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    It is better but not busted better, if you play both cards when you don't have a secret in hand, what sometimes you forced to do against aggro, Kirin is better than this one, plus, if you have more than one secret you can't choose what one will be played with the new card but you can with mage minion.

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    What is this? A Fiery War Axe you can use the hero power in turn 2? Someone can remind me again why the old one was nerfed?

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    Old Yogg can backfire pretty hard but new Yogg save your game much more times than backfire.

    Kill all the minions and get a giant one in a clear board, if opponent can't deal with him in the very next turn you win.

    Get a lot of free spells you can decide how to play for 0, this turn the tables most of the time.

    Gain control of 3 opponent minions + a 7/5 in the board, it is Mind Control on steroids.

    Pyroblasts until someone dies, this is a coin toss but if you played Yogg then you already in trouble before, now you have a least one chance.

    Old Yogg style with many random spells being played.

    A full caotic board but is your turn and the minions have rush and you decide the trades, much more often than not this turn the tables into your favor.

    If the meta was not so fast for 10 manas card i will say Yogg is broken and needed nerf but 10 manas and requirement of 10 spells keep the card in balance.

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    What is the next rogue class set being nerfed to oblivion? 

    If a card is trouble in Standard just HoF the damn thing, a least you can play in Wild and get full refund without the need to dust, nerfing to oblivion like that make the dusting the only option and for a short window, my sorry for everyone open this crap, terrible, completely useless garbage legendary after the full refund period...



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    Edwin is a 8/10 card, pretty good but...

    Shadowstep is 10/10.

    Rogue can work pretty well without Edwin but will be touph if lose Shadowstep.

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    I never care about end of the year parties and celebration but man...

    This is the only year I will be happy when finally ends...

    DIE 2020!!! DIE!!! >:(

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    Quote from DeafKnight >>

    That "nerf" to Polkeit is absolutely hilarious! 
    As a Demon Hunter, you don't want to play him until turn 5 anyway (As you will be getting a 6-cost card next turn normally), so the mana change does literally nothing to slow you down.

    In fact, the mana changes to most of these cards feel completely pointless and nowhere near enough of a change. 
    And 1 less damage for the weapon?! Really? For Demon Hunter - a class that excels in boosting Hero damage? Who even suggested these "nerfs"? XDDD

    Oh Blizzard, you so silly. :-)

     DH usually play in turn 5 and use hero power to attack and buff the 1/2 minion, now they can't do that, any slowdown in this BS class are welcome.

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    Polkelt and Brann will be reduced to dust...

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    Quote from PrincessKenny >>

    Was hoping for more changes, still don't think these are enough. Especially for demon hunter

     Impressive to see how the cards still strong even after the nerfs.

    They changed from "insanely broken undercosted BS" for only "broken".

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