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    posted a message on [Legend Nov 2020] reaching legend easily with Big Priest, the deck is broken!

    It's a good deck but far from broken. It's slow and fair compared to real powerhouse decks like Secret Mage and Raza Priest.

    It doesn't help that really aggressive decks can reliably beat you (Big Priest is only a slight favorite). Also there's Counterspell and Oh My Yogg! A good player often only needs to disrupt ONE crucial play against Big Priest to win the game. OTK decks also beat Big Priest.

    What decks is Big Priest dominating? Only bad decks.

    I put Big Priest at the bottom of tier 2.



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    posted a message on It will finally happen! Changes incoming

    Any positive change is great. I still prefer the old system but that’s just my preference. I liked the simplicity.

    I fall in the middle of this never ending debate. I used to make purchases but stopped buying in 2017 (with the exception of the welcome bundle). I spent quite a bit of money on the game between 2015 and 2017. Mostly preorders, but I also treated myself to a stack of 60 packs every three or four months. To give an idea what type of customer I am.

    Anyway, Blizzard is a business and you shouldn’t attack them for employing strategies that are proven to be effective. As a customer you have the choice to buy or decline. That being said, the new system is very obviously designed to take advantage of players who are more easily tempted. Not cool.

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    posted a message on Is lvl 50 of Rewards Track in sight :)

    Level 24. I've completed all my quests but I only play 2-3 times a week. For an hour maybe.

    New rewards system is fine imo. However it does feel like more work. Where previously I would grind out a few more games if that meant I could buy a pack during the same HS session. But now I log out as soon as I'm bored or after completing my quests.

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    posted a message on Petition to blizzard - Change (buff/unnerf) Tinkmaster Overspark in Hearthstone to cost 5-6 and effect targets.

    Just add Tinkmaster to your deck and believe in the heart of the cards.

    Even with 7 potential targets, it's a 50/50 chance. Either Blizzard wants you to win the game and it'll transform the best possible target into a squirrel, or Blizzard wants you to lose the game and it'll transform their 1/1 into a Devilsaur.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm heading over to the Salt thread to share my thoughts on ZTG programming and how it's being used to keep everyone at a 50% winrate.

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    posted a message on Issue with Lorekeeper Polkelt?

    The wording is fine. I don't get why there's a misunderstanding. Shuffling cards in your deck literally means shuffling the deck.

    "Add two Soul Shards to your deck (in random positions)" would be the wording you interpreted it as.

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    posted a message on WE NEED MORE NERFS!!!! Here's how I would do it!

    Hehe, wp op.

    Lost it when I read the "minor drawback" is destroying your hero.

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    posted a message on Reckful has left us.

    Heartbreaking news. May you rest in peace Byron.

    I watched a lot of Reckful's videos on YT and it's a damn shame we don't get to see more of his colorful personality.

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    posted a message on What legend rank to get 11 star bonus?

    Bonus stars stay. D5 - Legend climb nets you 2 stars per win.

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    posted a message on How can dis be?

    They could make Zeph smart enough to know that based on game state, the highest priority is removing the 8/8. 

    It makes more sense to offer an alternative removal option (like transform) than offering Windspeaker.

    Zeph wouldn't see the game state any differently. He would just need to be smarter at drawing conclusions based on what he sees.

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    posted a message on Archmage Vargoth -> Time warp

    I think it's too powerful.

    Could be nerfed by changing the wording on Time Warp; Take an extra turn after this one.

    Only kills the interaction between the two cards but keeps everything else the same.

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