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    posted a message on Reckful has left us.

    Heartbreaking news. May you rest in peace Byron.

    I watched a lot of Reckful's videos on YT and it's a damn shame we don't get to see more of his colorful personality.

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    posted a message on 11x star bonus how to get

    Thoughts from a Wild exclusive player: My 2nd month of 11 stars in a row. Played a low number of games. Solid winrate but nothing too spectacular. Finished pretty low legend due to only playing 5-10 games in Legend rank. I think being placed in the highest MMR / rank bracket and maintaining a solid winrate allowed me to receive the 11 star bonus again this month.

    I don't really get super high ranking finishes in Legend. I don't play that much. However, I'm a consistent 60%+ winrate player and have been for years. I don't throw this number around lightly. It's probably around 65%.

    I strongly feel they look at MMR first, THEN ranking. Because it makes sense that how well you do in your division (MMR) determines whether you belong there or not. The ultimate goal is to match players with opponents that are "worthy opponents". Hidden MMR calculated over months / years of gameplay (taking improvement into account) is a better measure of skill than how well you did last month in terms  of rank at end of season. That being said, it looks like Blizz likes to give players the benefit of the doubt if they have a great month. They may place you in a higher MMR bracket, giving you a chance to prove you are worthy to hang with the big boys.

    It also means that it's unlikely for a high MMR player to face someone below their MMR (skill lvl) due to qeueing against other 11 star players until they reach Legend and then it levels out.

    Not trying to sound elitist or braggy. I'm not a great player by any means. I play broken decks and some Wild cards carry like crazy. I'm a good pilot but I only fly top of the line fighter jets.

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    posted a message on What legend rank to get 11 star bonus?

    Bonus stars stay. D5 - Legend climb nets you 2 stars per win.

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    posted a message on How can dis be?

    They could make Zeph smart enough to know that based on game state, the highest priority is removing the 8/8. 

    It makes more sense to offer an alternative removal option (like transform) than offering Windspeaker.

    Zeph wouldn't see the game state any differently. He would just need to be smarter at drawing conclusions based on what he sees.

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    posted a message on Bonus Stars ARE lost if you don't play

    I finished April with a higher legend rank than May.

    Last month I got a 10 star bonus, this month I got an 11.

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    posted a message on Darkglare

    Keleseth zoolock has great natural synergy with this card. Imagine Keleseth on curve, then Darkglare, coin, Librarian, tap, Flame Imp etc.

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    posted a message on Archmage Vargoth -> Time warp

    I think it's too powerful.

    Could be nerfed by changing the wording on Time Warp; Take an extra turn after this one.

    Only kills the interaction between the two cards but keeps everything else the same.

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    posted a message on Community abusing the emote function more often nowadays?

    I'm so conditioned to auto-squelching instantly that that one time when the game crashed when you squelched I just kept doing it anyway and I had to stop playing for a while because I kept crashing my games.

    Squelch is the way to go. Think about it. It's the ultimate answer. They distract themselves from the game by emoting. You are completely deaf to it and so you can focus on your gameplay.

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    posted a message on How do people come up with "good" decks

    Not a lot I can add to these replies - lots of good advice.

    In regards to relearning the fundamentals of archetypes and assessing winconditions, I would recommend starting with playing good established decks against the meta. Focus on understanding what makes your deck good, and the same for your opponents. You have the advantage of a large collection so use that to your benefit.

    After you've done your research you'll have plenty of inspiration and take it from there using all the tips in this thread. Good luck.

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    posted a message on Why are hero cards allowed to be randomly generated after so many years in Arena?

    There is an old neutral minion that has a battlecry that adds a random paladin card to your hand. I forgot the name and I'm too lazy to google it. I think that's how he got it.

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    posted a message on Secret Mage - What to counter it with or should it get nerfed?

    I'm having success against them using Reno Mage ft. Quest and modest Dragon package. I'm rank 2 now. Took me a while to figure out what list works well for me. Now I do well vs. aggro due to absurd powerlevel of individual cards, deck is so stocked with powercards that I see good cards every game. Quest allows me to cheese out wins vs. decks that would otherwise outvalue me.

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    posted a message on Aggro Decks Rage Quit :D

    It goes without saying it's a redundant discussion  talking about archetypes and whether they require intelligence or skill. But what's even a bigger waste of time is discussing this topic in terms of ethics and morals. Might as well bring religion into the discussion - as a Christian I favor priest and paladin and whenever I face a warlock I feel bad for them because I know they're sinners.

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    posted a message on Which one to craft? (Wild Reno mage)

    Voted Geddon. I like him a lot. He has more synergy in the deck than Lich King, especially with Jaina. 

    Taunt is good and DK card is nice but I prefer the volcanic potion on a stick. Reno Mage imo defends best through aoe and heal, Geddon does both.

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    posted a message on Mage's lack of support in Survivability! Is it bad?

    You should play Wild imo. Mage is one of the most flexible classes in Wild, and has several high tier archetypes.

    In particular, Reno Mage is a really cool deck. And you get to play ALL the crazy survival cards.

    You're way better off playing Wild where every class will always have SOME decks that are good. Playing Standard, some months/years your fav class is garbage and there's not much you can do.



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    posted a message on Standard vs Wild vs Arena

    Wild exclusively, unless you wanna count Brawl for the free pack

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