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    Having been a user and a mod here, it is sad to see Hearthpwn close its doors. Another reminder that nothing lasts forever.
    Favorite memories?
    1.Finishing 3rd on a class comp challenge.
    2.Working together as a team to upload all cards to the site after a massive card reveal. 
    3. 2017 April fools. Creating and changing the card art was a lot of fun.

    To everybody who made this site function - Thank you!


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    Did someone mention control hunter?

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    Quote from Wizard0fWoz >>

    Whoa.  Control hunter coming at ya.

      Not until there is a card that "At the start of the game" changes the hero power to something defensive. And not until hunter gets a decent direct card draw.
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    posted a message on WCDC Season 5 Finale - Mini Comp #1 (Discussion)

    This is the Discussion Topic. The Submission Topic is here.
    (Please Read the Submission Topic first.)

    Hello everybody! This topic is for discussion of our "April's Artists" mini-competition. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, we need to reserve the Submission Topic for submissions only. Everything else goes here. What is everything else, you might ask?

    • Rules or Process. Do you have a question about the competition's process? Do you need clarification about one of the entry requirements? Are you not sure whether your entry adhered to the rules? Ask here!
    • Feedback or Ideas. Do you have some ideas you'd like to run by others before settling on one? Do you need help balancing or wording your entry? Do you need help finding art that will fit your card? Or do you just want feedback from the community on your entry? You're in the right place! Remember, although you are allowed to make minor tweaks to your entry after you've submitted it, you're only allowed one submission per week, so make sure that you've settled on your card for sure beforehand.
    • Discussion! Do you have thoughts on other people's entries? Are there directions you don't like that you're seeing too many people take? Or directions you'd like to see more people take? Would you like to help others and contribute to a greater community understanding of Hearthstone card design and balance? This is where you want to be!

    All of that said, please refrain from the following:

    • Posting TONS of Ideas. Discussion topics become an absolute mess if everybody is posting a dozen different ideas. Please post not more than 3 distinct ideas at a time. Any more than that and we'll have to delete your post.
    • Advertising Your Entry. Please don't pop in here just to advertise your entry only to never be heard from again. This includes only asking short, generic, or insincere questions like "Thoughts?" or "Do you think this is interesting?". Yes, getting feedback on your entry is one of the purposes of this topic, but we're not just here for other people to help you. We're here for you all to help each other. 12 hours after this competition begins, there should be plenty of other posts here for you to give specific feedback or for you to comment on a trend. If you post your entry for feedback after this time and do not also offer some form of substantial commentary, critique, or praise of others' work, you may find your post deleted.
    • Plagiarism. Many people post their ideas here before finalizing them in the submission topic. Directly plagiarizing those ideas to post in the submission topic yourself is absolutely not acceptable.

     So, without further ado, have fun and get creating!

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    This is the Submission Topic. The Discussion Topic is here.

    April's Artists

    Welcome to our first Season 5 Finale Mini-Competition! These Mini-Competition serve two purposes. First, they provide us with some fun stuff to do during the Finale's week-long Championship Poll. And Finally, they provide us unique opportunities to have competitions for design concepts that would normally be too narrow/broad/silly for full week-long competitions.

    Some of you might remember 2016 April Fool's Day here on Hearthpwn. We had a lot of fun 'improving' the art on some of the cards and in this mini-competition we want you to do the same.

    Competition-Specific Restrictions:

    • You must change the art of your favorite Hearthstone card and replace it with something silly. Keep in mind that your new card art should be humorous, not serious.
    • How you approach this challenge is up to you. You can simply replace the art with another image, photoshop the existing art or even re-draw the entire card art in Microsoft Paint.
    • You're not allowed to change the name nor the text of the card. The only thing you're allowed to change is the art.
    • To help avoid some of the more obvious jokes, you can't submit any card which we 'improved' in 2016. Here's a handy list you can compare with.
    • As always, you may not delete any posts you make in this Submission Topic. Message one of the Fan Creation moderators if you've posted here in error or otherwise would like your post removed.
    • Remember that, although HearthCards is awesome, you must host your card somewhere other than Hearthcards, such as Imgur or Photobucket.

    General Competition Rules

    These are the rules that remain consistent from competition to competition.

    First, these are the rules about Posting:

    • You are allowed to submit only one entry. An entry normally consists of only one collectible card, plus any necessary additional material or commentary (explained below).
    • You are allowed to post in this Submission Topic only once, only to submit your one entry.
    • You may not delete ANY posts you make in this Submission Topic, not even accidental ones you may make over your one allowed, such as by double-posting or by accidentally posting something here that you meant for the Discussion Topic. If you do accidentally post more than once, inform any of the Fan Creation Forum moderators via PM, and we will handle it.
    • Speaking of the Discussion Topic, that is where any discussion of this competition should go. This thread is for submissions only. If you want to discuss your card or ask questions about the competition rules or process, you can find a link to the Discussion Topic at the top of this thread. Plenty of folks there will be happy to help you out.
    • Once you have submitted your one entry, you are allowed to make only minor changes to it. Minor changes are things like correcting typos or making balance changes that do not alter the spirit of your entry as determined by we the moderators. If you want to make any changes and have any doubts as to their legality, ask us first.

