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    Quote from Naijaro >>


    I'm also curious if this will be more consistent... without Alexstrasza. In this case with just 1 melon, we can guarantee that we'll get Malygos everytime.

     Good question. I think that it has the potential to be consistent: a 10 mana play Florist + Tar creeper with floop, faceless and maly in hand (and a shitload of armor) can make it that we spend only 4 (0-mana faceless+floop), 5 (0-mana floop+faceless), or 6 (2-mana maly + floop and no waiting an extra turn) mana for 2 malygos, therefore dealing 34 dmg with 1 swipe and 2 moonfires. Im already excited lol.


    EDIT: I had completely forgotten about the biology projects. WTF druidstone again nicee.

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    I think this list might be too greedy. Id take out une cope of each Dreampetal Florist and Juicy Psychmelon and the Gloop Sprayer, and add instead some taunt package (Stonehill Defender. Tar Creeper, the 3/6 druid taunt, etc). Otherwise you are relying too much on drawing Spreading Plague before an aggro deck mauls you to death.

    I'm excited for Druid, tho.

    EDIT: I realized that oaken summons can tutor floop, so that's a no go.

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    Finally the second Flurry I accidentally crafted will come in handy.

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    Quote from BootyLuong >>
    Quote from elporsche1990 >>

    Hey guys quick question: would you recommend me crafting a Twig of the World Tree or Baron Geddon?

    • In favor of Twig: I have the rest of the deck and Druid is one of the classes I main.
    • In favor of Baron: it's evergreen, my other main classes are Mage and Warrior and I have most of big spells mage (need alanna and the second keysmith); I play a variation of questless quest mage.


    Just my Opinion...

    But both are good crafts for their respective decks RIGHT NOW, but with an expansion in like two weeks, twig may become obsolete with Floop potentially becoming the new combo enabler.

    Baron Geddon is a classic card and I have no doubts it will pop in and out of the meta from time to time. So he is probably a safe craft.

    I would definitely wait on Twig though. Maly druid is really fun and a great deck. Probably one of my personal favourites right now. But for this one definitely wait until after the Boomsday meta settles.


     Seems reasonable. Thanks!

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    Quote from FrostyFeetEU >>

    Ok, I switched it now. English is a lot harder than I thought.

     It can be understood through thorough thought, though.

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    Got 4 from bunny and I got a third amalgam, a first book of scepters or whatever, and a second night prowler; the rest was dust. Not so bad bc it was free


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    Guy's smart: PhD student of organic chemistry.

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    Bunnyhoppor cleared the group stage! That's 2 packs for me folks. 

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    hunterace, Frozen, SamuelTsao. 

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    I feel sometimes that ChanManV and Gaara are in completely different levels of understanding HS. I feel that the discussions would be more to the point if ChanManV understood the game a bit better: I did not like the discussion about how the archetypes should be redefined in HS only because some decks are not really what we are accustomed to. They are archetypes for a reason: they will not exactly fit the description of every deck but at least the general idea is what categorizes them. 

    I agree with Gaara that often the casters do not properly cast because they have no idea what's going on during matches. I fel that Blizzard would rather make the casters fol around instead of actually explaining what is going on. I watch the tournaments to understand what plays are being done and which decks are better under which circumstances, not to see some dudes get paid to tell inside jokes

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