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    Let's just say if you play this against aggro you win. But if you made it to turn 8 you probably won anyway. Then again you can play this on turn 6 with overloaded innervate.

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    I'm not sure how bad it is. It does generate two defensive minions that you don't have to put in your deck. Maybe for a recruit deck? Otherwise I don't know where this would fit.

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    Note: I already reported this for being in the wrong forum myself ;)

    So battlegrounds allows for an unlimited number of tribes now. So lets try undead!

    First of all, the undead will have their own keyword:

    Raise: When you have no more minions left with raise, ressurect all minions with raise. (Just once).

    It works like reborn, but delayed.

    Note, raised minions do not have buffed stats or abilities gained by battlecries.

    Tier 1:

    Skeleton. 1/1 Raise  (undead)

    Geist: 2/2 Receives no damage when attacking (undead)

    Tier 2:

    Bone golem: 3/3 Give a friendly undead +1/+1 (undead)

    Flesh beast: 3/1. Raise.  (undead)

    Tier 3:

    Baby lich: 1/1 raise. Deathrattle: give your undead +1/+1 (undead)

    Plague dog: 2/2 raise. When raised, gain poisonous. (undead)

    Gargoyle: 4/9 taunt. Can't attack (undead)

    Tier 4:

    Skeletal archer: 3/3, raise, Whenever a minion dies, gain +1/+1 (undead)

    Scourge Val'kyr: Battlecry: Give all undead +2/+2 (undead)

    Dark rider: 9/2: Overkill: gain a coin (undead)

    Tier 5:

    Banshee: 6/1 raise. When this is raised, deal 3 damage to all enemy minions (undead)

    Zombie: 5/5: Give a friendly undead "raise". If it already has raise, +3/+3 (undead)

    Tier 6:

     Necromancer: 0/13. Your minions do not lose raise when raised. (While this is alive) (NOT UNDEAD!)

    Skeletal devilsaur: 9/9 Whenever a minion dies, gain +2/+2 and attack a random enemy minion with less attack than this. (undead)




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    I mean, wild decks are definitely much, much stronger. No question about that, but the amount of OP decks is MUCH larger.

    For example, there are more flavours of midrange paladin than I can name, and all are good against something else. I'm really into pure dude paladin and even paladin right now. 

    But I feel this deck is more about the bevhaviour of the players... I don't know I've not run in much BM lateley. I play mostly wild but also standard seems pretty chill these days?

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Just get rid of Gentle Megasaur in battlegrounds already. No other minion type has access to both poisonous and divine shield and it just feels so unfair when it happens. It is not like murlocs are that risky a strategy to begin with. I propose a new minion that just gives all murlocs poisonous at tier 6. NO MORE POISONOUS DIVINE SHIELD MINIONS FUCK THAT OP SHIT.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Shifter zerus needs to be removed from battlegrounds. It either does nothing or fucks everyone in the lobby over. It's just not fun.

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    Quest paladin? How about questing quest libram paladin!

    Can't believe I actually pulled it off and won!

    (In case it's not clear how this works: you complete the quest, copy a bunch of Libram of Wisdom, play Questing Adventurer, copy questing adventurer each turn and play as many librams of wisdom as possible each turn)

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    posted a message on Why Blizzard can't just admit they screwed up?

    There really is no value in "admitting they screwed up." They are making attempts to balance the game further which is all they really need to do. 

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    posted a message on HSReplay: Zixor and Reliquary of Souls are UNDERwhelming ?!?!?!

    Hmmm... I got the priest and mage primes in a pack and I crafted the warrior and hunter prime.

    I played the hunter prime in quest hunter and it performed well synergising with every aspect of the deck (beast, rush, summoning multiple minions). At that time demon hunter was still unnerfed so it dit not amazing against that (though it could beat it) but it crushed most other things.

    Then I made a highlander version of quest and it performed even better. Zixxor is going to make it, I'm pretty certain of that.

    The mage prime felt insane too. It's simply better yogg if you get the prime. And the warrior one is just super solid on both parts of the card.

    The priest one? Yes. Disappointing. Mostly because priest lacks actual good buffst at the moment. Especially attack buffs which this card needs most.

