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How to distinguish negativity from being critical. If you confuse, any question that doesn't seem to praise Blizzard for this outstanding game, will be coined 'negative. ' If you only want to live in a world where the sun suppose to shine 24/7, rain is 'negative.' If you call rain negative because you always want cloudless sunny days, you might want to rethink.

So before you state 'negativity' first define the word. On this forum the two get confused all the time. Has to do with the types commenting here. Give it a try.

  1. The 'everything is fine' - comments. All positive, the sun is always shining, Blizzard can do no wrong.
  2. The 'I know, you are stupid ' - comments. 
  3. The 'you are negative, so you must suck at the game' - comments.
  4. The 'look how much I know' - comments.
  5. The 'lets make the world a better place' - comments ( the game must improve in terms of balance, skill etc.).
  6. The ' f*ck you' - comments.

There's nothing wrong with 4. Tendency though to morph into 2. The problems arise with 1-3. They have a favorite villain: 5. Type 5 comments are unjustly accused to be negative while they seem to be critical for improvements sake. But 1-3 are the most annoying commentators at times. If they clash, on a bad day, it morphs into 6. Time to close the thread then. 4 tries to be the gentleman looking for upvotes. The been there, done that attitude.  A civilized 4 and 5 seem to be the ideal 'matchup. ' Trying to be 5. I welcome a civilized discussion.

About Blizzard and Hearthstone.

It doesn't matter in what you engage, when people get manipulated to think a certain way, even in a stupid game like this, it rolls down their lives, effecting decisions, point of views. To illustrate, where were the 'young adults' when Brexit elections took place? Yeah ...they were gaming, not voting, no interest in politics. Now they sense a problem that will effect their live for decades.

Go there were young adults are. Make them critical thinkers even in a context of a game. It will effect their real live decisions. Don't make them sheep by reasoning between the lines of posts: 'this is how thinks work, accept.' Because then they'll learn to abide by authorities, losing or not developing a sense of what is important, what to fight for.

The bigger picture? Gaming affects this generation in a most profound way. It effects their real live decisions more you can imagine. They carry with them in live what they learn growing up gaming.

In a certain sense the game world is a very authoritarian one. T5 decides, just adapt and make the best of it. Don't confuse the salt thread with critical thinking. If people accept authorities which tend to be authoritarian, they become sheep and that effects their real live decisions not necessarily in a positive way. 

So, you can unknow. But you can't lack the courage to try.

Learning them to be obedient and accept what T5 bring through bandwagon-argumentation is exactly what I hold against so called teleological reasoning. It sound intelligent, but they surely won't learn critical thinking from it. It results in bandwagon commentators, fellow-travellers, promoting the interests of Blizzard. They will learn nothing regarding problems willfully not perceived as such in this game, because in the end we just have to accept what authoritarianism brings us. It is what I call the curse of pragmatism. Sounds great to look for the easiest way out, but factually it only serves the interests of Blizzard.

So let's not talk about balance, diversity, skill, skill floor, steepness of RPS, fairness, polarization, target audience....things T5 learn people to accept as it is brought to them and you feeling inclined to spread as 'how the game works', while clearly being manipulative card design politics.

Ditch the idea that gaming has nothing with live outside of it.

We make our world significant through the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers. We don't make our world significant by learning people to stay in context and think in context. Because then you enslave them to the marketing of Blizzard.

Speaking truth to power, even if it is in a silly game, learning them to be critical thinkers, signify the contribution you can make to a generation that have lives outside HS. At least the young English adults have come to realized that in a very unpleasant way.