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    Raza priest is one of the best decks in wild as previous posters stated, and while powerful, it isn't as straightforward as people think, yes you almost autowin against slow control decks, but "wild", "viable" and "slow" really don't go together in the same sentence unless odd warior is involved

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    Quote from Infester >>

    Am I less of a bad person if I only play whirlkick rogue? I really only have rogue, hunter, and shaman cards. I don't like the highlander hunter and I don't have cards for meme hunter decks. Shaman is all aggro too unless I want to play a meme deck. And I don't think I'm good enough to get to legend playing meme decks against all of those aggro rogues lol. Maybe I could but it would take forever.

    I don't even like to play the aggro rogue anyways. Yea I suppose it's good. But I feel like I win at a higher rate with whirlkick rogue. Maybe I'm bad at the aggro deck or something, but there's so many decks that I just feel like I auto lose to. Token druid, warrior, that new mage deck with spell damage and tons of spells absolutely wrecks the deck and there's tons of those mages on the ladder. I also don't like losing once someone puts up a taunt or does some lifesteal shenanigans like the combo DH deck. I just hate games where I lose due to luck of the draw. That's why I play whirlkick rogue. I like to have that potential to puzzle my way through any matchup and find different ways to win. I feel like whirlkick is a way better deck.

    It annoys me to play vs the aggro rogue all the time too, but I can beat it with whirlkick so it's all good.

    But still, do I count as an annoying rogue player playing whirlkick? lol

     no not really, you aren't a bad person, i've been saying this forever, while hearthstone isn't expensive to be competitive in (you only need a good deck composed of 30 cards to compete) it's expensive if you want to play multiple decks or meme, if you're either a f2p or just can't afford a lot of packs then the sensible move is to actually play what you can afford.

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    Quote from guyopt >>
    Quote from ArcyroX >>

    I been trying to find a big priest counter in wild. decklist please?

     kings-bane rogue with double sap is a good counter.

    or a combo burn deck like Raza priest, Mozaki mage or Malygos Aviana druid.


     This, i've been playing a lot of BP to both learn the matchup, i'm less than 100 wind away from golden priest and because i hate aggro, which the deck is really good against and i can tell you that the matchup against king'sbane with double sap or Raza priest are things that tend to destroy the deck

    I'm on the fence about Mozaki mage or Aviana Druid, though, while a Mozaki Combo is good against BP because it doesn't get stopped by taunts, BP gets in the board early enough, making it hard to handle for the Mozaki mage sometimes,  

    Aviana Druid literally depens of if and when the druid draws his psychmelon  and what he gets with it, now that Kun and Aviana are 10 cost cards the druid relies on getting one of them naturally as well as the lightning bloom.

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    Quote from b1ak1ce >>
    Quote from Vapiesh_2137 >>

    why would you play nozdormu? it doesnt even make any sense

    knowing why is what separates the plebians from the patricians. You gotta know to know, yah know?

     Dude, why would you call yourself a plebeian in a public forum? you should get those self-esteem issues checked dude.

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    Quote from LazySnorlax >>

     How can Taelan be resurrected by Nzoth when it doesn't have a minion tribe type?


    edit: well since the image isn't working, N'Zoth, the Corruptor
    If wou're wondering why we're talking about wild cards here, it's because this is the wild forum

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    Even Paladin is back!

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    can't read capital letters, it has to be in BOTH players decks, i want to take my time with my turns so i won't run it and the effect won't activate.

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    the following happens: they get the buffed version.

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    What if you luck out and you draw a lab partner after this dies?, that's basically a 1mana spelldamage+3

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    which is good, charge is a very hard to balance mechanic which has a very high risk of being really toxic and unhealthy

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    Usually if i am below tier 4 before i hit 9 gold i go for top4 so yeah, around 8-9 when  you get your first t4 triple into a solid build-enabling t5 minion 

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    Good catch!, hadn't realized that they finally  buffed it to what it should've been in the first place

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    Ehh, Madam Goya didn't see play  and Dr.Morrigan even got buffed and didn't see play, i don't know how vol'jin would be any better than those two, specially since the 0 mana card wouldn't have any uses other than the combo...which is not ideal in combo decks.

    Specifically, good combos need to be able to just play their pieces as average to decent  standalone cards  in matchups where it isn't possible to assemble the combo.

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    After prepping the coin of course

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    why not Grand Finale, lt's cheap, you already play a bunch of elementals and even have confection cyclone

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