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    Playing wild with my buffadin deck, including a few changes from Scholo. First match? 100% standard Galakrond zoo lock.

    I hate standard decks in wild in general... but at least this one is from like a rotation or two ago? So that makes it slightly better? /shrug

    Edit: game 2 = 100% standard demon hunter (though to be fair, there are very few demon hunter decks in wild that actually take advantage of wild cards). First day of the new expansion, and in wild I'm getting *standard* and *no Scholo cards*. /facepalm

    Edit 2: omg, the fucking noob actually won. I'm so angry with that game. First I draw like shit - he does too, though he's also playing some bad cards and making some bad choices (non-outcast silence on a 4/6 taunt... to remove the taunt... when he doesn't even have anything to attack with?). He plays Fel Summoner (8/3 for 6, deathrattle = summon a demon), despite playing some low cost demons - and of course he hits an 8 drop with it. Worst of all though? He plays out his hand, and to this point in the game he's only played singletons - so I figure he's highlander, and one of the reasons he's chosen bad cards is because he doesn't have enough good singletons for the deck. So against his mostly swarmish board, I play an Acoltye of Pain, buff it with Spikeridged Steed, and a Libram of Wisdom (pretty much the only real choice).

    He topdecks his first duplicate card of the game. The fucking outcast silence card. The. Fucking. Outcast. Silence. Card. Of all the cards in all his deck to finally reveal he had duplicates. It was the one that basically did about 8 mana worth of effect, for 1. This from a player that didn't mulligan at all, yet more or less only hero powered for the first few turns. *saaaaalt*

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    I fucking *hate* bads leaning on strong cards/classes, as well as the bad draws of their opponents, to get a win.

    Just played against a freaking awful tempo/aggro DH - coins out that 3/2 pseudo-scry on turn 1, with turn 2 hero power. Fucking awful. I can't punish because after mulligan I still have no plays until turn 3. Then on turn 5 he plays out the 6 1/1 rushes... and doesn't attack into my 4/5. Clearly, he has the 3/1 on-death-deal-3-damage guy in hand (he played one earlier to do 3 damage to face, woo). Unfortunately, I don't have Holy Ripple, so I flood the board to soak the damage but can't punish the monumental misplay.

    Oh, and this absolute dumbass played Altruis on turn 4, with nothing to outcast, against a 3/2 minion.

    And yet, I lose - he plays literally every card in hand and gets exact lethal, while I never recover from the awful start.


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    That's a legit card. This + Twin Shot = kill 2 minions and get a must kill 3/4 for 5 mana.

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    Even if she and one of her spawns are 2/1 and x/1 (practically speaking), there's two things.

    1. While you're not discovering it, you are choosing the best out of 2 random 5 drops to not get insta-killed by damage.

    2. There can be upside to the x/1. Divine shield and reborn would make them sturdier; deathrattle can give them benefit on the way out.

    Could very possibly make its way into a highlander deck of either class, though I don't see if fitting elsewhere.

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    Another Firefly-Esque card. This one ultimately nets you 3/3 worth of stats, with the caveat that you already need a minion out to use it, making it a much worse turn 1 play (but decent turn 2 play).

    Obvious fit would be some form of token druid; can't envision too many hunter decks that would care about this.

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    Dumb fucks that queue 100% standard lists into wild. Don't know how to use the UI? Can't even put the logic together that a 100% standard deck is almost certain to do better in standard than in wild?

    Just fucking annoying. Isn't it obvious that people play wild to get away from standard? Otherwise, they'd play standard. Dur! I don't even care if it's a tier 20 deck; take that standard shit to standard you dumbasses. Bonus idiot points if it's a demon hunter.

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    Not the worst card ever - Divine Shield is sort-of-removal if you already have something out ready to attack, and at worst you'd likely be getting an Argent Squire. Obviously, use it on a minion with a decent deathrattle or triggered ability, and it can get much better. Could perhaps find a way into rez priest where you're more likely to use it on a minion with a decent deathrattle and/or reborn, and as a result increase the odds of getting it out of the pool when you rez. On that note, could work well with Vargoth.

    All that said, on average it feels like it wouldn't do enough to be competitively viable.

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    Ho damn; this if a freaking amazing card. Health is often irrelevant on a rush minion, so this basically just acts like an Ixlid for them. I have a small rush package in my wild DMH warrior deck, and somehow finding room for this would give me:

    * 3/1 Zilliax
    * 4/1 Kargath, ultimately putting an extra Kargath Prime in my deck which I'll happily take. Probably never get a second Kargath Prime off this unless I have the coin.
    * 3/1 Restless Mummy, complete with Reborn

    I mean, Restless Mummy is just so good alongside this. Basically, for 7 mana and 2 cards you're dealing 3 damage to 4 enemy minions (or 3/6/9 with minions left over).

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    posted a message on Just a Hallucination is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Oof. Imagine jumping into this brawl not knowing how it works, picking demon hunter as a great staple class - then finding out it's based around Hallucination (should've known from the title and Blizz loving the plays-on-words) and that demon hunter is one of, if not the *worst* class to go! >.<

    With randomness on top of randomness (opponents class + Hallucination rng), going to do the usual - dual box this for the pack and never touch again. Why does Blizz have this obsession with randomness in Hearthstone? Fucking infuriating.

    Edit: lol, why on Earth is this downvoted? Because I vented about randomness, or because I talked about my experience not knowing what to expect and walking into a trap?

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    posted a message on New Priest/Warlock Legendary Card Revealed - Disciplinarian Gandling

    Holy tempo batman; that's a lot of potential!

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