Rastakhan's Rumble Run - A Hearthstone Single Player Experience

Rastakhan's Rumble Run - A Hearthstone Single Player Experience

Rumble run is single player content in Hearthstone. It was added during the Rastakhan's Rumble expansion which released in December 2018.

  • You start off each run a troll named Rikkar. You do not yet have an affiliation with a team (class).
  • You choose your team by picking a shrine from a random selection of three.
  • As you play through the mode and defeat the other teams, you will increase the size and power of yourself and deck.
  • Successfully completing a Rumble Run will reward you with a special card back.

What You'll Find In This Guide

We've prepared the following, easy to access information for you.

  • Information on each of the Rumble Run classes.
  • All the different treasures, teammates, and card bundles you can obtain.
  • All the bosses you will get a chance to fight. Decks pending additional investigation.

Rumble Run Class Information

Click on any of the images below to go to our dedicated pages for each of the classes featured in Rumble Run. You'll get to see an overview everything that class has to offer including shrines, decks, teammates, and card bundles.




Rumble Run Bosses

Each class is represented by a champion in Rumble Run. You, as Rikkar, must defeat all the enemy champions of other classes in order to be victorious. They all have normal hero powers for their classes so we have decided to not list them here.

  • Their health increases the deeper in to your run they are - only the first boss you encounter will have 10 health!
  • These heroes are all found in the collectible Rastakhan's Rumble set as legendary cards.




Rumble Run Shrines & Decks

Want to see all the shrines and decks in one easy place? We've got you covered!

Rumble Run Treasures & Teammates

See an overview of all the treasures and teammates you will encounter during your time in Rumble Run.

Rumble Run Card Bundles

An exhaustive listing all all of possible cards you can find in the bundles of cards presented at the completion of a boss. Don't go in to this deckbuilding challenge completely blind!


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