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    posted a message on Legend Secret Mage + GUIDE

    Hey thank you so much for this deck.

    The addition of smuggler is really good. got me out of so many sticky spots and netherwind portals are great. This deck really helped me climb.

    keep it up man. great effort. cheers! :)

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    posted a message on Dragon Handlock

    Hey I would suggest you to wait.

    Many are arguing that valdris is overhyped and the other would be better overall.  the argument is that it may boost ur hand and give u cards but a 4/4 for 7 mana may set u back on tempo. not sure though.

    the best decision would be to wait and not craft until the meta settles down.

    good luck :)

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    posted a message on Brian Kibler's control warrior

    yea but its currently in standard.

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    posted a message on KRIPP The Scales Paladin

    hey guys i was trying this deck with rebuke. tip the scales and rebuke together helps alot as i was facing alot of mages and warlocks at rank 11. Just a suggestion to whoever needs extra board protection. it works.

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    posted a message on When Rogue Will Get A Broken Card?

     Well after ungoro quest rogue was so broken, it ruled the meta till the nerf and it still comes back up from time to time. It has been nerfed twice and then faced an indirect nerf with the gigling inventor and thats just one. Prep is still such an op card. And not to forget kingsbane was so broken. The kingsbane mill deck could beat anything and is still very strong in wild.

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    posted a message on [Wild Guide] MillZoth Rogue (legend)

    i am not really sure about  this but firstly u have to shadowstep nzoth and then play it along with gang up/ lab recruiter. assuming the opponent doesnt kill all the shuffled nzoth when played u can use lab recruiters to shuffle more lab recruiters and n/zoths in ur deck.

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    posted a message on [Legend] Wild Togwaggle Druid 74% WIN RATE!

    hey , excellent effort. i love togwaggle decks.

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    posted a message on Cubelock Players?

    Hey guys i i never had the chance to play cubelock during knc. But now i wana play it..but before that i wanted to know if its still strong and worth investing in as i am missing the weapon and now lord godfrey is in the list as well

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    posted a message on Witchwood Cube Warlock

    That was not my question..i know that the weapon is a core part of cubelock. I was asking if cubelock will still be strong in this meta as new  decks are coming and cubelock has lost n'zoth? Is it ok to invest in that deck?

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    posted a message on Witchwood Cube Warlock

    Hey Americano_Boss, thank you so much for the deck. i wanted to always try cubelock but never had the dust.. now i do.

    guys would u  recommend crafting the skull (thats the only piece i am missing) .. as its a new expansion ppl always wait ... but i think cubelock will still be viable...what do u guys think? is it safe to invest in cubelock?

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    posted a message on Zalae's Cubelock ft. Lord Godfrey

    hey thank you so much for the deck. is lord godfrey really required?.. i can craft him but have doubts regarding that cards presence...i mean is it a really an important addition?

    and is it  ok to invest in cubelock? u guys think it'll still be viable?

    i am asking because i never had the dust to craft the weapon which is  the only card i am missing along with lord godfrey. but i have enough to craft both now

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    posted a message on Which nerfed card is dead and which one is still viable and why ?

    well i feel that Patches is still ok in tempo rogue if not drawn. 1 mana 2/2 or 3/3 pulled out for free is still not that bad (have to consider that it still thins out your deck).

    As for Creeper i only found use for it in evolve shaman as it can still be a free 7 cost minion that can be evolved into good 8 cost minions and more.

    Bonemare is still fine considering its late game value

    as for Raza, i think it was a good nerf as now priest cannot just burst you down in one turn.

    this is my opinion.

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    posted a message on What is your all-time favorite card?

    i began playing after ungoro and Medivh has to be my all time favorite one. "So kind of you to join me."

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    posted a message on What is your all-time most HATED card?

    Spreading plague, hate that card. so annoying even after the nerf!..lol

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    posted a message on can't pass 19 rank (stuck on 20 most of the time) :(
    Quote from reallukx >>

    I'm quite new to this game and the highest I got is rank 19 with 2 stars with Doctor Draw Priest. Can you recommend any cheap decks and class to get pass 19 (15 would be awesome). http://www.hearthpwn.com/members/reallukx/collection

    I got only 135 dust left for crafting.


     Hey welcome to hearthstone.
    i was in the exact same spot when i began playing. i actually found the trump teachings video series on youtube and used those decks to  grind daily quests and ladder. These videos also taught me all the basic concepts of the game and i would recommend you watch them.
    In my opinion your actually doing great if your able to get to rank 19. But you should focus more on increasing your collection and grinding gold rather than ladder in my opinion.I would recommend you complete all the daily and early game quests like getting all your heroes to level 10 and beating all classes in the practice mode( these will give you alot of gold and all the basic class cards). There are many others secret quests which you can google as well. Increase your collection by getting packs.
    Also get the free death knight in the knights of the frozen throne solo adventure and get 10 packs of each set as you are guaranteed a legendary from the first 10 packs.
    As for ladder , with the current amount of dust you have i don't think you'll able to craft a complete deck. I obviously do not know what you have as i cannot view collection but mid range hunter and zoo are the best starter decks.They are fairly cheap and will get u up on ladder. i began with mid range hunter and got to rank 10 when i got the complete deck. you can find the lists in  the budget deck section.
    hope that helps and all the best :)
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