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    posted a message on Leeroy is THE problem actually
    Quote from Kaladin >>
    Quote from hillandder >>
    Quote from Kaladin >>
    Quote from hillandder >>

    Charge in a game you can't act in opponent turn should never exists, all charges must be turned into rush.


    Why do you think it should not exist?  Do you also think burn spells "must" be changed so they can't target face?  

     Spells hitting face are fine, as long don't have many of them with insane damage for mana proportion, like 5 damage for only 2 manas and ways to get multiple copies, because the card was spend, a 3 manas 4/2 charge deal 4 damage in the turn was played and if opponent can't remove deal another 4 damage in next turns and so on... spells give damage 1 time and is gone.

     "Leeroy IS the problem" meanwhile Fireball costs 1 less and deals 1 more and is benefited from spell damage and you can run two of them. 

    Leeroy is not a problem in any other class besides Rogue.  IMO that means that certain Rogue cards should be looked at, not Leeroy. 

     I feel it's obvious the problem is evil miscreant, but I only see people complaining about cards that don't generate near infinite number of overpowered onedrops.

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!

    My dragon rush warrior just defeated a tanky control warrior in turn 10 with ACTUAL DAMAGE.

    Celebrations are in order.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.18 - Discussion Topic

    Well, this is the card that is currently locked in at hearthcards, so I might as well submit it!

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    I'm posting this here since people will direct me here anyway even though I'm not salty.

    But... Shouldn't Acidic Swamp Ooze be nerfed? It is entirely too strong for a tech option. Anyone who looks at this card can see that, right? 

    Gluttonous ooze was great, but mostly against aggro. It was also not part of the classic set. Harrison Jones is great, but only in a control deck. But acidic swamp ooze is just great all around.

    I always looked at this card thinking: something is just not right here. This basic card basicly makes any weapon removal obsolete. It can be run in any deck.

    It was only just now, when the opponent destroyed my weapon with this card while he still got to keep his, that it finally dawned on me. THIS CARD SHOULD DESTROY BOTH WEAPONS!! THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!

    Oh well, so maybe I am a little bit salty, but that's why I'm here and not posting another nerf thread in the cards forum.



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    posted a message on Is Archivist Elysiana a must have in any control deck at the moment? Or are there any alternatives?
    Quote from Ace100ace200 >>
    Quote from Lavok >>

    In control warrior you can run Mecha'thun and Galvanizer and save a shield slam to trigger it since you generally have more than enough armor in control mirrors to kill it.

     What if your opponent never plays any minion and you cannot play your brawl in order to have an empty hand before doing that? Could be a problem to be worth noting.

    Micro-Squad > Brawl > Zap Cannon

    What I like about Mecha'thun in warrior is that it is always a puzzle how to win depending on matchup.

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    posted a message on Bloodbloom's potential nerf and the impact on the wild meta

    Darkest Hour is a dangerous card. I predict this card will create a broken standard deck before it rotates out. Maybe even multiple ones, like the rogue quest did. But blood bloom IS ALSO problematic. And I honestly think it is the main offender. It limits design space severely. Could you imagine Ultimate Infestation in warlock, for example? Or even Dimensional Ripper? Cards have a certain mana cost for a reason, and cheating up to 8 mana is bound to create problems. Now and in the future.

    It is hard to fix, too. Changing one mana doesn't make much of a difference. I feel like the best fix would be if the card got worse exponentially as the mana cost increases. Maybe:

    0 mana: Spend all your mana crystals. You lose twice that much life, gain twice that many mana crystals this turn only. 

    In other words, you can cheat out only double the amount of mana you already have.

    • spend one mana: gain two mana crystals, lose two life. (bad innervate)
    • spend two mana: gain four mana crystals, lose four life. (Mecha'thun still intact)
    • etc.

    But that sounds a bit too complicated for hearthstone. Of course, this also works on minions, which opens a whole different can of worms.

    Another idea:

    0 mana: The next spell you cast this turn only costs half the mana, rounded up, but also costs health.

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    posted a message on Why are people defending Token Druid?

    Nothing wrong with token druid. It's easy to beat with plenty of decks. If you don't want to play those decks and hate to lose to token druid, that's your problem.

    I'm glad token druid is here. I'd hate to be in a meta where everyone plays the same archetype, and this meta has everything from aggro to control doing fine.

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    posted a message on Hand Druid - Need help reviving an old(er) archetype

    I always included Splintergraft in this deck to double up on giants.

    On the topic of giants: Consider Sea Giant as well (and Mulchmuncher as mentioned before).

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    posted a message on I discovered yet another good warrior deck.

