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    posted a message on The new warlock card stealer of souls is BUSTED

    I got whipped by this earlier in Casual.  Seems pretty inoffensive, and I can't complain much since just minutes before I was doing Lady Anacondra + Celestial Alignment shenanigans in Druid just to get a feel for the deck.

    Sure it feels a little bad, but it's either a fad that'll go away when they keep losing to Secret Mage and Darkglare, or it does wind up good enough to be tier 2 or tier 1.5, and Warlock just gets another good deck that hard loses to anything with face damage.

    While I think minions that make your Hero Immune is silly because it's so limiting of design space in creating stuff like Stealer of Souls, clearly Blizzard doesn't really care about it at all.  Personally I think it's not good design.  The only card that isn't annoying that makes your Hero Immune is Time Out!, imo.  Paly exploits Immune less well than Warlock and Mage can.

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    posted a message on Prepare Yourself Adventurer, the Wailing Caverns Mini-Set is Here! - All the Cards!

    Gotta say, this one's pretty underwhelming.  Maybe they're afraid of making another Darkmoon Mini Set?  Was that one powerful?  I don't remember anymore.
    Shaman got some nice toys, but Perpetual Flame is really deceptive imo.  Seems like a great anti aggro card, but will Overload you for each recast (confirmed by Celestelon on Twitter) so you might end up fully Overloaded after your opponent redevelops and just have to take it for a turn, which seems counterintuitive.  The other cards slap though.
    Hunter didn't get any cards in the mini set, weirdly enough.  And by that I mean, it did, but they're nothing.  The lil snake card is adorable and I'm crafting Goldens of it, but it's bad, the Frenzy card is bad, and the weapon is atrocious.  While a poison weapon would have fit nowhere else, Hunter has no healing, and the weapon only has 2 charges, most threats Hunter would be willing to sacrifice that level of tempo to kill are probably massive, and Hunter would be thoroughly punished for doing that with no way to recover health.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but this one's not what I was hoping for.

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    posted a message on Wailing Caverns Mini Set - New Cards

    Primal Dungeoneer is absolutely awesome!  A potential Arcane Intellect on a 2/3 is nothing to scoff at, and if you build the deck with only Nature spells (most of Shaman's best spells) you're guaranteed a draw 2.  What a cool card, this might actually help Shaman in some way.

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    posted a message on Core set buffs i'd like to see

    Solid ideas all around.
    Just because a card was recently changed, that doesn't mean they shouldn't take another look at it, especially if it's not doing well.

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    posted a message on Why is HS so f***ing slow?

    It is weird to me how everybody's just assuming that OP is an aggro player when they just think the games animations are slow.
    Like, sure, I could see the argument that the mulligan is slow.  The cards move really slowly.  First draw of the game is slow.  OP is impatient, sure, but we can't really make any assumptions about them other than that, can we?

    Like, nobody's really said anything to disprove that the game is slow, either.  Turning a page in the collection?  Takes a second.  Going between screens?  Takes a few clicks and some time.  Like, yeah, Hearthstone could stand to be a bit more hasty with its transitions and animations.  I feel like that's a pretty unproblematic stance to take.  Personally I find it incredibly frustrating that PC users can't use the keyboard at all to navigate screens.  Escape brings up the options menu, and that's it.

    People aren't made out of time, ya know?  Some people just don't have enough time to squeeze in a game of Hearthstone, a game they like, while they're on break at work or something.  They gotta get through all these slow animations and stuff just to get a game to start.  That could be better.

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    posted a message on Why is HS so f***ing slow?
    Quote from Skyi101 >>
    Quote from Pas >>
    Quote from Grubelmonster >>

    At least the first 4 turns shouldn`t  be longer than 15 secs. I played several times with control to legend and even with a control deck there is no need to have longer turns. You have enough time to think about your turns while the enemy have his turn.

     Normally aggro decks require more time in the first few turns than control deck.

     Yep, spewing your hand takes a lot more thought? Specially in an agro heavy meta with consistent t4/5 wins.

    Overselling hard today.

    To go face or not to go face, that is the question! Good sir me thinks, you thinketh too much!

     Ah, the classic Control player who thinks aggro is for dumb idiots.  What a productive and completely unexplored avenue of discussion!

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    posted a message on So they're not going to fix Mage then...????
    Quote from SinAscendant >>

    As has been said before, the game is not balanced around Wild. That is the entire point of Wild. 



     Perhaps, then, that should change?  Just because that's the way that it is doesn't mean it's good, or that we can't say we don't like it.

