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    Aggro decks rock.  They're face paced, fun, and accessible to basically everybody who plays the game.
    The relevant nuance that comes with playing an aggro deck well is something a lot of people either don't see or choose to ignore because they just want to believe that they're superior to people who play aggro.  It really bums be out how common this mentality is.

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    posted a message on Quilboars Join Battlegrounds & Battle-Ready Decks - Full Patch Notes 20.2 Tomorrow

    For those who are understandably upset at no announcement of balance changes, Alec Dawson announced on Twitter they'd be exploring them this week and implementing them the next week.  So give it two weeks and we'll see something, I hope.

    In terms of value, allow me to put on my TrumpSC hat for a moment, clearly Warlock is the winner here.  Tickatus, Tamsin Roame, Soulciologist Malicia, and Y'Shaarj the Defiler are all craftable Legendaries in this deck, which is fantastic for people with lacking collections (like myself).  Unfortunately I don't play much Warlock (thus needing all of those cards), and the Demon Hunter list (the class I want to start collecting for) is pretty average.  2 Epics I don't already have is okay I guess, though Vengeful Spirit is no Cascading Disaster - though that's not really the decks fault is it?

    Frankly I'd buy both if I could, but I can't, so I'll just get the Demon Hunter one and settle for it.

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    posted a message on Shaman Class Redesign Concept

    Just some final cards as an attempted proof of concept.  Sorry that this is formatted so strangely, this is the first time I've done something like this on here.  Would putting the cards in the actual post only work if I had them on an imgur album or something?  Let me know please.

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    posted a message on Shaman Class Redesign Concept

    Here's some Cleanse cards, as well as concepts for how Ramp would work in Shaman.

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    posted a message on Shaman Class Redesign Concept

    Hello!  As a passion project for the past couple months I’ve been conceptually reworking each class, imagining new Keywords and class mechanics to make each class feel more distinct, flavorful, and engaging to play.  I usually return to working on this when inspiration hits me, since I’ve learned that creative work doesn’t flow when you force it.

    I started this project with Hunter, developing an embarrassingly long, diary-like Google Doc detailing my grievances with the direction of its card design in the Year of the Dragon and Year of the Phoenix, and creating my own custom Keywords and class mechanics to no particular end - I just enjoyed doing it.

    Shaman was the second Doc I made, because it’s my second favorite class.  It has so much potential for awesome flavor and thematics, while being extremely engaging to play.  Unfortunately, nothing about Shaman in its current state implements that at all.  Whatever the current Blizzard design ethos for Shaman is, it’s done very little for the class’s benefit in my opinion.  Shaman tends to be a competitively binary figure, it either does extremely well, infuriating the community with a powerful aggressive/midrange deck; or it doesn’t see the light of day, lingering at or below tier 3 with burn lists that are begging for an ounce of card draw or consistency.

    I had experimented with some ideas for Shaman before.  A card that opens up an alternative Hero Power (naturally inconsistent since you’d need to draw it); two different Keywords that would be new to Shaman, et cetera.  Eventually I settled on an initial ethos for how I wanted to approach the class:


    Shamans are spiritualists chosen by the Elements, the quasi-sentient building blocks of the world.  They’re sagacious, using their wisdom to guide their decision-making.  They wield the Elements in battle, casting devastating spells and summoning powerful elementals to wipe out their foes.  The Elements are naturally versatile, and so they’re able to answer whatever problems the Shaman who controls them comes across.  Able to Overload their Mana with surges of Elemental might, summon hordes of Elementals, and Ascend their spells to recast them when needed, Shamans are versatile enough to tackle aggressive decks, midrange decks, and control decks each with some level of competence.


    • Strengths: Damage spells, card generation, Tribal synergies
    • Limitations: Tempo, minion buffs, card draw
    • Weaknesses: High Mana Expenditures


    I stuck to this concept rather faithfully for most of my work on the class, and some products of this line of thinking I’ll share.  Ascend was an old - now abandoned - Keyword concept that was essentially Buyback from MTG (for an investment of 2 mana when you cast a spell with Ascend, you’d add it back to your hand).  I remain firm in believing that Shaman should be versatile, able to build into aggro, midrange, or control.


    Later on, a few days ago, I was struck with an incredible amount of inspiration after seeing the custom card “Harness The Storm” by FriendlyShadow on Hearthcards.  It gave me the idea that Shaman should be able to play around with Overload more.  Make it more than just a downside that tends to make the spell you cast less worth it.  I wanted Shaman to play with its mana way, way more.  And that was the impetus for a great deal of designs you’ll see here, as I’ll explain in a moment.

