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    Quote from lv426a11 >>

    I don't believe a lot of what Blizzard does has any notion of future releases in that sense (otherwise there's no way some cards would see the light of day).  That said, I don't think it's a terrible outcome that we have tech cards against these (or indeed any) type of decks.  I'm of the opinion that creates frustration in this game is the feeling that there's nothing you could have done a situation (e.g. the old Freeze mage before secrect removal was a thing).

    The tricky part for Blizzard is to make sure these cards aren't completely dead against the decks they work against, have enough of a downside that you wouldn't just auto include them regardless and (most importantly) they don't completely kill the deck they tech against.

    Using these metrics I would say BLA is a decent card - maybe a bit to close to a vanilla 3 drop with no downside (maybe should be a 3/3) but otherwise fine.  The decks impacted can still do their thing, but only once they've drawn the ducks!

     They work on 1-2 expansions into the future so this isn't really correct.  I think it't just a matter of not having an accurate way to predict a card's popularity within the meta.

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    Highlander decks play OP cards like Zephrys and Alex which gives extremaly high value. This decks need hard counter. For me Albatross is ok and does not deserve nerf. 

     They get these cards by sacrificing consistency.  That alone is a big handicap, they don't need one card shutting down a whole archtype.  Tech cards should be something to help your win rate against certain decks, not be like "Include this and auto win the game."

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    Blizzard has already stated in the past that they try to produce a even 50%ish winrate so I wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if there was some kind of shadow code in the draw engine than checks the board, your opponent, and the cards in your deck, and adjusts card odds based on your current win %.  There's an awful lot of weird instances of drawing that one card you need.  I find it weird how my decks suddenly get harder to pilot the moment I'm winning a lot.  Cards being buried in the bottom of my deck, opponent's consistently topdecking, etc.  This would also always ensure, to some extent, the presence of some sort of aggro style deck, because it's harder to gimp something with a low curve.  This is why zoolock is that annoying cockroach that just won't die.  Even if it's not "meta" it's always scurrying about on the ladder winning just enough to stay relevant.

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    Please for the love of god Make priestess of fury only able to hit minions.  Tired of that crap being slammed down on turn 5 for a fireball to my face.  I'm not surprised they're looking at albatross since it shuts down pretty much the entire mage class (Spell mage and highlander mage) and every other highlander deck.

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    Anyone complaining about this Frankly doesn’t understand the difference between a small play test team and a play test base of a few hundred thousand people.  I wouldn’t say they knew it would be busted, despite the on paper power level of some of the cards, because it’s very common for cards to be hailed as good or broken and then be total trash.  I wouldn’t be shocked if they wanted to see what the player base would do with and against Demon Hunter to fine tune the class more than they could on their own.

    The class has very obvious very exploitable weaknesses.  Any amount of healing and a big target are tough to handle.  We’ll see how these changes work out in the grand scheme of things.  I’m predicting a nerf to Priestess of Fury as well. It along with Antaen is a lot for any class to handle.  The 2 really shouldn’t be bale to go face with their abilities which would relegate them tmore of a control roll than a derpy face deck roll.

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    Playing a non aggro deck lol

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    Quote from MikaelThas >>

    Demon Hunter is tier S at this time. HS has never had a tier S deck. Never. That's why it's worrying, it's unhealthy for the game.

     This is straight up wrong lol

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    Quote from wg15 >>

    I am glad that I haven't spent a cent again for this piece of shit. Blizz is catering the stinking casuals with their brain capticity for maximum 6 turns. Just got easily OTK with a Kaelthas DH combo....

    Why is there an epidemy when the Dev Team ain't changing :(


     Nice I’m not the only one running that combo.  It’s not really an OTK at turn 6 though.  Max you can do reliably is 20 damage.  25 damage at turn 7 is where it caps without some SoG luck.

    I’ve been playing demonhunter and I was worried it would be super OP but it seems pretty beatable.  I’m sitting with like a 60% win rate.  Priest and warlock are tough matches.  I’m running a combo deck though.  Aggro demonhunter could be different story.  Haven’t played it or seen one, but there’s a lot of priests on the ladder so I have no desire to try.  I wanna try a control demon hunter list too.  It’s weakness is big minions.  Anything with more than 4-5 health is difficult to kill reliably.

    Seriously though guys it’s only been a couple hours, everyone is playing the new class and everything is super unrefined so we have no way of knowing what’s good right now.

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    Wow this system is amazing for new players.  Way better than I thought.  Damn.

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    posted a message on HSreplay now useless unless you pay

    I can’t tell if Sherman is a troll or just dumb...

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    posted a message on This new ranked system is a joke.
    Quote from Skelos_bg >>
    Quote from Aegis24 >>

     Your entire argument

    My argument is pretty clear and if you don't understand that you'll face easier opponents when losing MMR you are just brainstorming things in your posts.

    Quote from ManThighs >>

    People aren't going to just throw games

    Not until they understand this would be the fastest way to climb while on the bonus. It'll take time for sure, but I expect with each Season more and more people to make concede part of their climbing routine. And from there the natural continuation is the "co-op" scenario. We'll see, I am excited too about what this new ranking system will review about HS players psychology.

     You.  Can’t.  Tank.  Your.  MMR.  Blizzard has stated this, so unless you somehow magically understand the system, that blizzard keeps very secret from everyone, better than blizzard themself you’re just talking out your ass...

    Dude no one is gonna play your concede meta.  People don’t queue in to just concede they come to play.  Given the bonus system makes climbing so fast and win streaks speed that up trying to get this concede meta crap to stick is totally pointless.

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