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[Wild Guide] MillZoth Rogue (legend)

  • Last updated Apr 18, 2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mill Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 7460
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/6/2018 (Boomsday)
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April 18th:

I didn't have a lot of time to play lately and all I did was putting in a scheme for one copy of gang-up. The meta did not change too much but the Big Warlock brings a deck which can outtempo you and you should always keep vanish now when facing a Warlock and Vargoth gives Big Priest a cheap and dangerous minion making the a highly favourite matchup for us a bit harder.
Maybe somebody has better ideas and more time and can give advices to us Mill'Zoth players :-)
Wishing you all a good time burning cards!

February 17th:

First time top 100 legend with this list :-)


Update February 16th 2019

Hello friends, I came back for some updates as there are still people writing me PMs about the list and it is actually the 4th most played rogue list on ladder now, yay :-)
I will keep the texts that are still making sense and replace some matchups texts. Greetings, HackFin

At the moment I am testing a few replacements. So far the best feels to have that one Gluttonous Ooze for the Rotten Applebaum, because it is only three mana and helps against most aggressive decks and also deals with CubeLock which is still around.

This month I went 31-25 with MillZoth between rank 4 and legend (I rotated decks of RenoLock, MechaThunLock, and few games of Jade Druid and Odd Warrior) :

Some notes on the data: It looks like quite a few people keep shadowstep, gang up and lab recruiter in the starting hand. The only matchups that can make sense is against warlock, priest and maybe druid and also only if you already got your coldlight oracle. Given how rarely these requirements are met the percentage looks far too high. Especially for lab recruiter, which is pretty much only in the deck for the infinite late game and very seldom to shuffle your first oracle.
Another hint on a mistake I saw in some replays: NEVER play deathlord early against big priests! As this is a more complicated deck the risk of brain farts is high ;)

Feel free to share your experiences!

Replays of rank 1 5 stars into legend games:
November 2018:
February 2019:

Hello folks,

I am HackFin from EU and I started HS in March 2016. I reach legend (in standard mode) like every second or third month depending on the spare time I got.
Wild mode is my playground when I am not up for hardcore laddering in standard. Here I test fun decks and go for different homebrew decks. I remember watching Savjz in 2016 playing a Mill Rogue in standard and I enjoyed it so much that I keep making variations of this deck since then and I posted one of the lists here and now it was time for an update :)

MillZoth Rogue
A deck revolving around either milling with Coldlight Oracle or infinite board refill with N'Zoth, the Corruptor

This deck combines two strategies in the old known mill rogue. With this version, thanks to lab recruiter with DK, you can outvalue any deck out there now with shuffling up to infinite numbers of N'Zoth in your deck.

This season I went from rank 9 to 5 with a 62% winrate. (including a lucky streak in the end against three druids).
Getting harder after that of course - but it is mostly because the high number of even shamans and the occasional odd rogues. The other matchups are all positive so far (even hunter, because you can outvalue Rexxar).

If I find the time I can write a small guide. I did^^


Very nice that some people already upvoted, I appreciate it a lot!

Matchups and mulligans

Druid (medium):

I have to change this matchup because now there are some token druid around that can be really quick and kill you too fast. But all the slower druids are easy fodder for us now.
Mulligan for: Backstab, Fan of Knives, Coldlight Oracle, Deathlord and also keep Doomsayer because it is not terrible against their early drops and just in case it is an aggressive druid you really want that.
Okay to keep: Elven Minstrel

Example how to win against (pretty much any) combo druid: https://hsreplay.net/replay/dDSGUuW899usK2ktLfSVj7

Hunter (slightly unfavoured):

I changed this to slightly unfavoured because I mostly faced aggressive mech hunters lately and their damage output is quite high. If there were less of these hunter is pretty balanced and even favoured when you the midrange decks.
Your game plan is to put as many taunts as possible in theirs way and keep searching for your N'Zoth, which usually finishes these games. If they got their Rexxar rolling you should try everything to use Shadowstep on N'Zoth (which is a plan for all the value matchups).

