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    posted a message on Pre-legend frustration

    Congratulations. You got rid of the psychological barrier.

    After the first time it becomes fairly easy to get to legend. 

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    posted a message on Team 5 appreciation thread

    What a perfect timing this is to call for an appreciation thread when they kinda announced the worst change in hearthstone history with their interpretation of a battle pass.


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    posted a message on Buffing Classic cards!
    Quote from user-31021151 >>

    Stuff where you have to ask, why does this even exist? It will never be played in anything, and it will never be rotated out because i sees no play, so it's forever stuck rotting away in the core set. 


    It's obvious why those cards exist. Firstly they contribute to the class identity and add some flavour to the classes. Furthermore they are or at least were played in the beginnigns of Hearthstone and by newbies with a very limited card pool. 

    But foremost they do exist to dilute the card pool like all the other bad or subpar cards you can open in other packs besides the classic set. 


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    posted a message on Legendary Tier List & Crafting Guide

    Couldn't agree more to this! 

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    posted a message on Why the new matchmaking system is a disgrace

    The new system works with powerful bonus stars and more floors you can't fall below. 

    If you're good and your deck is capable of climbing you should gain more ranks than lose. Especially if you play below diamond 5.

    So you could say it should be easier with the new system than before. 

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    posted a message on Why the new matchmaking system is a disgrace

    So, you're not only complaining about your situation but call the new ranking system that affects all hearthstone players a disgrace.

    Why? Because you want to play your homebrew decks (which are of a best case mediocre power level). Plus you want to climb on the ladder.

    Can't you see that this cannot work? Who ever stated that ranked mode is for people who want to play subpar decks and win nevertheless enough times to advance in ranks? 

    If you want to play underpowered decks you, can always switch to casual. Many people complain there are netdeckers as well but maybe you just want to see if your own decks stand a chance against them?

    Sorry but to call the ranking system a disgrace only because it doesn't favor your playstyle is very whiny and selfish as well.

    The system doesn't hurt f2p players. Only players who don't want to spend time or money or energy on the game have a disadvantage but one should only consider this as fair. 

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    posted a message on Is there a way to find out how many Legend players there are?

    The list is approximately about 20.000 players. 

    Furthermore, what interest would blizzard have to publish more data than they have to. 

    The top 200 list is only for showing the best players. Like any top list in other areas as well. 

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    posted a message on New cheap cards devaluing older legendary cards (compensation???)

    Guys, I am sorry but you all overlook the crucial point here :

    You compare newer cards to older cards that already rotated to wild (except Cairn).

    Blizzard doesn't give a fuck about wild. Especially how older cards, that are no longer viable in standard compare to cards from the standard pool doesn't interest them.

    Since they are unplayable right now, it doesn't matter if they are inferior to newer or less rare cards. 

    I am sure they regret to have created the wild format because they already lost many players to this game mode cause it's so much cheaper for older players to keep up with their collection. 

    The idea of them compensating older wild players for their old and outdated cards is naive at the best. 

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    posted a message on Want to craft raza priest, is it fun/good?

    I run a different list with velen, Priest of the feast and gepetto. Velen provides another strong win condition and priest is a very good body that can be very sticky and act as a soft taint versus aggro. 

    But this version is rather expensive. If you already have the dragonqueen you can go for the dragon package. It's consistent enough and you will easily climb. 

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    posted a message on Twitch chat gets on my nerves

    Just look at the streamers. They often literally speak not much about anything else. 

    Viper for instance appears to be so restarted. Every sentence is about "feels bad man" or "pepe hands" or "easy clap".

    This feels so dumb but for the average viewer kit it's as much of their vocabulary they have themselves. Of course the chat turns into a clown fiesta. 

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    posted a message on Not being able to craft adventure cards is BS

    Man, is it so hard to understand? 

    All the money a f2p player can not invest into new packs from a new expansion severly limits his ability to play future decks. 

    You can either invest more into packs or buy an adventure with your gold and buy less packs. 


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    posted a message on Hot to get dust?

    Dailys, special events and dust nerfed cards, favourably golden ones.

    And most importantly patience and wise investments. You have to keep your dust together in order to increase it.

    Switching to wild is also much cheaper on the long run. But that depends on your attitude towards the format. 

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    posted a message on Auto-leave vs priest

    I still beat them with my demon Hunter. Turns out they don't like that and bm me. 

    I mean, bm as priest. How pathetic can one be. It's already an insult to play vs. this class. 

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    posted a message on Why is this game getting worse over time?

    The bugs are annoying as always but aren't as severe as some might say.

    I personally enjoy the game more than in the last three days. They brought some very good improvement over the last 12 months. 

    And while the standard Meta will always be stale at some point they make changes like the recent patch that surely will refreshen it.

    In the end, if all fails there is still wild which I enjoy a lot personally. It's much more diverse, astonishingly cheaper and also constantly changing. 

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