    So in order to justify an addition to Shaman, I decided to double down on Overload as a mechanic.  I thought to myself, what if Overload could be more punishing, but the class provided more ways to work with and around Overload, rather than just cope with it.

    Double-Overload is an adjustment to the Overload Keyword; if a Mana Crystal is Overloaded, and you play a card with Overload, that Overloaded Mana Crystal is destroyed.  For instance, if you Lightning Bolt turn 1, then Lightning Bolt turn 2, the Crystal that was Overloaded from last turn pops.  It’s gone for good.

    Don’t worry though, since there’s two additions to Shaman that’ll help work around this issue.  First is a new Keyword that synergizes with Overload, and was directly inspired by “Harness The Storm”:

    Cleanse - A card with Cleanse can only be paid for with Overloaded Mana Crystals.  Doing so restores the Crystals to an un-Overloaded state.

    Functionally, Cleanse serves two purposes.  Firstly, it allows Shaman gameplay to be a little smoother, Cleanse wouldn’t be an insanely common Keyword (it’d be about 1/3rd as common as Overload is) and its effects would be helpful and strong because you need to be disadvantaged in the first place to play them.  Card draw and high tempo minions could have Cleanse, for instance, both reined in by the Keyword itself.

    The other purpose of Cleanse is to deliberately step around Overload.  If you Cleanse before you cast another Overload card, you won’t Double-Overload and destroy your own Mana.


    The second new feature I’d bring into Shaman might ruffle some feathers, but once I explain a little more (and show some cards to demonstrate how it would work) you might see where I’m coming from.

    I’d want to put Mana Ramp in Shaman.  See, since Shaman is playing around with its mana with Overload, I asked myself why not go all in?  And what would Ramp in Shaman look like?  Of course, it would need to be and feel distinct from Druid.  This of course would come out in the Ramp spells themselves.  I didn’t want Shaman to have Druids routine mana curve, and Shaman already has a curve that’s different from other classes because of Overload.  So instead of steadily increasing over time like normal, or accelerating to 8 mana by turn 4, Shaman would be all over the fuckin place.

    Shaman might pop its own Mana Crystals on turn 4 and wind up with 3 mana or so on turn 5, but could quickly accelerate past their opponent on the curve and follow up with another play, eventually losing more Crystals and dropping behind again only to Ramp back the next turn, and so on and so forth.  Shaman’s curve on a graph would look like the Stock Market in my ideal world.  Shaman uses its mana in weird ways, Crystals themselves have become a resource, so let them eat cake, I say.


    One major part of my pet project has been designing Keywords.  When all is said and done, each class will have gained 3 Keywords, though only 1 of them will be class-specific.  I’m working with the same class-alignment/sibling class concept that was established in Scholomance with Dual Class cards.  A class will gain its own unique Keyword, as well as 2 Keywords that it shares with its sibling class.  Shaman, naturally, has these.

    Mage/Shaman Keyword - Reverberate

    I was trying to come up with how “Spell Tribal” would work now that Spell Schools exist, and I came up with this Keyword.  I gave it to Mage and Shaman as they have diverse Spell Schools; Mage using Arcane, Fire, and Frost - while Shaman had Fire, Frost, and Nature.  And it felt thematic for them both.  Reverberate is a spell-exclusive Keyword, which triggers when you cast a spell AFTER casting a spell of the same school.  So if you play a Fire Spell, then another Fire Spell with a Reverberate trigger on it, Reverberate resolves.

    I had to come up with a clear idea of what each school was meant to do with Reverberate as an effect.

    Fire Reverberations are focused on doing damage, having random targets or aoe, or maybe even temporary draw (in Soularium fashion).

    Frost Reverberations are focused on defense, disruption, and freezing stuff.

    Nature Reverberations are most likely focused on buffs, mana, healing, or summoning.


    And finally with one new, and major, thing in common, the Keyword that Shaman and Druid share.


    Druid/Shaman Keyword - Enriched

    Enriched is simple enough.  A minion with Enriched is carrying a single-use Mana Crystal for you to use.  It would appear on the bottom of their portrait, and go away when you use it.  Like a Mana Dork in MTG, but one use.  When you would spend mana while an Enriched minion is on your field, its mana would be spent before the mana in your Mana Bar.

