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    posted a message on New Expansion -- Buy or not to buy?

    First time ever I wont be buying anything. They have been far too greedy for far too long and I would rather sit on razored dildo's than give away anymore of my money.

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    posted a message on Voicing my dissatisfaction
    Quote from BravoTeam >>

    Madness at the Darkmoon Faire has been a shitshow of an expansion. None of the big cool new things (the Old Gods coming back!) have made a big impact on the meta, and we've just been flooded with slightly modified Scholomance era Aggro decks. I think the most disappointing thing is it seems like Blizzard has reverted to their old "One set of balance changes halfway through an expansion cycle" philosophy, as opposed to the rapid and constant changes they've been doing for a few sets now. I really don't understand how it's not clear that Evolve Shaman is a problem that needs fixing.

    Honestly, I'm sort of annoyed at how good everything about Scholomance was. If it'd been a less fun expansion I probably would've finally pulled the trigger on leaving the game, since I've not really enjoyed a meta since like... Saviors of Uldum? It seems like every time there's a long enough streak of bad expansions they drop one really good one that gets me hooked for a few more years - I was at the verge of leaving right before Un'Goro, and then that brought about the most fun meta since like... vanilla. I just wish they could consistently do things that good, instead of feeding us crap like Darkmoon Faire and Ashes of Outland most of the time.

     I feel like you do, only this time hand on heart I think they have blown it. The expansion is bad and the lack of changes to shift the meta is now just too tedious. I actually feel a sense of relief not playing everyday. These companies (like many others) use addictions against us, use all kinds of psychological tricks to keep us parting with our money. They all end up fucking it up in the end when they get too greedy and mis-read the customer base. 

    The fact that the battlepass system was a fiasco, the pure and utter greed of the cost of buying packs with such poor legendary rates and even worse dust system has pushed the meta to be stale simple because people can’t afford to have a full collection. I’ve said it for years (being a whale, tho not anymore after this shit expansion) the only way to have a more creative mega for longer is if more people have access to the full collection. Of course the meta does still settle after some time but people are more willing to be creative nonetheless. 

    I think the only thing now that will make me play again is if the mid expansion set ends up being free. The chances of that happening are like next to none, so I will take my custom elsewhere. I see a genuine trend happening this time though, it’s not the same as usual where people moan but still play. Streamers are haemorrhaging viewers far quicker than normal and no one ever gives a shit about the tournaments because they just gift it to already popular streamers and don’t open it up to the people grinding away to compete. It’s a giant slap in the face when you charge extreme amounts for a game and then go and give away $250,000 to people who make $20,000-$50,000 a month in some cases. 

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    posted a message on Are people in blizzard actually aware that the synergies in Evolve Shaman are now beyond broken and need to be fixed ASAP?

    The whole game has gone to shit. It’s the least amount of time I’ve ever spent playing an expansion. The next one better be worth it or I fear this is me last. 

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    posted a message on It will finally happen! Changes incoming

    I mean it’s good and everything but still doesn’t change the fundamental cost of this game in any meaningful way. Needing to spend about £1000 a year on one game for a full collection is ludicrous! 

    The meta might even be somewhat more experimental if everyone had access to all the cards. 

    I am not moaning at the changes, they are good, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Now we need them to be a bit fairer with the overall cost of this game. 

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from Goodlake >>

    BLIZZARD CAN YOU PLEASE FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT AGGRO DH. Most infuriating shit in the world. Routinely killed by turn 6 because they have everything. Snowbally 1-drop, check. Cheap card draw, check. Cheap burst damage, check. Cheap weapon with a powerful battlecry? Check (seriously, a 3-mana blood razor with an immediate effect that only targets enemies AND goes face??). Ability to overload you for 2 by playing a 1-mana spell? Check. And stilt stepper, perhaps an even dumber card than Soulshard Lapidary, is just the icing on the cake.

    The whole class was a mistake, and that's been obvious since AoO, but it's really frustrating when an interesting new expansion drops and the meta is totally taken over by cheap aggro nonsense that is able to kill non-control / non-taunt-heavy decks with neutral 1-drops supported by DH's busted HP and busted card draw. Shit is ridiculous. I understand the need to play the meta and adjust your decks, but something is very wrong when a deck with a curve like that is able to win 60% of their games.

     You forgot to mention 1 mana cost hero power that can just keep chipping away. 

    It ain’t just DH I’m sick of, it’s the same old face Hunter archetype since day fucking 1. Few new additions in it over the years but it’s basically the same shit. Total bore fest. The whole classic set needs a rework in my opinion. 

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    posted a message on Don't complete weekly quests on the 30th of November

    I’m not against people wanting achievements etc but would be far more inclined to care about them if they gave extra experience on the rewards track. 

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    posted a message on "Play 50 corrupt cards" quest?

    It took me a while to complete this but I did it with DH and used a lot of corrupt cards. You gotta use them before they are “corrupted” which is annoying as hell, but notice it says the word “corrupt” which means you gotta use them before activating the keyword. 


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    posted a message on Is hearthstone losing its player?

    I wouldn’t say it’s got as many as previously but remember the PS5 and new Xbox just came out, World of Warcraft new expansion is literally just released (which has taken a lot of my time for sure). 

    You also have the inclusion of other game modes taking people away from ladder. 

    I think it’s a combination of those factors plus the Darkmoom faire cards have been largely disappointing and haven’t really shifted an already established and stale meta from before.

    Last, but certainly not least, people are angry at Activision/Blizzard greed at the expensive of this game plus the abysmal new reward system. 

