About Me

Hi. 4 year Hearthstone player. One salty boi.  Although my total playtime is really low and some expansions I opened packs tested some new stuff and didnt play until the new one came out.

My favourite card is Skulking Geist.  Truly a fcking legend. Some cards destroy, some cards, some cards silence, some cards damage. Geist? It fucking eliminates. Countless decks will be OMEGALUL'd. Evolve, jade idol, everytime those fckers hear ME HUNGRY. They know their FCKED.

Warlock main. When I crated this account it was post knights of the frozen throne. And that my dream came true.  Warlock, was DOPE. Warlock wasnt ''bad''. But seeing Warlock being one of the best decks and top picks after SO LONG. It was amazing. Fcking finally demons got some love. Gul Dan got some love. 

4 year Priest hater. Seriosly, fuck priest.  In 2014  I swore to never play priest. Because at that time inner fire OTK s were common. I swore one fucking day, to never play priest. 

Do you know what it means to hate something so much, that even if it will make you win, even if it will be your victory, you dont do it. Why? Because everytime you hover over that priest icon, you feel ''it''. The moment you died on turn 4. The moment you see the double hp spell on lightspawn. That fcking 28 28 hitting your face. And oh god, rigth after that awful WOAHHHHHH sound after a lot damage...

''The light shall burn you!''. 

As im writing this, 7 April 2019, im silently waiting for Priest once again to rpe the ladder. With this bullshit resurrect crap again.

I play for fun.  After 4 years I still have 420 wins on my main. Sooo yeah...pretty trash. But considering I only paid for Karazhan and one legendary bundle I guess its normal...Right? 

Favorite decks: Evolve Shaman, Self harm Warlock(thats fcked up, but its a pretty good deck), renounce warlock and of course, the one and only, demon warlock.

Fck Priest.


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