    Of course this means that all Enriched minions need to be statted inefficiently, since they effectively cost (1) less than their mana cost says they do.  Regardless, it does function as mana you can access if the minion survives until your next turn, letting you skip ahead in mana as if you’d cast The Coin or Innervate, but it’s on a minion your opponent can destroy.

    Druid takes more advantage of this mechanic than Shaman does in its designs, though Enriched has an opportunity for a new trigger effect: “After this minion’s Mana’s been spent”.  This opens up plenty of opportunities for card design with the Keyword between the two classes.

    So that’s it, essentially.  Keep in mind, all of these Keywords, mechanics, and cards are all purely conceptual.  I’m not a balance wiz; when I design cards I prefer to balance around my designs, rather than design around balance.  I want my cards to be splashy and powerful and fun, I think any card in a game should be at least 2 out of 3 of those things.

    I’ve been doing work around every class, though the ones I’m most familiar with are the ones with the most work put into them.  At this point all 10 classes have been worked on, and I’ve done a lot of Keyword development, though some classes need to be updated with Keywords they share with other classes.

    I’m rambling.  Let me know what you think!
    I'm absolutely baffled by how adding pictures to this post works - I don't know how everybody does it.  I'll just do it in a few separate posts.

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    posted a message on Alleria Windrunner Is Now Available On The Shop For A Limited Time

    Ah Alleria.  Back when I started playing and first realized Hunter was the coolest class, I bought this.  Must have been like 2017.  Back when she, Medivh, and Magni were staples of the shop.

    Now I'm waiting for both of the Starseeker siblings to be available.  I probably won't start playing Demon Hunter until I have access to somebody who isn't *constantly angry*.

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    posted a message on Is Hearthpwn Receptive to a lot of Custom Card content?

    Alright I've typed up a draft of the post, though since I'm at work I don't have access to my many folders of completed card concepts and artwork I use.  I'll try and post it tomorrow, but I don't get to spend much time at home.

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    posted a message on [Custom Class] Bard

    Notes are a really cool resource system to work with.  Really inventive, and super intuitive and easy to understand.  Secrets - in the way they're applied here - makes a lot of sense for the class flavor wise.  An absolute homerun there.  How you managed to find this much fitting artwork is a feat itself; and the color of the borders is so pretty.

    Melodic is a great Keyword which influences plays in a way we haven't really seen, Combo is the closest comparison but even then it pales in comparison in terms of complexity and decision making.  As somebody who likes both of those things in card design, that rocks!  

    Some standouts for me are Nostalgic Diner, Gifted Storyteller, Aspiring Lutist, Hymn of Victory and Sincerest Flattery.

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    posted a message on Is Hearthpwn Receptive to a lot of Custom Card content?

    I know we used to have contests and stuff on here (do we still do those?), but I've been working on this passion project of rehauling every class (including just a lil bit of Demon Hunter for fairness' sake) to match better with their themes and play more uniquely compared to other classes.  I'm not here to debate whether or not that's necessary, it's just a personal project and I don't need to be justified in doing it.

    Is it worth posting threads on here about the conceptual changes I've got in mind?  I'd want a lot of input on them and most of the time the only threads that have a lot of input are the ones that are negative/complaining about things.  Not that I think complaining is bad, it's just more popular than other forms of discussion on here (generally).

    I'm really amped up about concepts to re-haul Shaman, and that's what I'd start with, but I don't want to waste my time creating a big ole thread just for 5 people to read it and not say anything.

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    posted a message on Which packs to buy after Barrens?

    Waiting for the mini set to invest your Gold into is good advice.
    It's somewhat subjective and really depends on what it is you want.  If you want a fleshed out and powerful collection, the Year of the Mammoth had a lot of powerful cards (Un'Goro, Frozen Throne, Kobolds) that are still strong today.  Year of the Dragon ended on a powerful note with Descent of Dragons, which has some strong cards in it.  Witchwood and Boomsday have some strong stuff too.

    All that being said, safest bet is to avoid sets like Rastakan's Rumble, The Grand Tournament, Gadgetzan, and Goblins vs Gnomes.  Their power level just doesn't match up with Modern Hearthstone, and you wouldn't get much mileage from them.

    I personally am slowly investing in fully collecting Journey to Un'Goro, as it's my all time favorite set.
    If you have a personal favorite set, I'd say that's the best one to collect :)

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    posted a message on Mage is fun, right?
    Quote from Kinkyjohnfowler >>

    This isn’t innocent until proven guilty and I’d highly suggest you don’t take courtroom debate tactics into the real world because they don’t fit.

