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    posted a message on Patch 18.0 - Scholomance Academy, Game Improvements, Battleground Changes & Legendary Quest Chain

    Haven't played it yet, but Mr Bigglesworth doesn't seem very good.

    * It does nothing until someone dies. Because you're essentially playing a powerless hero up until that point, that's more likely to be you than literally any other hero, as even the worst hero that actually has a power has some advantage over a completely vanilla character.
    * Even when it does do something, it's a crapshoot. Getting a ready made minion is definitely good, but not only is it pretty random just how good that minion is, but it may not have any synergy with your own warband.
    * With the previous point, the lack of synergy might be fine if you end up getting something with enough stats to include anyway - but the people who die earlier are more likely to have weaker minions with less buffs.

    I honestly think it will end up in tier 4. Not having a hero power until the mid/late game is pretty crippling, and it makes you rely more on lucky tavern rolls than basically any other hero - then on top of tavern roll luck, you're hoping on discovered minion luck when your hero power finally does go off.

    Edit: apparently keeping enchants also means staying golden (if it was), and apparently when you play said golden minion, you also get a triple treat. That could be enough to make the hero viable. It's still uncomfortable playing a powerless hero until the midgame at earliest, but if you top 4 you're probably getting 2-3 free golden minions off the hero power, which makes it end up being as good as Eudora (though slightly weaker in that you're not getting the first by turn 5).

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    posted a message on High Abbess Alura

    Running an admittedly more fun than competitive libram/old-quest deck in wild, I look forward to including this card. Play it on turn 4 with a 0 cost Libram (or turn 5 with a 1 cost), then at worst even if you just get the other Libram of Wisdom out on it, it's a 4 mana 4/7 that's drawn and played a card for you.

    I might cut the Undatakah package out - that quite frankly, almost never bears fruit - and include this plus one or two of the other new buff paladin cards instead.

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    posted a message on Argent Braggart

    This is potentially a 2 mana giant. Holy hell.

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    posted a message on Professor Slate

    That's a legit card. This + Twin Shot = kill 2 minions and get a must kill 3/4 for 5 mana.

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    posted a message on Lab Partner

    1 mana 1/3 is good. Dire Mole saw play in some decks without any other text.

    1 mana 1/3 with upside is even better.

    1 mana 1/3 with spell damage in the class that arguably utilizes spell damage the best? The only thing that would stop it seeing play is not having a good fit (highlander doesn't have doubles of the good spells, though even then you could just hold this to play alongside any one of them, and creatureless mage wouldn't jeapordise value for this guy).

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    posted a message on Instructor Fireheart

    Just a strong card overall. Early on, 3 mana 3/3 draw (discover) a card. Late game, 3 mana 3/3 draw (discover) multiple cards. Awesome! Don't know exactly which deck would use it (definitely highlander), but in a vacuum it's a great card.

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    posted a message on Adorable Infestation

    Another Firefly-Esque card. This one ultimately nets you 3/3 worth of stats, with the caveat that you already need a minion out to use it, making it a much worse turn 1 play (but decent turn 2 play).

    Obvious fit would be some form of token druid; can't envision too many hunter decks that would care about this.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Dumb fucks that queue 100% standard lists into wild. Don't know how to use the UI? Can't even put the logic together that a 100% standard deck is almost certain to do better in standard than in wild?

    Just fucking annoying. Isn't it obvious that people play wild to get away from standard? Otherwise, they'd play standard. Dur! I don't even care if it's a tier 20 deck; take that standard shit to standard you dumbasses. Bonus idiot points if it's a demon hunter.

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    posted a message on Gift of Luminance

    Not the worst card ever - Divine Shield is sort-of-removal if you already have something out ready to attack, and at worst you'd likely be getting an Argent Squire. Obviously, use it on a minion with a decent deathrattle or triggered ability, and it can get much better. Could perhaps find a way into rez priest where you're more likely to use it on a minion with a decent deathrattle and/or reborn, and as a result increase the odds of getting it out of the pool when you rez. On that note, could work well with Vargoth.

    All that said, on average it feels like it wouldn't do enough to be competitively viable.

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    posted a message on Archwitch Willow

    This could potentially be quite good in handlock. The issue with some previous cards summoning stuff from your hand *or* deck, is that if the summon-target was in the other zone, the card in question lost a lot of power. Summoning one from your hand *and* deck gets around this - if you draw the desired demon before you play this, great. If you don't, also great.

    Ideally it'll end up in a control warlock deck like handlock, and would want to include only a few expensive, high power demons to really get a swing out of its battlecry. Off the top of my head I can't think of what those demons are - but surely there are at least a few in standard that would be worthy. Perhaps that deathrattle demon that summons the lifelink minion?

    Actually, just having a look, there aren't that many great expensive demons - perhaps the aforementioned one (Enhanced Dreadlord), alongside Fel Lord Betrug, and Aranasi Broodmother - not the best target, but you're likely including that in a control warlock deck anyway. If you make sure to always keep a demon in hand (and don't get so unlucky as to draw all 5 cards), this basically becomes 7/7 and at least two 4/6 taunts, for 9 mana. Not bad at all.

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    posted a message on Flesh Giant

    There's potential here, but for what's basically a vanilla 8/8 you need to be discounting it by at least 3 or 4.

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    posted a message on New Priest/Warlock Legendary Card Revealed - Disciplinarian Gandling

    Holy tempo batman; that's a lot of potential!

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    posted a message on Just a Hallucination is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Oof. Imagine jumping into this brawl not knowing how it works, picking demon hunter as a great staple class - then finding out it's based around Hallucination (should've known from the title and Blizz loving the plays-on-words) and that demon hunter is one of, if not the *worst* class to go! >.<

    With randomness on top of randomness (opponents class + Hallucination rng), going to do the usual - dual box this for the pack and never touch again. Why does Blizz have this obsession with randomness in Hearthstone? Fucking infuriating.

    Edit: lol, why on Earth is this downvoted? Because I vented about randomness, or because I talked about my experience not knowing what to expect and walking into a trap?

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    posted a message on Boneweb Egg

    Awesome discard fodder. I'm not up to date with what discard effects are in standard, but if there are any that target the lowest cost card, then this is basically 0 mana for 2 2/1s. Either way, that's what you're aiming for, so when it hits - you can't beat value like that.

    Basically, if there's discard lock, this is probably in it. Even if there isn't, egg cards certainly have potential in zoo, so you couldn't even write it off in that situation.

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    posted a message on Brittlebone Destroyer

    Definitely potential. Assuming no other cards to push the power level up (ie. self damage warlock; better priest heals):

    * In priest, 6 mana for a 3/3 that heals face for 2 and destroys a minion. A 3/3 is probably worth 2.5 mana, destroy a minion about the same for priest specifically given the Shadow Word costs, and heal face for 2 is probably worth 0.5 mana, if not slightly less. However, package all those abilities together, and yeah, you're probably getting a good mana saving by having it all on 1 card.
    * In warlock, 6 mana for a 3/3 that draws a card and destroys a minion. Again, 3/3 is probably worth 2.5 mana. Draw a card is worth about 1 mana, and in warlock destroying a minion is probably worth 3.5 mana. Essentially, even if you just have to play this after hero powering it's great value in a more controlling warlock build, be it handlock, Galakrond, highlander, or something new that crops up.

    Definitely a card to keep an eye on. Also, insanely good in arena.

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