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    posted a message on How to nerf Oh My Yogg!

    Why nerf at all? The card is balanced. You can easily play around it with the coin or other cheap spells. Even if it triggers it's very often not that bad of an outcome for my opponent.

    The coin gives preparation or sigil for example. 

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    posted a message on Game Reworks That I'd Like to See

    No rule without exceptions... 

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    posted a message on Your opinion about APM mage

    The deck is hell of fun to play and definitely demands a certain skill.

    It feel awful to lose against it but it can be countered with many tech cards as well as aggro decks. 

    The meta could turn against it very quickly. 

    To be sure, to be killed in wild by turn four or five is not uncommon in wild. 

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    posted a message on Am I the only one who thinks Rogue is a problem?

    It's an aggro Deck? It's been always this way. As long as people try to play Ysera druid or tickatus warlock there will be fast and face oriented decks to punish this. 

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    posted a message on Which Legendary?

    Warlock will make you legendary many fast. 

    Craft Lord Jaraxus. It's uber powerful. Never lost with it. Legendary no problem. 


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    posted a message on New Legendary Quests Available Worldwide - "Happy New Year"

    I got all of them as a quest chain on two EU and one NA Account. 

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    posted a message on Is this a world record? I have been killed in turn 3 in Wild.

    Just a normal day in wild.

    Your deck looks like tier 6 range btw. 

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    posted a message on Wild meta is ******** lmfao, thanks a lot blizztard!
    Quote from Chewmass >>

    Honestly guys, I don't do this stupid tech with Grizled Wizard and Sir Finley, yet still I am doing fine against Raza Priests. Unless they draw godly and you draw derp, there are plenty of ways with each class to counter them. First of all, it's a deck that doesn't apply any pressure at all, which means you can plan ahead without distrubance. Secondly, if you've ever played this deck, you'll know it's weaknesses and how to exploit them. And finally, if you don't draw Grizled Wizard and Finley, you've just made a hole in the water. You just made your deck worse, just in case you draw them. 

    IMO, Big Priest is far worse. When I see that my opponent plays Raza Priest, instead of Big Priest I get a relief. Big Priest is painful to play against, let alone when they draw godly hands.


     Funny how you only argue from a reno warlocks perspective. 

    Big priest happens to be almost a hard counter to renolock.

    Of course you're happy facing less of this type of priest. 

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    posted a message on Which free legendary you got after patch?


    Il'gynoth so happy! :) 


    Same here. I hope he's as good as some predict! 

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    posted a message on [wild] Reno priests... how to beat them?

    Renolock. Super strong vs Raza priest. It has about 3-4 ways to counter the decks win condition. 

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    posted a message on Vereesa Spell Hunter! [Updated]

    Nice try (as all tries before).


    Spell damage hunter will stay a meme deck. You rarely can put enough pressure on the opponent in the early game to be able to finish him off with spells so much later (Vareesa being too slow / too expensive). 


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    posted a message on New to wild
    Quote from I_Feel_Ur_Pain >>

    I will never play wild again cause all I saw where standard decks in wild don’t tell people that wild is different when all I saw were meta standard decks in wild

     This may be true if you play bronze 10-5 with an mmr close to the innkeeper. 

    Try getting anywhere in wild with a standard deck and you're in for some serious disappointments

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: holoduke #21388



    Region: NA



    Trade only? : yes, you go first

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    posted a message on [Book of Heroes] Story_01 - Jaina Proudmoore

    Yeah I agree. For a solo adventure it's beyond stale and boring. 

    The reward is also a joke. One single pack of random mage cards? 40 dust for the majority of the time. Thx blizz 

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    posted a message on Why are Mage secrets 3 mana?

    Short answer : Yes they are. And don't get me started on older secrets that are now in wild. 

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