    Deckbuilding is one of my favourite things. But I'm not generally succesfull with it.

    However, this deck has me on a big win streak at rank 10, so I feel this one is actually good. Better yet, it's very different from control warrior and bomb warrior. It involves a lot of minion combat, which I love. It crushes token druid, murloc shaman, spell mage and other aggressive decks,  can pressure most control decks except CW, and has akali and Dr. Boom as a backup plan. It's very fun.

    Try it out! And share your improvements!

    A whole new world
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    Minion (23) Ability (4) Weapon (2) Playable Hero (1)
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    What's especially cool is the Magic Carpet Spirit of the Rhino interaction. When you play spirit of the rhino AFTER magic carpet, it gets +1 attack, rush AND IMMUNE. Other onedrops also get immune when played with spirit and carpet. It's awesome.


    EDIT: Turns out it is really weak against decks that refuse to play any early game minions. Oh well.

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    posted a message on What's the dumbest addition in this expansion?

    Picked togwaggle's scheme, only because the actual dumbest card (Darkest Hour) was not on the list.


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    posted a message on Tips to all those crying about token druid OP
    Quote from Painkiller_1724 >>

    I'm a huge fan of token druid, now that it has viable options, people started complaining... C'mon, guys!! People were used to have a bunch of aoe  tools, now that only warriors can halt a game completely, there are threads to nerf Soul of the Forest and even Savage Roar!!! Thank God!! I'm having so much fun with this Year of the Dragon.

    About the thread: it is not that simple to counter this deck. As written above, if you run too many tech cards, then your deck will be a piece of [email protected]$t...

     Even Savage Roar? Know your history. There have been calls to nerf savage roar since the dawn of hearthstone. It used to be complained about more than Wild Growth and Nourish combined. It is only when druid moved away from the token/ midrange archetypes that it stoped and the call for nerfs moved to other problematic cards. 

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    posted a message on Tips to all those crying about token druid OP
    Quote from CoKrokToPrd >>
    Quote from Kwakdizzle >>


    Now with regards to your tips: Token druid summons well over 4 waves of minions if you don't estalbish enough tempo to stop them from being that. Putting in 6+ drops that deal with a single wave is not going to do it. Best way to prevent those waves is to be ahead on the board, in my experience.


    This is very true. Thats why i lose all my games as mage to token druids. Even when i discover cheap aoe clears like arcane explosion n stuff from Firewitch Treedoctor, or Magic Trick and i tech in blast wave as example i still lose. While removing i can barely build a board and then at some point comes the turn where he summons all those wisps or trees and gives them soul of the forest. From this point on its basicly pointelss to play, i just straight away concede...the cheap clears cant remove it and the bigger threats or clears just leave a full board from the deathrattle while i cant build any board.

    I guess as mage i would need to go freeze mage, but i dont like freeze mage...

    With my Dragonbomb warrior on the other hand i have 100% against token druids.

    Sadly as it usually is, i meet way more token druids with my mage :)

     That's why the actual counter to token druid is a board control deck that uses minions to control the board with only a few boardwipes to deal with wispering woods. And then you win the game before The Forest's Aid becomes relevant. 

    Decks that do this: Rush warrior (without the bomb bullshit), and I suspect there is a shaman and mage deck out there that can pull this off as well. I'm sure something can be done with hunter as well. 

    Edit: Note that you CAN run the bomb bullshit, I just think a deck without that is stronger against token druid speciffically. 

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    posted a message on Craft Ysera

    Ysera was one of my first crafts when I just started. No she doesn't always make it in your control deck, but I have personally used her more than other safe classic crafts like Harrison Jones and Bloodmage Thalnos.

    And I don't entirely agree with the Archivist Elysiana comparison, especially when it comes to the card's function. Ysera can win you games before you get into fatigue. I have already played her in several decks this season. Certainly has won me more games than elysiana, because every time it mattered, my opponent had elysiana too and I won/ lost purely on RNG.

    Not to mention, Ysera fits in multiple decks that elysiana definitely does not fit in right now: Big paladin, ramp druid (don't knock it until you've tried it) and dragon anything.

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    posted a message on Does Omega Devastator seem too pushed? I think the card is too good.

    They can leave it or they can remove the mech tag. I don't care much either way. Omega assembly will still give warrior other good mechs with rush, as will dr. Boom. It is just a piece of the puzzle.

    And on that subject, while the synergy is really good in warrior right now, we still can't be 100% sure that warrior will actually end up tier S. It probably will, but we don't know yet. 

    I know the control warrior build is rather easy to counter if it gets really good, and bomb warrior is also not that hard to counter, but you can still get unlucky, which is frustrating more than anything else.

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