    By the way random thought. Do you know which card suddenly became better in highlander? Body Wrapper. With the low cost high value prime cards, you have more options to shuffle something great in your deck early on. I shuffled either zeph or a prime in my deck on turn 4 a couple of times and got them back that same game to great effect. I can tell you, using zeph to clear a demon on turn 2 feels a lot less bad if you shuffle it back in on turn 4.

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    posted a message on Go ahead and balance DH's, but a couple of things...

    You can guarantee me with 100% certainty what Blizzard thinks? How?

    Also why SHOULD a cost reduction get priority over a cost increase, you are giving no argument why that is the case. You say it yourself, first the cost reduction is applied and then the outcast sets the cost back to one. But you say somehow the cost reduction should still take priority? The card becomes the right-most card in your hand only after it has already been drawn. Draw> set to 0 > becomes right most card > set to 1.

     I'm actually more curious what does and should happen if it stops being the right-most card after reduction, now that is actually an interesting debate.


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    posted a message on Go ahead and balance DH's, but a couple of things...

    Eye Beam is not a glaring issue and it never will be. The card states "outcast: this costs (1)". So obviously it should cost one when it is on the left or right. The druid legendary does the same thing. It makes Innervate cost 1. If you can't deal with a little anti synergy between two cards in the deck, then don't use them. It is still a full mana cheaper than Penance. So yeah you describing it as a glaring issue is kind of odd. I can only imagine you say that for the eye pun XD

    Being able to kill jarraxus with sac pact is just stupid and ruins a class legendary, so at least I agree with you on that.

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    posted a message on Best DH COUNTER Decks

    I've had some success with most highlander decks. 

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    posted a message on Demon Hunter Nerf Prediction
    Quote from RushingMonkey >>
    Quote from Ixlid >>
    Quote from RushingMonkey >>

    Skull at 7 is just unplayable. Reducing the Outcast discount to 2 or 1 would be okay.

    Aldrachi is a key card for surviving in the early game, 4 mana is too much because it means that by the time it comes down it will only clear leftover tokens or need its atk buffed by spending extra mana and possibily cards on it. 3 mana 2/2 maybe? In combo decks it's often used to attack face even on a cleared board just for heals and to bring them into OTK range (and because everybody is running Oozes now), so 1 less durability would solve the issue.

    Nerf to Eye Beam and Battlefiend are perfect as proposed.

    Skull of Gul'dan is way too overpowered and troubling that it offers Demon Hunter huge value, tempo and burst damage for only 5 mana, only nerfing its cost reduction won't solve the problem with its massive mana cheating. Nerfing it to 6 cost won't be enough that it's still dangerous and only 7 cost will nerf it into a safe power level.

    Aldrachi Warblades into 2 durability might be a good idea but won't solve its problem that it can still play Satyr Overseer and Glaivebound Adept on curve following it, which can be unhealthy for the long term since those 3 cards are all basic cards.

     7 mana is WAY too much for Skull. I agree that it's OP as it is, but it's mostly because of the cost reduction - when it's played without Outcast, it's just a decent drawing card, nothing more. At 7 mana it's just a worse Sprint with a VERY conditional upside. The card is OP right because when Outcasted at turn 5 or 6 it'll often either give you a good (sometimes very good) play on the same turn, or a massive play on the next, it's not just the drawing in itself. Nerfing the Outcast cost reduction would solve the issue.

    Drawing 3 for 5 is just plain good by itself.  Control warrior would play it all day every day, for example. If they want to put any cost reduction on it at all I think it should be 6 mana.

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    posted a message on Demon Hunter Nerf Prediction
    Quote from danklesminky >>
    Quote from Zerberster >>

    Don't think Twin Slice needs a nerf. Altruis definitely does. Maybe also Priestess.

    I'm not a fan of nerfing cards with unique effects. If hes a problem then nerf the cheap spells that enable him.

     That's the opposite of what you should do, if you have to nerf a whole bunch of cards to make one card not op, it should be clear what the problem is.

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    posted a message on Would You Like a 1-Class Ban in Ranked?

    No, I want a casual mode where you can ban classes, and more than just one. I have not touched casual in at least a year, that mode is totally useless.

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