Mulligan for: Doomsayer, Backstab, Deathlord, Mistress of Mixtures and also Fan of Knives.
Okay to keep: Elven Minstrel

Example how to win against secret hunter: https://hsreplay.net/replay/uwKRmQuQLG7Yo6F7yAEyE8

Mage (unfavoured against tempo, highly favoured against control):

The Mana Wyrm nerf helps, but the tempo mages are still around and they hurt. If you face a Reno or Big mage you are good and should win.
So you should always expect tempo.
Mulligan for: Deathlord and Backstab and pray.
In one game I made it to N'zoth and it was amazing, but usually you die before turn 10.

Example how to win against tempo mage: https://hsreplay.net/replay/6qP4YuYXHA82Eo6ZeZeW2U

Paladin (mostly favoured):

You don't find many paladins at the moment.  I went 5-1 8-1 so far, but it feels kind of wrong that this deck is heavily favoured against odd paladin. Need to test this more.
But what I can say already is that Doomsayers improve this matchup a lot! And Fan of Knives of course.
-> Update February 2019: The matchup is favoured. All my stats tell me that they have little chance if you make sure that they don't get they value turn 5.

Mulligan for: Fan of Knives, Mistress of Mixtures, Doomsayer and Backstab
Against aggressive paladins you win once N'Zoth comes down or if they draw so much you can even mill them to death before turn 10 sometimes.

Example how to win against odd paladin: https://hsreplay.net/replay/MFqtJRpSoa7TgiGP2qvoYL

Priest (favoured):

Like 90% of the priests are big priests so I stick to the "favoured".
As long as they don't get Barnes into Ysharrj you just keep milling them while making sure to get Sap and Vanish. Just never kill Ragnaros and you should be fine.
Update February 2019: Now with Reno Priest around it is even better - MillZoth crushes Priest!

If you have to go for board make sure you Shadowstep your N'Zoth ;)
At the moment I am 12-5 against priest. And one loss was against a Velen + Malygos combo priest.

Example how to win against big priest: https://hsreplay.net/replay/M6Lk8tVe9XSxhncZyoGTYQ

Rogue (unfavoured):

Update February 2019: Most Rogues are pirate kingsbane and their damage output can be insane. Deathlords, Fan of Knives, Backstab and then into Sludge Belcher is needed to stay alive - one of the main reasons why I am testing Gluttonous Ooze now. Interestingly I won two games today when they went very aggressively and milled their own deck and underestimated the mill damage :-D

Example how to win against odd rogue: https://hsreplay.net/replay/UCNAPhBsKySFVd7Um6RULA

Shaman (slightly unfavoured):

Update February 2019: At least their early damage potential decreased a little and give a tiny bit more breathing room., but it is still an unfavoured matchup.

Against even shaman you need the perfect curve and your Backstab from Doomsayer into Deathlord into more taunts and for the midgame you might need a Preperation plus Vanish. The problem is, even if you make it to N'Zoth there is Devolve.
Terrible matchup! Queue dodge it when you faced one - but there are many, which brings this decks winratio down a lot!
Mulligan for: Doomsayer, Deathlord and Backstab

Example how to win against even shaman: https://hsreplay.net/replay/zVUjgyuAdvKybRAwUpB2Mo

Warlock (highly favoured):

Reno and other control warlocks are really no problem, together with Shudderwock it is the easiest matchup. They very often surrender as soon as they realise you are mill rogue. Just make sure you can sap Mal'Ganis the turn you mill him them to death. It is the only card that can stop your lethal damage.

And then there is Zoo which is kind of the best among the bad tempo matchups. They usually can't deal with Doomsayer without using important ressources and don't have tools like devolve, so they lose once you get to your N'Zoth. I mean, it is still not a good matchup but much more doable than even shaman and odd rogue.

