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    Blizzard tired of dragon priest, so they're pushing deathrattle priest with OP cards.

    Seems legit :P

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    Why would you even want to dust reno and thaurissan?

    They enable so many decks that it make no sense to dust them.

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    Quote from Mcnuggets13 >>

    You do understand how averages work right? While you may be one of the few on either side of the curve, a vast majority regardless of skill sit in middle of that curve and it is for them that the game gets frustrating and boring. If you play your deck long enough the law of averages will catch up to you. Your anecdotal experience means nothing in the bigger picture.

     It's exactly the opposite, by having global winrate close to 50% for all decks, you are free to choose whatever deck you want to play without being "penalized" for not picking one of the high winrate decks.
    In fact decks with winrate higher then 50% promote a stale and boring meta,  it force people to play those decks or direct counter to those decks and nothing else.
    A skilled player can get average winrate higher then 50% if he use a 50% global winrate deck easily, but a bad player will get average winrate higher then 50% only if he use a deck with global winrate higher then 50%,then how having all decks close to 50% global winrate is a bad thing?
    Picking a 50%+ global winrate deck doesn't make you "skilled", you're simply exploit an imbalance in the game.
    For example grim patron warrior had high global winrate in tournaments, so it forced every player that wants to actually win the tournament to bring GPW, but since everybody brought GPW you had to also bring handlock to counter it, so we got boring tournaments that all the participants played the same 3-4 decks.
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