     Well it's a good thing this isn't the real world; it's an online forum about a digital card game.  This is pretty disconnected from the real world.

    Quote from Kinkyjohnfowler >>

    And to reiterate, my issue is with Blizzard printing extremely overpowered cards in order to push deck archetypes instead of printing balanced cards and allowing us to figure out what to do with them. These kind of huge swing cards were originally restricted to Highlander decks but now they’re everywhere.

     Given my stance on Highlander I'm not sure whether or not I'd prefer more Highlander cards be printed.  I don't think there's a need, frankly, since "one copy of each card" is barely a limitation at all now.  It's a tease - a trick to convince people there's a valid reason those cards are as insane as they are.

    Also, since we're talking about deck building stipulations warranting power in card design;
    Refreshing Spring Water does that.  In order to be "free" (which it will almost never be since it requires a minimum investment of mana) you need to draw only spells with it, which effects the way you build your deck in a similar way to Highlander.  You want the maximum value from RSW?  You've gotta lean heavily on spells in deckbuilding or it won't consistently work.

    I won't argue it's not a very strong card, mind you.  It's certainly strong.  I also wouldn't call it a "swing card" per se, since it doesn't really effect the board or your opponent directly, and (generally) you still need to invest mana into whatever it is you're drawing (again, not always the case).  I can't really compare it to Skull of Gul'dan or Y'Shaarj, the Defiler - cards that generate resources while also directly allowing those resources to effect the game in a way that's built in.

    Maybe what I'm saying is dumb though, I dunno.  I'm like half present in this thread, mentally.

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    posted a message on Cards you hate that aren’t broken.

    Ahahaha time to ruffle some feathers on a generally pleasant thread!
    I pretty much loathe Reno Jackson.  If we lived in a world where he was the only Highlander card, he'd be okay - though nowadays "Highlander" is a non-condition.  The game is so saturated with good cards for classes that like Reno that you can have an amazing deck, with no downsides, and an auto-win card against all aggro decks.

    Not only all that, but the fact that Reno was followed up by Zephrys the Great, the card that basically is whatever the heck you need it to be, acting like a perfect utility knife in most situations - generating Twisting Nether for non-Warlocks, or a second copy in Highlander Warlock lists.

    Oh yeah, also Raza the Chained is a thing that was directly inspired by Reno's design.

    Basically most Highlander cards are on that list for me.  They're unfair and don't have a downside anymore.

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    posted a message on Mage is fun, right?
    Quote from Shadowrisen >>
    Quote from Anarchy1 >>

    To answer the spirit of your question, I hope to finish in top 100 Wild legend this season primarily using a Celestial Alignment Druid that is fueled by Auctioneer.  Wouldn't make any claims as to the deck being broken, but it has a commanding record against spell mage.

     Do you have a list?  I've been wanting to have a Celestial Alignment deck on hand since I made Golden ones, and if you're in Legend with it it must be pretty decent.

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    posted a message on It Ever Was A Time In This Game When Only One Class Have Acess To A Hero Card Before?

    If you don't count Lord Juraxxus - the fewest (none zero) number of Heroes we've had in a meta was 3 I think.

    After Frozen Throne had rotated, we had Hagatha the Witch; Dr. Boom, Mad Genius; and Zul'jin.
    The Year of the Raven gave us a single Hero per expansion, though only Dr Boom was really played with major success.  Hagatha was strong but Shaman as a class was pretty weak.  Zul'Jin was insane in concept, but Spell Hunter was missing its best stuff after year of the Mammoth Rotated, so he was kind of stranded and really stuck as a win-more card.

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    posted a message on Can someone recommend me some video games for extremely manly individuals?

    Monster Hunter World is manly as hell since you just kill giant monsters and use their body parts to kill yet more giant monsters.

    Hollow Knight is a cool and manly game where your character silently (because speaking how you feel is un-manly) comes to terms with the fact that they're a walking corpse (that's pretty metal and metal = manly) filled with a sentient nothingness (not having feelings is also manly).

    Fallout New Vegas is an RPG (hold on give it a chance) where your character survives being shot in the head (hey now that's manly) and goes on a revenge quest + does whatever you wanna do (decision making is a characteristic of manly men).

    Cooking Mama teaches you practical skills (practicality is manly).

    It took a long time for me to think of this list.  I need to play more games.

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