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    Snake Trap is a must in this kind of a deck. Also, spellstone is the best way of generating tempo for hunter right now cuz playing cheap beasts on curve (like mole+adapt+whatever) does literaly nothing against druid or warlock right now. Playing spellstone is better even in aggro matchups.

    + stitched tracker is a must for finding cauldrons. SO spellstone + snaketrap build is also better this way, because you also may include less minions thus finding your cauldrons with trackers easier.

    TL;DR: too lazy build.

     The idea is fun though and i like cauldrons a lot

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    Please, stop.

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    yeah, i just figured out some similiar build, but i prefer double highmane instead of charged devilsaurs and flanking strike over kill command, it's just so much better tempo for defensive/lategame deck. As for secrets i use double snake, double explosive and double monster, i found that this combination just wrecks the paladins and other aggro, and freezing traps are kinda useless without early game board control/presence.

    This deck is also so well structured - it basicaly consists of 3 modules - spellstone package, healing package and lategame package, it is realy easy to tweak and have a very clean game plan.

    Anyway, glad that someone else figured this even before me. The deck is sweet and i like hunter :D

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    youre wrong. This deck has lot of cheap spells, you better keep antonidas' fireballs and burn other cards from aluneth draw. Alunet gives you fast cycle to Antony, then you just close the game.

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    i kinda like it, in most cases just better Piloted Shredder and that card was damn good. But nothing too crazy

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    godlike tier

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    You can protect Dire Wolf Alpha with it

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    kinda weak body, even Counterspell or Spellbender not worth it to protect this 2/2 on board.

    Also pretty high mana cost, potentialy bad when playing elementals on curve.

    Discover option is what makes it strong


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    Ice Block mage in wild tho..

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