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    posted a message on (Legend) Luzkan Aggro [Stream 20:00 18/02/18]

    Does removing the Pyroblast and putting in a Firelands Portal make the deck worse? I've played about ten games and Pyroblast was either a dead card or not enough damage.

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    Decently well. I got from Rank 20 to Rank 14 in about an hour with only one loss. I haven't been playing it recently because I've been busy with finals. It works surprisingly well against Razakus Priest.

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    Divine Shield Secret Paladin
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    Minion (11) Ability (17) Weapon (2)
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    I made this deck and have been having a really fun time with it. I would like some suggestions to improve the deck. I've only been beaten by decks that are more aggressive than this (mostly other Paladins), and I want to know what changes could help it. All ideas are appreciated.

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    posted a message on Deck of Wonders

    Ah, the Deck of Many Things. You had an 80% chance to effectively kill your character, a 15% chance to gain a huge benefit, and a 5% chance to do nothing too great. I remember when my friend drew one card and it managed to be the Moon. He then immediately threw the deck in a pit. Good times....

    Oh wait, this is Hearthstone.

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    posted a message on Lynessa Sunsorrow

    I assume when it says "cast on your minions" that it means you specifically targeted a minion for the spell. I don't think Equality counts.

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    posted a message on The Darkness

    Flame Leviathan didn't trigger when it got burned.

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    posted a message on Crystal Lion

    Playing Devil's Advocate here, but I'm thinking they didn't go the way of the Thing From Below because Silver Hand Recruits can be summoned in groups of more than one. With Shaman, each card only summons one totem and hero power summons one totem. With Paladin, you can summon multiple recruits per card. For instance:

    Turn 1: Lost in the Jungle

    Turn 2: Hero Power

    Turn 3: Lost in the Jungle and Hero Power, then Crystal Lion

    By turn 3, you could potentially summon 8/8 worth of stats for only 3 mana, 5/5 of which has a Divine Shield. Imagine an opponent who didn't manage to clear the other recruits by this point. For Shaman, Thing from Below could come out as early as turn 5:

    Turn 1: Nothing

    Turn 2: Hero Power

    Turn 3: Mana Tide Totem (for instance)

    Turn 4: Flametongue Totem and Hero Power

    Turn 5: Hero Power and Primalfin Totem, then Thing From Below

    Both of these scenarios assume you go first. These were just my thoughts. I think Blizzard would only print this card with Thing From Below text if it cost something like 8 or 9.

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    posted a message on Legendary Tier List & Crafting Guide

    Should I craft the Priest Quest? I play a lot of my N'Zoth Razakus Priest, and the quest has always intrigued me as a good addition. However, even in Wild, I feel like two Reno effects is a bit overkill in most games. Is the Priest Quest worth it, or is it not rewarding enough to warrant a deck slot?

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    posted a message on Bearshark

    First, since its card text is not a proper keyword yet.

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    posted a message on Bolvar, Fireblood

    I want to like this card. I want to build a deck around this card. I want Bolvar to be good.

    I said this when GvG Bolvar came out. I hope things will change for the better and our boy Bolvar gains more viable Divine Shield support.

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    posted a message on Bearshark

    SMOrc does love face, but Blizzard seems like it wants to push a control hunter. It's an odd choice to create an aggressive card like this one if they want hunter to become less aggressive. Granted, hunter's hero power makes it naturally aggressive, so hunter will probably continue to think of face as the place after Frozen Throne.

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    posted a message on Bearshark

    It looks interesting, but I think it being a 3/4 instead would have made it into a much better, possibly even powerful, option for hunters.

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    posted a message on Voodoo Hexxer

    Maybe the class legendary can be a Troll? Vol'jin is a card.

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    posted a message on Sindragosa

    I'm excited to use it in a Wild Dragon Mage. This card makes the deck slightly less of a meme.

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