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    posted a message on What are your thoughts about LoR

    Hi guys,

    So, now that we all have access to the open beta of LoR, what do you think of the game so far ?

    I have to admit that this is better than I was expecting. 

    The game is very similar to HS, in the aesthetic but also in the gameplay. It's as easy to play as HS, but yet a bit deeper cause of the counter-reacting turn, where you can play while it's your opponent turn to attack. Being a wild control player on HS, I was often frustrated by the game that was alteady over on turn 4 against ultra fast aggro. Games on LoR look so much different and more interesting I think.

    Even the economy seems better with all the crates and wildcard instead of the random boosters.

    It's just the beginning of the game, but I really find it refreshing and it is a good alternative to HS, for those like me who still like this game but need a bit of new content...

    I really advise those who haven't tried it yet to do so !


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    posted a message on It's TOTALLY FINE to netdeck in competitive environments.
    Quote from Mugen8 >>

    (Before I start, I refer to 'scrubs' a couple times in the below - for definition and explanation, see http://www.sirlin.net/ptw-book/introducingthe-scrub - it's something I found probably close to 2 decades ago now, and is as valid today as it was back then)

    In a recent thread a lot of posters were complaining about players, presumably in ranked, netdecking. Things like "I only rope if my opponent is playing a netdeck; in that case they deserve it" or "netdeckers deserve every bit of BM that comes their way".

    Now, there are times when this might be an appropriate call to make. Mainly, if the environment you're playing in isn't competitive - which will generally be something like a match with someone on your friends list. This isn't the case for ranked, which is a competitive mode.

    When it comes to playing a game competitively - Hearthstone in this case, but it applies to most competitive games - using every legal (game rules and otherwise) tool at your disposal is what the best players will do. Creating arbitrary rules to challenge yourself like "use only homebrew decks" or "win without epic of legendary cards" is fine, but you enter scrub-territory when you try to impose those rules on other competitive players. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the research of players that came before you in order to gain as much advantage as possible against the competition. Doing so means you're making effective use of the tools available.

    Sure, you may feel annoyed if you lose to someone that's using the flavour of the month netdeck and made some pretty obvious misplays, and you may feel like the deck carried them. Maybe it did - but so what? It was a legitimate win. Whether it was the matchup, the draws, the plays or whatnot, the stars aligned in such a way that they won - and that's fine. Using a netdeck is not some secret advantage that player alone has - if you don't want to use one that's totally fine too, but it's bad form (and again, symptomatic of a scrub mentality) if you decry their victory just because they chose to use a deck that, in all likelihood, has proven to be strong in the metagame.

    If the issue is because you don't actually want to play in a competitive environment, and would rather play in a more relaxed environment with more casual archetypes (and believe me, I know - kitchen table Magic is far more preferable to me than competitive events), then that's not an issue with people netdecking - that's an issue with Blizzard not offering such an environment (casual would be more accurately titled 'unranked', and while you can find friends online that will play casual decks with you, it's a bit like Destiny in that they make you do the legwork for multiplayer fun).

    As another example, the first RTS I wanted to actually get good at (as opposed to just playing against the AI and taking advantage of their issues) was Starcraft 2. And when I first started out - hell, pretty much the whole time I played - I took advantage of build orders that others had submitted online. That's effectively the Starcraft/RTS version of netdecking (a build order basically defines what you build in the early game, where the decision tree is generally so narrow that you can refine a reliable opening to springboard into later stages of the game). As a new player, was I just supposed to head into games and flail about, hoping for the best? I would have stayed in bronze for much longer if I had taken that approach!

    To sum up - there's nothing wrong with a player wanting to use every legal tool at their disposal, and taking inspiration (either partial or entire deck-wise) from players that came before them. Not only is it fair game, but if they're trying to be as competitive as possible it makes sense to identify and use the best deck for the current metagame. If you don't want to netdeck and want to impose the challenge on yourself to use only homebrews, that's totally fine and good luck with it! But to try and impose that rule on others when it isn't actually a rule within the game is a scrub-like mindset.


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    posted a message on Battlegrounds is just the lamest Autobattler now

    Why do you even bother playing it then ?

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    posted a message on what did people think of the year longs story?

    I don't really give a damn about the lore, but man this game has got me stuck for 5 years now...

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    posted a message on New Pure Paladin

     Da fuck is it in the top deck of the week while being rated -7 ?

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    posted a message on What kind of turn 1 is this ?

    Not a big fan of aggro, but I know they need to exist to keep the game healty, but come on, this is absurd, what can you even do in that case ?


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    posted a message on Brand New total Noob

    Welcome to the game dude.

    A simple advise i can give, is try to go for aggro deck in the beginning, as they often are the cheapest. (Aim for aggro hunter, mech hunter or maybe mech paladin).


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    posted a message on Hearthstone caster Cora has become a new Associate Game Designer!

    You know, its the world we live in. People gets confident by bringing others down, and I guess they feel like it gives credit to their lives. Just give up your faith in humanity and you'll just don't care about people behaviour...

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    posted a message on Priest is disappeared from ladder

    Its time to delete this cancerous class from the game (wild player talking)

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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Khartut Defender

    Even if it might not be that powerful (too expensive I'd say), i like the flaviour of this one.

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