you are talking about? The paladin at least give the ramp to both players, it is fair at some point, druid is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than that, much, much worse, the druid player can ramp only for yourself and able to play a lot of cards insanely undercosted, out of the charts broken, completely unbalanced and draw almost the entire deck before you can reach 7 manas.

    I don't play paladin but the truth is druid is the class who needed to be massively nerfed, I mean...



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    posted a message on Introducing the Core Set, Classic Format, Legacy Set & More!

    That is necessary and I hope they balance better the cards than before, some classes like rogue, mage and warrior have great classic sets at the same time paladin and shaman have awful ones and always depending in broken expansion cards to be relevant.

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    posted a message on Control is dead because...
    Quote from theMeteor >>

    Tick is not the problem, cascading disaster is (and maybe all the other control at locks disposal) because you can never amount a meaningful enough board to pressure them.

     Play vs warlock today with my weapon rogue, he recover 6 life with the 3/4 taunt reborn minion, gain 4 armor with 1/3 minion, destroy my weapon twice with x2 Ooze, play the 6/6 taunt for 7 manas (for corrupt Tickatus and defend yourself at the same time) and in turn 8 play Tickatus and still lose the match. 

    Weapons and early agression are the way, I have more than 90% winrate vs warlock with weapon rogue and win even when the warlock play every possible tech at your disposal, the very few times I lose is when the draw is the worst possible, otherwise is a free win.

    Join to weapon rogue club and make them pay for deny the existence of control decks in the meta turning the Tickatus and 10 manas old god totally useless. ^^

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    posted a message on Tickatus is god amongst men

    "10 cards? That is cute. ^^ "

    Mill rogue players.

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    posted a message on Rogue is nuts

    Rogue is my favorite class, I play everything, aggro, highlander, Galakrond, memes...

    The sad part is the nerfs in Galakrond and Alex make hiper-agressive decks the only option for competitive play for the class... :(

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    posted a message on How will control and greedy decks even exist for a year with Tickatus?
    Quote from emkarab >>
    Quote from hillandder >>
    Quote from MoonUnit >>

     I prefer use C'Thun instead, your deck have more cards to be mill and you have a chance to fight back when you get card from their decks, even if you don't get the key legendarys even other cards putting souls in your deck helps a lot.

    The problem with Elysiana is being a dead card all the game vs anything else, C'Thun pieces is far more useful.

     The problem is C'Thun is much easier to mill than Elysiana and most likely you will not be able to play it before second mill.

     Yes, in the warlock match C'Thun is worse than Elysiana but still helps only by the fact your deck have more cards to fight, C'Thun is better vs anything else.

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    posted a message on What exactly made Patches so good?

    Without charge you removed the free damage out of the equasion and the result is a much weaker card.

    Even priest at some point start to run the Captain + Patches to have a 3 manas 3/3 and free 2 attack charge from the deck.

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