The Definitive Guide to Hearthstone's Dungeon Run Mode

The Definitive Guide to Hearthstone's Dungeon Run Mode

This page is a huge work in progress.

What is Dungeon Run?

Dungeon Run is a new roguelike game mode added to Hearthstone in the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. Your goal is to make your way through a dungeon with randomized encounters using your chosen class and treasures you find along the way to defeat enemies that get in your way.

  • Dungeon Run is completely free to play and does not make use of your collection.
  • There are no rewards for completing dungeons outside of the card back for beating it with all 9 classes and introductory quests / a daily.
  • Once you lose to a boss, your run ends.

Here's some important things you need to know before starting.

  • All starter decks are predetermined sets of 10 cards.
  • After each win you will receive the option to pick between three bundles of three cards. This is how you'll build a different deck on each run.
  • After every other win, you will get to add a special, powerful treasure to your deck.
  • There are 48 bosses in total and you'll get to encounter 8 of them per run.

Below we've broken down the different parts of Dungeon Runs to better explain them.

Class Starting Decks

Each class has a predetermined starting deck consisting of both class cards and neutrals. The decks contain 10 cards each and consist of multiple themes from the class so you can take the decks anyway you feel fit without penalizing yourself. The following are the starting decks for each class.

Card Bundles

After each successful boss kill in your Dungeon Run, you will get to choose from 3 bundles of cards to add to your deck. Each bundle has a different theme to it and itself contains 3 cards that fit the theme. The game seemingly tries to give you at least one option that works with previously picked bundles to try and create a cohesive dungeon experience.

We've got a definitive list of all the card bundles in the game. You can check them out here.


There are two types of Treasures available to dungeoneers - Passive Treasures and Playable Treasures.

  • Passive Treasures are a bonus that becomes active as an aura once the game begins.
  • Playable Treasures are cards that are added to your deck and require mana to be played.

You will receive a treasure after defeating the first, third, fifth, and seventh bosses with the first treasure being a Passive treasure. The treasures alternate between Passive and Playable and you will have a guaranteed treasure pool of 4 should you make it to the eighth boss. You will get to choose which treasure you want to take with you via an interface much like discover with the treasures presented being randomly chosen.

Bosses Defeated Treasure Earned Total Treasures
1 Passive 1
3 Playable 2
5 Passive 3
7 Playable 4

Should you be lucky enough to encounter the Treasure Room boss, troves of treasure await you! Defeating the 0/10 Treasure Coffers spawned on the other side of the battlefield will reward you with an extra treasure for each coffer killed.

Below you will find all the treasures available to you, both Passive and Playable.

Passive Treasures





Playable Treasures









There are over 48 bosses available in the Dungeon Run mode (6 are repeats). Some bosses are able to be found on multiple levels of a dungeon but these levels are very clearly defined and not randomized.

We're working on getting boss guides put together as well, stay tuned.

  • Bosses that appear on level 1 or level 8 are unique encounters limited to those levels.
  • Bosses that appear on level 2 also are available on level 3, some even go to 5 and 6!
  • The most levels a boss can appear on is 4.
  • Each boss has a specific class they've been assigned, usually using cards from that class, which is handy to know for cards like Hallucination.
  • Some bosses are Rare which means we've seen them less than others. Some bosses may be rarer than rares.

All bosses found in Dungeon Run can be found down below. We show you which levels of dungeons they can be found on, the health they have at each level, and whether or not they are a rare encounter. 

Boss Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7 Lvl 8 Rare?
A. F. Kay       40         Rare
Azari, the Devourer               70  
Battlecrier Jin'zo       30 40        
Bink the Burglar 10                
Blackseed       30 40 50 60    
Brimstone Warden       30         Rare
Bristlesnarl           50 60    
Candlebeard   15 20     50 60    
Chronomancer Inara             50   Rare
Elder Brandlemar   15 20            
Elder Jari       30 40        
Frostfur   15 20            
Fungalmancer Flurgl       30 40        
George and Karl           60     Rare
Giant Rat 10                
Gnosh the Greatworm           40     Rare
Graves the Cleric   15 20            
Gutmook       30 40 50 60    
Ixlid         20 20     Rare
Jeeru             40   Rare
King Togwaggle               70  
Kraxx       30 40       Rare
Lava-Filled Chamber           50 60   Rare
Lyris the Wild Mage       30 40        
Mushhuckster Max       30 40        
Overseer Mogark   15 20     50 60    
Pathmaker Hamm   15 20     50 60    
Russell the Bard       30 40       Rare
Seriona   15 20            
Spiritspeaker Azun       30 40        
Tad           20     Rare
Thaddock the Thief       30 40        
The Darkness               70  
The Mothergloop           50 50   Rare
Trapped Room             40   Rare
Treasure Vault           0     Rare
Voodoomaster Vex           50 60    
Vustrasz the Ancient               70  
Waxmancer Sturmi       30 40 50 60    
Wee Whelp 10                
Whompwhisker        30 40       Rare
Xol the Unscathed               70  



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