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    Very Interesting card, probably viable as well as dragons tend to be very good, will be seen in priest.

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    Design-wise this is an excellent card; getting stealth for a turn is very flavorful for rouge and is useful as well. The hero power is like nothing we've seen before and allows you to get the maximum value out of your cards. However, there is one thing I am still confused about does the Hero-Power re-add shadow reflections after you play a card or at the start/end of your turn? 

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    This card's play sound better be "Brrrglglrglglglglglglgl".

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    This card is very badly worded. It probably should read "Add a Copy of the lowest Cost minion in your hand to your hand".

    edit: typo

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    This has to be hands down the worst worded card in Hearthstone. It should read "Add a copy of the lowest cost minion in your hand to your hand". I don't know why it doesn't it would be much simpler.

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    This card is pretty bad, not just because you have to add all of those secrets to your deck, but because playing a weak minion and/or spell neutralizes most of the value you're going to get out of this, and similar to Mysterious Challenger you need two of them in a deck to get the consistence you need for it, so it isn't worth it, furthermore this doesn't have a 6/6 body to go along with the effect like Mysterious Challenger did. However, it will still be very annoying whenever you're playing a mage that gets this of Primordial Glyph and has 3-4 secrets in their deck.

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    2 mana 3/2 with Spell Damage is good and should be played in Mage. Additionally, it has a very good effect for C'thun decks that synergies well with the class. This card is very good and it should be a staple in Mage decks.

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    This card is obviously ment to be a replacement for Sludge Belcher. This card is better if your Oponent doesn't have a ping, however it is very weak to pings.

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    This card is the definition of inverse powercreep, just look at the description, and if that doesn't convince you they even made a 3 mana 2/5 in this expansion Carrion Grub and that card is a beast so this card is even more useless than Silverback Patriarch.

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    People are saying that this is a 3/6 charge however it is not because it doesn't allow the minion to attack again. However,  the synergies are still real with cards like Nordshire cleric that have great abilities but poor stats, but the inner fire synergy is likely worse than Using inner fire Combo on a minion you already have in play.

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    This card is a grave offense to Murlockind. Maybe this could be used in rouge because Blizzard nerfed Blade Flury into the ground but probably not.

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    this card is very good with its 6 health it will likely survive your opponent's turn, or trade 2 for 1, of it survives you can enrage it and kill a big minion with it's 5 attack. 

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    This card is to choose one as Bran is to deathrattle, except even stronger. This card will define the meta for sure. Rating Dr. Boom/10.

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    This card is very powerful, it only looses one stat and makes your choose one cards insane Nourish draw 3 cards and gain two mana crystals, Living Roots deal two dammage and summon 2 1/1s, Druid of the Flame 3 mana 5/5, Druid of the Claw 5 mana 4/6 with charge and taunt, ect. There are so many choose one cards that are OK either way that is is insane.

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    Holy shit those look awesome.

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