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    posted a message on New Priest Spell - Lazul's Scheme
    • Neither Regenerate nor Topsy Turvy are leaving standard.
    • So priest is going to have FIVE 0 mana spells in standard.
    • Gadgetzan Auctioneer was not hall of famed.
    • Conclusion: This will see play in some kind of combo deck for sure.

    Thank god this says ËNEMY minion or we would have a three card OTK on our hands with mechat'hun.

    Edit: Well mechathun is still possible with shadow word: death and a brewmaster but that takes more setup.


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    posted a message on New Shaman Legendary - Swampqueen Hagatha
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    you guys are right, i dont know why i even bother anymore. 

    this card doesn't win you the game on the spot, therefore its 1600 dust and i dont know why i thought otherwise. 

    building your deck around shitty elementals that don't work and requiring set up > unconditional effect in a deck with actually good cards


     They'll figure it out eventually.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Spell - Togwaggle's Scheme
    Quote from badhank14 >>

    I don't like cards like this because it takes away one of the factors in the game like Fatigue.  This not only negates a way that control could win against Rogue, but it completely destroys some deck types entirely.

    Against control, you dont care about drawing 'dead' cards and holding onto them.  Most control decks cannot pressure you early.  Then when it gets to the late game and fatigue, you will never lose that match up.  You lose to combo decks, but that new card could be the one you keep shuffling into your deck.  Spellward Jeweler can be shuffled into your deck so that specific combo decks simply cannot beat you.

    Mecha'thun will still be an issue, which is why you shuffle in Mojomaster Zihi and you will not lose those matches either.

    I believe people do not understand this puts Rogue in a very strong position as the Combo and OTK killers in the format.  This is both good and bad.  That means Rogues will counter both control and combo decks in 1 card.

    It means it will lose to Aggro most likely and often.

     Well, Lab Recruiter already does that much better. 

    Also, fatigue is only a sub-type of control deck. I will not be sad if control decks actually need a win condition this year. And what rogue deck is going to win against midrange while also playing all the cards you mentioned? Rock-paper-scissors as always.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Legendary - Swampqueen Hagatha

    This reminds me of Kazakus, like, a lot. Seems insane to me. But you'll hear no complaints from me when the insane cards this expansion are value cards (and not of the infinite kind).

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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Spellward Jeweler

    Kobold Monk prevents about 6 damage.

    This prevents about infinity damage.

    No competition there.

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    posted a message on How was your Barwliseum experience? Post your results down below.

    Easy to get high wins, much easier than with other brawliseums. I ended up with more gold than I started with and got some free dust and a lot of packs on the way.


    Tradeoff: everyone was playing the same deck. Very boring.


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    posted a message on BY THE POWER OF RAGNAROS - Tavern Brawl #196

    Most fun brawl in a while. Tried a lot of decks. These three are really fun, and charge priest is actually good too.


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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    I'm so fucking sick of "midrange" hunter. Deathstalker Rexxar should have been nerfed ages ago and why Unleash the Hounds hasn't been hall of famed the first chance they got is beyond me. You want to counter them by playing stuff? Nope, won't work because of unleash. Counter them by playing boardwipes? Deathstalker Rexxar. It is fucking bullshit. Not to mention that if they ever run the risk of losing they ALWAYS get the EXACT zombeast they need to turn it around.

    What is so hard here? Just make sure a single class can't do FUCKING EVERYTHING. It's that simple. But they keep doing stupid shit like give druid insane armor gain or hunter card draw. STOP IT ALREADY AND KEEP CLASSES WEAKNESSES INTACT DAMNIT.


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    posted a message on Success with New Druid Archetypes?

    Well, I've been having fun with token mech druid. It comes as a surprise to most players and can win very quickly, but it's not really consistent.

    Key cards are Savage Roar, Branching Paths, Power of the Wild of to buff your minions, and Whirliglider, Replicating Menace, Explodinator and  Microtech Controller to make multiple minions at once. Then make sure you also have a couple of sturdy 1-drops like Mecharoo, Argent Squire and Dire Mole

    You can also include cards like Zilliax and Wargear, but they have not helped me much.

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!

    Don't try this at home:

    • Step one: Coin out alarm-o-bot against an unsuspecting warrior who did not keep shield slam against druid.
    • Step two: get a big wurm
    • Step three: Play alarm-o-bot again
    • Step four: Also get a warbear.
    • Step five: Never allow warrior to have more than 4 armor again.
    • Step six: profit.

    Yep, I did win that game. 


    TL:DR: who needs decent ramp cards in druid when they don't kill your alarm-o-bot.

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    posted a message on The Meme deck only - THREAD

    Bursty mech zoo
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    Minion (28) Ability (2)
    Loading Collection

    Here is my attempt. Mech zoo that has a lot of burst potential. You can play it as a normal zoo deck, using galvaniser to gain tempo. Galvanizer is best in warlock anyway since you can discount a lot more cards.

    But you can also set up a surprise burst combo. It is not an OTK, but since this is not a known deck it can come completely out of left field and win you the game anyway.

    • 3X Galvanize a Replicating Menace or Explodinator and a Harvest Golem using zola. Also hit two Mecharoo at least once. 
    • Play Blood Troll Sapper, all 4 mechs and defile. 
    • Replicating menace will deal 8 damage, 2x mecharoo and golem 4 each for a total of 20 damage
    • Explodinator will deal 10 damage, 2X mecharoo and golem 4 each for 22 damage

    So 20-22 possible damage total. 



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    posted a message on Hall of fame speculations April 2019


    It is insane that a class can't have any good spells above 3 mana just because this card exists. Time and time again they make abominations like Thistle Tea because of this card. THISTLE TEA WOULD HAVE BEEN BAD AT 5 MANA!!!

    Still mad about it apparently...


    EDIT: The problem with HOFing malygos is that it is really hard to replace. In order to make another malygos-like card, you'd basicly have to make another malygos. Malygos actually doesn't limit design space at all. Alexstrasza is a much worse offender in that regard, even though it has not been a big player in a while.


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    posted a message on Ban Mecha`Thun
    Quote from user-100326613 >>
    Quote from massmarines >>

    Do you mean Dirty Rat and for warlocks demonic project BrokenCycle?

    Or what other counters there are? (besides somehow Skulking Geist vs Druids)

     Mojomaster Zihi says hi

     Yes. Also keep a silence. They will be forced to either wait until they have 10 mana again, or play C'thun on turn 8 and pray you don't kill/ silence it. 

    Nerubian Unraveler can also counter C'thun but at the very least stalls it for a turn. The combo in both druid and warlock requires 10 mana and they both involve a spell.

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    posted a message on Why didn't rexxar got nerfed

    I am not playing standard because of this card. They should have nerfed it for the months it will still be in standard. I think it is that bad and I don't cry for nerfs often.

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    posted a message on Ban Mecha`Thun

    You can actually straight up counter C'thun. If it's really that bad run a counter.

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