Example how to win against Reno Warlock: https://hsreplay.net/replay/3enBz47LVVq2EvnGChwdz3

Warrior (fairly favoured): (had to change this, because suddenly pirate warriors pop up more)
As there are barely any pirate warriors around this matchup is favoured. The control warriors can't win against the mill and also DMH is not saving them because they can't go infinite the way you can!
So even if there are not many pirate warriors you should still mulligan against them. Like the other tempo matchups you really want Doomsayer. Mistress of Mixtures, Deathlord and Backstab are the other cards you want to look for. If you got a Doomsayer and one of the other cards you can also keep one of your five mana taunts. But like all the other aggressive matchups this is looking mostly grim for you. My winrate is at 36% against pirate warrior.

Example how to win against pirate warrior: https://hsreplay.net/replay/sAfoAEwgPNqBkFHkTTA8Xc

The summary: Awesome against anything that can't kill you quickly and vulnerable to early damage. Sometimes I feel kind of bad to punish the control players and give wins to lame aggro players, but the deck is just so much fun to play and the pleasure when you win against aggro is even greater.

Cards to consider

February 2019: Gluttonous Ooze
At the moment my favoured addition. Can replace Rotten Applebaum, Deathlord, or Fan of Knives
February 2019: Walk the Plank
I tested it a little, but it didn't feel good enough, because there are not many even warlocks atm. Against them it is a really good card - and it is okay against even Shaman, but I also didn't find too many on ladder this month.

Azure Drake
pro: high quality card buffing your damage spells
con: another 5 mana card plus drawing cards, making the matchups weird when you want to get rid of hand cards (played it in a version without Elven Minstrel and with: Prince Valanar
pro: can be game winning against some aggro decks
con: you can't play Minstrels which are the best card draw rogue you can get. Furthermore I dies to Soulfire and against divine shield without healing you (and that happened far too often so I changed back to the Minstrel version)
Dark Iron Skulker
pro: clears totems and silver hand recruits
con: clunky in many matchups, board impact against odd shaman very often not enough and the odd paladin matchup is pretty good already anyways
Emperor Thaurissan
pro: really fun against control decks enabling some really early complete mill options
con: very often you just don't find the time to play it and against decks you can it is mostly just a win-more card. you can totally try it, it is insane fun, but makes your bad matchups even worse.
Unstable Ghoul
I must say I did not test it enough, but it is totally a reasonable card.
pro: Improves odd paladin matchup even more and is strong againt all the other aggressive matchups. can replace the Mistress of Mixtures or a version without Doomsayer
con: not easy to find a spot for it, but as I said, I didn't test it a lot.
Gang Up vs Lab Recruiter
Reason #1 for Gang-Up: You can not prep Lab Recruiter!
Reason #2: You don't really want to draw Lab Recruiters with Elven Minstrel against aggro.
Reason #3: You REALY can't prep Lab Recruiter (you will understand you important this can be when you played this for a bit)
Rotten Applebaum yes or no?
pro: yes it is mostly worse on turn 5 than Sludge Belcher, but it comes in handy in longer games when you desperately need a few more HP to survive after N'Zoth.
con: it makes the deck a bit more clunky and in some matchups (like mirror and Kingsbane) you  really want to get rid of hand cards)
Mistress of Mixtures
pro: good against early aggression, extra HP in late game and is a 1 mana activator for your minstrels
con: doesn't really help against even shaman because it dies without giving you any health against many things. zoo can use it as a heal activator.
pro: kills things.
con: what to replace? need activator. might find its home in a version without Doomsayer or only in the non-N'Zoth versions (but then Kingsbane is better anyways)

Unfortunately I don't really have the equipment for quality videos, but I hope the text help people pilot the deck.
Because I played a kind of Mill Rogue since nearly two years now I might forget some things in the guide - please leave me a comment when something is not clear!

Another thing: Try to not get frustrated when you get some games after another and you just can't do anything to win them. My winrate is below 60% now too - this is not a deck for a quick climb if you were looking for that ;)