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    posted a message on So they're not going to fix Mage then...????

    If they won't (and they probably won't) make adjustments to Mage in Wild, I say let the other classes eat cake and make everything broken in Wild.

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    posted a message on Has Hearthpwn lost its charm? Is there any way to recover it?

    An unfortunate side effect of creating a space where people gather and discuss a single topic:
    You eventually run out of things to talk about.

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    posted a message on Honestly I don't understand why people play this game anymore.

    You've sort of gone mask off here and essentially proved my original response was appropriate.  Here I was, worried I had interpreted what you'd said in "bad faith", slightly reaffirmed by others seeing it the same way, and now fully vindicated.
    Everybody was responding to you OP, where you came off as aggressive and imposed that your preferences were the objectively best and most fun way to play.

    Your clear inability to empathize with other people's positions is made extremely obvious now, as this weird food analogy you've concocted (or cooked up, if you'd prefer) demonstrates that you have clear disdain for people who live their lives differently from you without any attempt at trying to understand why they live that way.  You created a hypothetical person who acts a certain way to prove this.

    If, hypothetically, I was attending the same food joint for years, here's a few reasons that could be the case:
    It's the only local place in my small town/area proximal to my work.
    That particular dish is cheap and I'm on an extremely restrictive budget.
    I work long hours/awkward hours and don't have the time to cook properly.
    The place is sentimental/otherwise meaningful to me in some way (met my hypothetical wife here/it used to be my Dad's restaurant/etc.)
    I have to order a particular dish because I have specific food allergies and don't want to bother the weight staff/cooks with alterations to my order.
    I order a particular dish because it makes me feel nostalgic/good (Ratatouille).

    Also, it's proven to be beneficial to one's health to eat the same food everyday, it apparently helps in losing weight.  One Google search solved that one.  I myself have gone on multiple month-long kicks of eating the same dinners (chicken + broccoli/baked tofu + brown rice) for a wealth of reasons I don't care to go into.  If a hypothetical person were to try my cooking and tell me it was really bad, and to take lessons, I'd sure feel lousy but that wouldn't make them wrong.  Maybe I did cook poorly, and of course I could stand to learn how to cook better, but whatever, I'd take their criticisms to heart and move on.  I wouldn't call them any mean names or anything.  Maybe overly blunt or insensitive, but some people are just like that.

    Hearthstone is not a TCG.  It's a CCG.  You can't trade Hearthstone cards with your peers.  You can collect Hearthstone cards and pretend you own them.  Perhaps in a TCG deckbuilding is more meaningful because your ownership of the cards and need to purchase them necessitates building a good deck - as to maximize the productivity of the money you spent on it - but you can also netdeck in TCGs.  Every TCG community (I'm a spectator of like 3 of them, with 2 CCGs on top of that) has people who believe that "netdecking is bad" for various reasons that they're entitled to.  You're entitled to believe the same, though when you impose that people who netdeck are morally inferior to you or are otherwise bad, that's when you get threads like this.  You can backpedal all you want, but everybody who read your OP and didn't immediately agree  understood that you were projecting those things, even if you didn't say them.

    Cooking and learning how to cook requires a time investment, as well as a financial one because you have to spend money to acquire ingredients and tools.  Likewise, deckbuilding in the way you describe requires time investment, as well as a financial one.  There are 10 classes in Hearthstone, each of which having 100's of cards by now that they can play.  Packs are random and anti-consumer, making getting the things you want/need to experiment with a total crapshoot and financial sinkhole.

    Ultimately your analogy falls flat because nobody is really saying that they're a better deckbuilder than you.  Some are inferring from your post that you're not good at it, because salty threads like this are typically spawned when people lose to meta decks with their homebrews - which is a totally reasonable conclusion to draw.  Plenty of people have been saying the reasons they netdeck, each as valid as the last.  You deciding to cling to the few people saying that you're "bad" is a tell that you don't have anything to say that can actually validate your original position against all these people with rock solid reasoning to do what you said was bad.

    And finally, you saying that "The funniest part is that they think that the deck builders are the snobby and rude ones, when actually it's the opposite" is ridiculous, hypocritical, and flagrant self-victimization after you literally made a post antagonizing the people you're talking about.  You proposed that people who disagree with you are morons, and you said that some people who argue against your point are so dumb they couldn't deck build in the first place (unlike you, a galaxy brain king).  Your OP was snobby and rude and people responded in kind, don't pretend that you're some victim just because people are reciprocating the same energy as you.

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