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    posted a message on New Shaman Spell - Big Bad Voodoo

    Is it better than  Ancestral Spirit? i don't think so..

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    posted a message on Possible Expansion Teaser! A Red Parrot Has Appeared

    I have MSoG PTSD

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    posted a message on October Card Nerfs Are Now Live!

    Finally my "don't dust golden cards" policy pays off, got 800 dust from 2 golden mana wyrms :)

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    posted a message on Aviana+Kun is a problem
    Quote from FirePalyHSplayer >>
    Quote from SlydE >>

    1: I hope we never get to the point of power creep when Aviana+Kun combos are obsolete. The combo is pretty damn nuts, and has a wide variety of uses. You could probably even make a decent C'thun deck around it...

    2: Druid pushes a lot of other control an combo decks away from the Wild meta, and makes faster decks which prey on them shine. At some point, I think a changeup is healthy, even in Wild.

     Druid pushes other decks away that are not worth being in the meta. Reno decks have significant chance against snything. Im recently playing Dragon Control Arcibishop Priest and I haven't lost a single game agaist Druid yet. It is not like Wild meta is warping around them. Wild meta rn have fair amount of Fast and Mid game decks, Control decks and Combo decks too. The only problematic Aviana+Kun interaction is Star Aligner Druid(Here is my point of view) . Other versions are powerfull but not close to Tier S

    I don't see any reason why Star Aligner is better than Togwaggle, the Star Aligner combo require much more combo pieces and you can't even use Oaken Summons because of all the 3-4 mana combo pieces to thin your deck and battle aggro, Togwaggle only need 4 combo pieces and Juicy Psychmelon draw all of them (it's almost impossible to not get the combo by the time you get to 10 mana).

    Togwaggle might be slightly weaker to hand disruption cards but the only classes that even run those cards are warlocks and warriors, and even than they must hit togwaggle or have less than 6 cards for the rest of the game.

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    posted a message on Blast Dr.Boom Lethal Level 3/4 Northshire Cleric Shenanigans - Need Help

    1. 1/2 shuffle 2 northshires

    2. archer ping sylvanas

    3. power word shield archer

    4. play northshire

    5. hero power sylvanas

    6. play northshire

    7. refresh mana

    8. swap boards

    9. play the pyro

    10. treachery the northshire

    1. play the 3/3 fungle

    12. binding heal the 1/1

    13. circle of healing

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    posted a message on Is anyone else stuck on this puzzle?

    Try to kill the belcher with both dread corasair.


    Quote from TheGfom >>

    i'm stuck on the one after that... northshire cleric puzzle is INSANE

     Yea, i'm stuck in the northshire one too, you need to force 30 card draws, the highest i got was something like 27 :(

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    posted a message on am i ******** or is this puzzle unsolveable?
    Quote from AsianInvasion >>

    Still ended up 1-2 damage short...not sure what I'm doing wrong. D:

    Not sure if that's what i did (i can't go back to this puzzle) but if i remember correctly:

    1. play commander, berserker and winaxe

    2. kill belcher with both dread corsairs

    4. kill slime with patron

    5. whirlwind

    6. slam a 3/3 patron

    7. attack face with everything

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    posted a message on am i ******** or is this puzzle unsolveable?

    The real question is how to beat the Patron lethal.. i'm stuck on it for like 20 minutes now QQ

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    posted a message on Initial Crafting Advice For Legendary Cards In The Boomsday Project


    How this list can be taken seriously when Harbinger Celestia, probably the worse legendary in the set, with ZERO playability potential is in 'Niche' tier, but the priest's legendary cards, that has SOME potential (even if now they are not being played) to be good in the future is in the 'Trash' tier.

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    posted a message on Playing magnetic cards on the phone is AWFUL

    You don't have to put the magnetic card on top of the mech on the board, just put it next to it on the left.

    Saying that magnetic is hard to play on phones is like saying that Flametongue Totem is hard to play on phones.

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