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    posted a message on Am i the only one here not having fun?

    High ranking play not getting changed up is really a let down. The tech that would work against paladin is useless against warlock, and you can't not prepare for warlock when it's 50% of the decks. I'd really like to see some new cards, but this meta feels exactly as it did 2 months ago. That's pretty frustrating. I'm tired of playing Cube lock just to compete. Like there isn't a choice, If I want to be good that's what I got to do, and then if I want to win the mirror match I have to run cards that are too slow against paladin, and if I run cards that are strong against paladin I'm worse against other warlocks.

    I teched in a Twisting Nether and a Curse of Weakness. They are basically the only two slots in my list I can play with. I want more decisions than this. In short, no I'm not having very much fun.


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    Quote from skorpionex >>

    Turn 4 - Saronite Chain Gang
    Turn 5 - Nightblade
    Turn 6 - Grumble, Worldshaker
    Turn 9 - Shabberwock - it copies himself, deals dmg and bounces back his copy to hand (with 1 mana cost)
    Turn 10 - play 1 mana copy, repeat until victory

     If that is legit possible, that is just brutal. It's going to start giving you copies of one cost Chain gangs. Jesus that's broken.
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    That doesn't work like you think it does.

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    Cause you know, all those games sleepy dragon just wins it.

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    This card is bad value period. Overload synergy for low cost is it's only redeeming quality, and you may end up shooting the minion you want to pump just to get face damage. It makes no sense why this can't hit face - it's 2 damage ...

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    I'm truly wondering what the hell is going on with Warlock. Are we unwittingly testing ground for what are the strongest forms of mass board clear/control effects? Do they figure if they just put all their ideas in one class then they can see which are strong or not and how to translate that to the other classes? 

    The amount of things that affect the mass board state just keep growing, while not a single other class gets something that's relevant or competitive on this level.

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    posted a message on A really ODD Oakheart Taunt Druid [WIP]

    I don't know what to feel about Gloom Stag. I was toying around with this idea too. The thing I hate is that Witching Hour and Hadronox bring it back as a 2/6 Taunt. That's not super value for the hour. 

    Another interesting interaction - and this seems counter intuitive but with Witchwood Grizzly and Hadronox being the only beasts, you guarantee a much better Witching Hour when you cast it.

    I don't like Starfall. Fatespinner just seems strictly better if you can play around it. Not a good enough way to amp the damage on Starfall.

    I think Stonehill Defender is missing. This is the only way to get chance access to some powerful even costed Taunt minions like Lich King that will make your Hadronox really pack a punch.

    Only other thing is you are really heavy on 5 drops. More 3 drops allows you to play around the curve better.


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    Def Missing Vivid Nightmare from the reveal today and I feel like Stonehill Defender is an auto-include in this deck concept. 

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