    Whether it improves depends very much on Blizzards next few steps. 

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    posted a message on DH must be nerfed

    They are annoying but just add a few more healing/armour into your deck if you face too many. I recently did this with my mage and now I look forward to seeing DH cause I can easily beat them. 

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    posted a message on Menagerie Mage

    Just wanted to share a deck I've been playing around with trying to perfect. While it might seem greedy its actually very easy to pull off wins and extremely fun to play!

    Give it a go if you have the cards since its at least not the same old spell mage or pure secret mage! 

    Hope you enjoy as much as I have been :D


    Menagerie Mage
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    posted a message on Is control dying? Serious question...
    Quote from SuperAga >>

    I feel like aggro decks right now are too good, they've become so efficient across the board and the anti-aggro tools have not kept up with the power creeps, so it can be really tough to handle the insane early board states or the utterly ridiculous amount of burn the soul fragment DH deck can put out.

    I think that Blade Dance is a really broken card right now, it makes it so hard to get a decent board when DH's can easily deal 8+ damage to 3 minions and also push the same damage to face. 

     This is true. Priest need a better mid range clearance spell. Doing 2 damage to minions as AEO most of the time isn’t enough. It needs to be at least 3. 

    I also would like to see better tech cards against secrets since there are so many secrets around now and literally 1 crap tech card against it in standard. 

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    posted a message on Is control dying? Serious question...
    Quote from Gatormatthew_ >>

    This thread is really odd to me. Control Warrior is currently a Tier 1 deck, I don't understand the idea behind "control being dead." 

     I agree somewhat. There’s also a really good control shaman deck that some dude just got legend with. I tried it and it’s pretty consistent. However, it’s not the aggro that bothers me per se, but the fact that the type of aggro deck we are seeing are basically the same for so many years now and it’s tedious (aside from DH because of it being relatively new). 

    Aggro will always be relevant it’s true but I really hate when you try playing around with cool fun decks in casual and there are knobs playing face Hunter or aggro DH...I don’t think anything grinds my shit more than queuing into Hunter with always the perfect curve and that stupid beast that summons a secret. I am a bad loser as it is, my nerves can’t take it 😂

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    posted a message on Im near level 30 and...
    Quote from MarchofTime >>

    With the old system you would only get 10 gold for an hours play 20 gold if your lucky

     Not if you’re playing aggro. However, it was still a terrible system. They both are lol. I’ve never really been too bothered about the free stuff personally since I buy things but I would very much like this game to be more affordable and I feel bad for the people who cannot afford the game and rely on free to play rewards. 

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    posted a message on Im near level 30 and...

    What I find amusing is the battlepass system. I bought it for the skins but there’s like 3 Jaina and 3 Thrall, is that normal? Most annoying that they didn’t have any different emotes either :( 

    On a positive note I do love the new Warrior skin tho! 

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    posted a message on Done with this cashgrab greed
    Quote from P4dge >>
    Quote from Krewger85 >>

    Fuck me this community is toxic, if the boy wants to speak, let him speak. Who are you to judge on what he finds fair or not? You should be with him (at least regarding the Blizzard greed), the cost of this game is insanely expensive and the more people speaking against it the better chance of positive changes. 

    OK... first of all, you can't start your post with accusing someone of being toxic because they are telling someone what they should think and then in the very next sentence do exactly that yourself.. 

    And I don't know if you've ever regularly received or given feedback but positive changes come from engaging the other party. You don't bring people round to your way if thinking with a temper tantrum and there's been sooooo many tantrums that I think a good amount of people are just bored of it. This isn't an official Blizzard forum. Slandering a company for being greedy does nothing what so ever for "positive changes" 

    Stop enabling bad behaviour under the disingenuous guise that the person's intention is to actively discuss ways to improve the game. That can be done constructively, in a way that allows different opinions because that's how things improve.

    This is just the equivalent of a toddler throwing themselves to the floor and crying because they want ice cream.

    It's childish, there are multiple threads it could have been included in that are already saying the same thing. 

    And not everyone finds the game "insanely expensive". If you do, fine, that's you and your circumstances. I've said it before and I'll say it again..... I don't stand outside Starbucks crying about it being a waste of money or trying to convince people not to go in because I don't like it. I just don't go there. It's fine. I live life without any issues and spend that time on things I do like. 

    Yes, the community could come together and say "hey, this isn't working for us and is causing some people to leave the game. Here's some suggestions" 

    But no. It has to be "wa wa wa incompetent idiots" and the like. I don't know if you've ever been called an incompetent idiot by an online man child but I don't personally see it as a way to grab someone's attention and for them to think 'hey, there's a person I should listen to more"

    You lot just want your little toxic echo chambers. Where you can insult people and get angry like a little group of villagers about to go on a witch hunt. Regis and Dekkster both made perfectly calm and reasonable videos that point out concerns with the pass. It's that type of coverage that will likely get some changes, not some man children on an unofficial forum spamming insults at a company. 

     Way too much waffle for me to engage with you fully. He’s entitled to his opinion. I’m sticking up for him because I want a cheaper game since I spend about £1000 a year on Hearthstone. Your comments are rather futile since most people would like it to be far cheaper. 

    Maybe you enjoy spending that much on a single game per year? 

    I did read a bit of your last sentence and judging by it seems like it’s you who has some kind of mental deranged anger issues cause you don’t like others people opinions. I feel sorry for your family having to deal with your tantrums! 

    Bye Felicia! 

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