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    excuse me, what the fuck?

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    "Don't worry kid! I'm gonna save you from that chicken stomach!"

    Good luck to all you guys!

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    Sleeping Giant is bad idea, it would be just op with any buffs. There's even a special card in Rumble Run to get, among other cards which are meant to be extremely strong, and it's 2/5 for 6 Mana.

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    Make Thaddius great again! This has decent stats, because you can draw it after Feugen & Stalagg. Still, if you don't want for it to be crap in such situation, you can make a deck about shuffling Stalaggs/Feugens into your deck, to draw them by this guy. (also, its name is reference to Frankenstein. Stein=Stone in German.)

    Good luck to all! For Master!

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    Hi guys! I made this class for Class Creation Competition! I had to left this comp because of some reasons, but I get in love with this concept! I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as me creating the class.

    The class name is Reality Shaper. But, what does it mean? Reality Shapers use some strange and rare kind of magic. But it's much different than those used by Mages or other classes. It can be used to create, or to anihilate, to warp reality, or to refresh it. Some says that it can do anything. Reality Shapers use energy as fuel to their power. But, beside lore, what Reality Shaper mean in game? Let's see:

    Reality Shaper Summary:


    • Prepared effects, spells that do something at the end of turn;
    • 4-Mana Secrets;
    • Card Draw/Generating;
    • Stat Reduction;
    • Many spells;
    • Cost Reduction;
    • Shuffling;
    • Mill.


    • Many card draw/generating (the only way to get out of resources is to empty your deck);
    • Cost reduction makes combos easier to trigger;
    • Mill can help you against combo decks if you're lucky enough;
    • Have some amount of tools to neutralize minions.


    • With so many card draw, it's easy to come to fatigue (shuffling helps there a bit);
    • Card draw and cost reduction makes combo easy to trigger. If you have any. Class lacks one target damage;
    • Lacks minions;
    • Aggro can easily win against this class, especialy against milling decks;
    • No healing/Armor.

    Now, let see basics of how to become a Reality Shaper:

    Basic Set:

    Basic set involves some core aspects of my class. Here are some examples:

    Electric Strike: One of few one-target damage for this class. Would be played in any Malygos OTK decks, just because of no better options. Realy important card for this class.

    Prepared Seal: Reality Shaper is much about card draw. Here's an example. You draw 3 cards for 4 Mana, however you cannot play them immediately.

    Storing Essence:  Important thing for Reality Shaper is cost reduction. It's also one of most important cards for the class.

    All cards:

    Retractation: First mill card and also removal similar to Freeze.

    Dust to Dust: Having cards that reduces stats, I also have cards that benefit from low Attack of minions. Yes, the card is a bit weak, but i think it would be a bit too strong at 0 Mana comparing to cards like Scorp-o-matic. Also each class have some weak basic cards.

    Energy Sphere: Simple cheap card draw. Have worse effect than Power Word: Shield, but you don't need to have a minion.

    Reduction Whirl: Cheap stat reduction on single target.

    Disintegration: Removal which also benefits from spells. Also, cards that targets minions for one-time effect will apear again.

    Mattery Breaker: One of few minions in the class. Gives some tempo at turn 3.

    Reduction Aura: AoE stat reduction.



    Ok, so let open Classic Set! Cards will appear here regurarly, and when all be here, I'll post a comment with all, so thread will pop up to the top, and you can check all at once! Classic Set:

    Charged Gleam: Removal, and also spell which synergize with so many card draw which Reality Shaper has.

    Elevated WreckerDust to Dust(basic) with 3/3 body. A bit like Humility and Aldor Peacekeeper. In game, just a tool to get rid of small minion without losing tempo.

    Stolen Essence: Secret that give you some protection against big minion.Also, your opponent will need to try not togive you something too strong. Just imagine activating this on Alexstrasza.

    All cards: (Three newest cards will also show up outside a spoiler. When I'll made full Classic Set, they will be changed to most important ones, like in basic set)


    Energy Pulse: A common card draw/mill, cheap, so you can easily combine it with spell synergy, like Disintegration from Basic Set.

    Pacify: Yes, Reality Shaper uses Silence. By time, you will see more Silencing cards, however not realy often. That's not a core aspect of Reality Shaper, but will appear from time to time.

    Body Warp: Cheap minion-damaging spell, cannot target heroes or be upgraded by Spell Damage, but ignores Divine Shields, and cannot be healed.

    Gnomish Student: Energy Pulse with legs. Don't have spell synergy, but 2 Mana 2/2 with card draw is always pretty good.

    Minimize: Hunter's Mark and Humility combined. Can be also compared to Polymorph.

    Sudden Disappear: Secret that can be compared to Potion of Polymorph. Helps to counter some big minions or deathrattles.



    Collect Energy: The main tool for combo decks. Can be used with Electric Strike(Basic set) so you get many damaging spells. Then either them or your Malygos has their cost reduced with Storing Essence.

    Lunar Wanderer: Secret synergy card for my Classic set. Being the only one here, it's full potential could be achieved in later sets. For now, it allows you mainly to get additional tools to protect you, however your opponent could easily play over it, knowing which Secret he revealed previously.

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    So many "no duplicates" cards in submission topic

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    CG Shadows!


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    Here's my idea for this week. I wanted to make something that will give you different effect depending on tribal deck you're playing.

    Edit: Note: If you choose a Nightmare Amalgamate , it will just give you a random minion from any tribe. Also, good luck to all!

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    Trickster is pretty verstile. Not sure if it souldn't be 4/4.

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    CG biggerbossman!

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