Want the Heroes of the Storm Card Back? The Requirements Have Changed!

Want the Heroes of the Storm Card Back? The Requirements Have Changed!

If you still haven't obtained the Heroes of the Storm card back, don't worry, it's still available! The recent update to the game which changed the leveling system, added in loot boxes, and revamped a lot of the interfaces, ninja-changed the requirements for the card back.

You now need to reach a combined level of 15 to unlock the card back.

This isn't very hard mind you. To get to level 15 you can play some games against the AI with all the current free heroes, leveling each one up a couple of times to reach level 15. Your total level is a sum of the levels of your heroes, minus their first level.

You can learn more about Heroes 2.0 on MMO-Champion or the Heroes blog.

The Heroes Card Back

What's all the fuss about? Check out the Heroes card back below.

Tips for Getting the Card Back Quickly

  • Play with a friend! Playing in a party gives you an experience bonus, up to 50% with a full group. (25% with only you and a friend)
  • Use a Stimpack - Stimpacks increase your experience gains by 100% and gold gains by 150%. If only we had those in Hearthstone.
  • Crush the AI - Pushing down a single lane with your whole team, if they're willing, makes for some really simple wins. 


  • You can get a 5 day Stimpack for free by signing up under a Recruit a Friend link. [North America] [Europe] [Asia]
  • Under the new system, reaching level 10 gives you a 7 Day Stimpack.
  • These can also be purchased in the in-game shop for real money / Gems.
  • Reaching level 5 gives you 1000 Gems, some of which you can use to buy a Stimpack.

Disclaimer: Those Recruit a Friend links go to my personal account. If you have a friend that plays Heroes already, ask them to recruit you instead!  Feel free to share your own RAF links below.

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