    These are the rules about your Submission:

    • Accompanying the image of your card, you may offer some minimal additional commentary to explain its design, balance, and/or other qualities. Flavor text is also welcome.
    • You may not submit any Gold cards. (It's just a cheap attention grab tactic that makes it unnecessarily difficult to determine what class your card is for.)
    • Your entry must be a card of your own creation. We've been doing this for a while, so if you blatantly rip off somebody else's idea, we will know.
    • Remember that, although HearthCards is awesome, you MUST host your card somewhere other than Hearthcards. Save it and upload it to ImgurPhotobucket, or some other similar site. HearthCards has a limited server space and will purge cards after a few days, and nobody wants your card disappearing part-way through the finals. We understand that there are some HearthCards memberships that will allow you to save your card there for longer (and you should totally get one of those just for general fan creation purposes, by the way), but we don't know who has those memberships and we can't tell from the URLs.
    • Fun and even humorous entries are perfectly allowed, but "troll" entries will be disqualified. If you're worried that your card may be misinterpreted as a troll card, contact a moderator before you submit.

    TIP: Though not a rule exactly, we highly recommend that you insert your images using this icon on the bar above the post text editor: . Just click that button and put in the URL of your image. Cards that are uploaded and attached to your post are not disallowed, but in our experience they will not do nearly as well, so this is for your own benefit more than anything.

    Finally, know that manipulating votes in any way is strictly forbidden. Any violators will receive an official warning, and will be banned from this and all future HearthPwn Card Design Competitions.

     Competition Process

    NOTE: Mini-Competitions have very different time-tables than our normal competitions,
    so please pay attention so that you're not caught off-guard!

     Entry Phase and Early Voting (Starts Now! Ends 20:00 UTC 25/May/2017)
    It is during this Phase that you may submit entries to the Submission Topic. You may also, of course, feel free to give early up-votes to any submissions that you like! Note that this is only 24 hours!
     Voting Phase (Starts 20:00 UTC 25/May/2017, Ends 21:00 UTC 25/May/2017)
    During this Phase, the Submission Topic will be locked, so no more entries may be submitted. Instead, use this time to browse the submissions and up-vote your favorites! Note that this phase only lasts for 1 Hour.
     Final Phase (Starts 21:00 UTC 25/May/2017. Ends 20:00 UTC 26/May/2017)
    During this Phase, the Discussion Topic will also be locked, and a new Poll Topic will go up. Discussion will be allowed to continue in the Poll Topic, and it will also include all the qualifying finalists and poll to decide the winner of the competition! 

    How do we determine the qualifying finalists? First, we'll pull up-vote data from each submission using the formula detailed below:

    (ab) / (c) = x

    a = The total number of submissions on the same page as the submission.
    b = The total number of up-votes that the submission received.
    c = The total number of up-votes on the same page as the submission.
    x = The submission's final score.

    The formula basically measures which cards stood out the most, with the necessary assumption that each page is about equal in overall submission quality. It will be the entries that receive the highest final scores that move on to the Final Phase.

    The bottom line is that, although entries on the earlier pages of the Submission Topic are much more visible and thus receive many more up-votes than entries on later pages, you don't actually have to rush to get your entry in as soon as possible because the up-votes end up being weighted by what page your entry ends up on in order to determine its final score.

    But wait, there's more! During each Card Design Competition, each Fan Creation Forum moderators will be given a Wild Card, which they can use to advance any one entry that they feel was initially overlooked or under-appreciated to the Final Phase, regardless of its final score. Wild Cards are our way of spicing things up a bit, but please don't ask to be given one or be upset if you aren't given one. These are just supposed to be fun.
    (Also, it should go without saying that, while we moderators are allowed to participate in the competitions, we are not allowed to benefit from Wild Cards.)


    Note that Mini-Competition winners, unfortunately, do not get to select any future competition theme.

    Bragging rights are always awesome, but as usual, we do offer a couple of HearthPwn site rewards to competition winners:
     Their card forever immortalized in our Winners' Gallery!
     And a unique Avatar Border & "Card Design Champion" Title, as depicted below!

    Good Luck!

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    This Week's Finalists

    Competition-Specific Restrictions:

    We have whittled down ~202 valid entries to just 20 of the community's favorites. 
    Check out all the finalists below and vote in our poll (vote for as many or as few as you like) to help decide the winner and be sure to check back after the poll finishes for the announcement of the winner and the start of a new theme!

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    posted a message on [OLD] Weekly Card Design Competition 5.17 - Final Poll

    This Week's Finalists

    Competition-Specific Restrictions:

    We have whittled down ~202 valid entries to just 20 of the community's favorites. 
    Check out all the finalists below and vote in our poll (vote for as many or as few as you like) to help decide the winner and be sure to check back after the poll finishes for the announcement of the winner and the start of a new theme!

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    That's it for this weeks entries. Take the next 24 hours to upvote your favorites. Final poll goes up tomorrow.

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    Quote from AngryChicken >>

    Contemplating a different stat line.

    Considering changing the discovered beast to costs (2) less. Thoughts? Which do you like more? Thank you!

    I love Stable Portal, especially the art. Tho  1 mana reduction is kind a useless imo. I don't think this would see play with 1 mana reduction. 2 mana reduction would definitely make it playable. 
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    Quote from LinkFan001 >>

    Brought back an old idea of mine as well as a new one. I really think Druid and Hunter could use some AoE and protections past taunt. 

    Also, just to comment on the idea of muli-class secrets, you all are going to have to suspend your disbelief and imagine if all classes had secrets for them to have a chance. They are an interesting concept that should be allowed to be explored.

    Ofc you're totally allowed to explore multi-class secrets. However I assume a lot of people would provably think that multi-class secrets don't make much sense and ultimately it's the people who decide which card wins. So even tho multi-class secrets are allowed, it might be more difficult to get enough votes for a multi-class secret because your card asks people to suspend their disbelief and not everyone would do that. So it's more risky to enter the competition with a multi-class secret if your goal is to win. However if you feel like you want to take the risk and/or simply explore that design space then nobody's stopping you :D
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