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(7-legend in 4 hours) Token Shaman

  • Last updated Aug 1, 2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Evolve Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 5260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/29/2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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Basic token shaman decklist, one change:

-1 doppelgangster, +1 Hex

Reason? Better and more consistent card vs big taunt minions.

This deck got me from 7-legend in 4 hours on 28/07/'17 with a winrate of 92% over those last 4 hours.

Proof of legend: http://imgur.com/a/4GWY6

Showcase video by a returning player at lower ranks, who is new to this deck:


KiwiNBacon's Showcase of this deck!



Pls take the time to read captions, had to do it through imgur cause hearthstats and hearthtracker dont synch. Ive counted the winrate manually, starting from the first game on the third day to the mage which was my final boss im counting at 36 wins 7 losses. This means 5,14 more wins than losses. this means winrate of 83,7. This IS a bit off from the first promised 92% decktracker showed me, so i will update this and apologize for the mistake. Nevertheless i hope you just realize the winrate is insane.

PROOF OF FINAL BOSS: http://imgur.com/gallery/FUWIi

Hope i can now shut all the critics up.

incoming hate: 'its not even a new deck just a slight change so whats the use showcasing it'. Its a video, its fun to watch, fuck off. In the last video you'll see how a hex is a really good card to keep pressure and not saving the second evolve for doppelgangster is also amazing, Kiwi didnt get any really good devolves but the overall stats were enough to keep punching away his taunt minions, if he hadnt evolved there he wouldve probably lost the board just by minion trades. I hope that game prove to alot of you that a tech card like Hex CAN be a gamebreaker or atleast a huge value play.

I want to help people get legend, SO:

5 upvotes: mulligan

10 upvotes: extended guide

This deck is probably the easiest and best out there, this was my first legend. And im a filthy casual player with 419 account total ranked wins.

Good luck!


YAY! 5 upvotes! Mulligan: Throw away anything above 4 mana - NEVER keep patches & bloodlust, Aya

Druid: Devolve if aggro, otherwise keep every minion below 4, keep jade lightning.

Hunter: Maelstrom portal, keep 1-drops if you have flametongue

Mage: Throw away devolve, keep every minion below 4, could try and keep Hex for Alextrasza, doomsayer or Antonidas

Paladin: Keep corsair, keep devolve, only keep flametongue if you have 1-drops

Priest: Who plays priest LOL? just keep everything that can make you snowball them and give em the D.

Rogue: keep maelstrom, primalfin, throw away devolve

Shaman: 95% of the time its mirror matchups so best draw kinda wins.

Warlock: you CAN keep devolve but its still better to have a good starting hand. Throw away defender, too weak stats vs zoo lock to stay on board.

Warrior: keep corsair, keep jade lightning, keep weapons, if pirate warrior keep maelstrom.


10 UPVOTES! Extended guide:

Ok so against any deck you're gonna look for value trades. If there are none, just hit face or try to set up a trade for next turn. Keep doing tempo plays like turn 1 corsair turn 2 flametongue to remove his 2-drop. Early board domination is your win condition. Cards like Primalfin, flametongue and your 1 drops are crucial for this. This deck has no big removes except hex, so if you fall behind early in the game you're probably done for. Proceed into making high value trades and set up a board for a bloodlust lethal. If you suspect your opponent has a board clear in hand, try not to vomit your hand on board. I usually only do the vomiting part right after he played his big remove. Keeping doppelganger evolve for after board clear is smart too.

Important details (classwise)

Druid: against aggro druids: i try to be really greedy with devolve. You can use it if he's about to take over the board, but devolving a living mana makes most druids concede.

Against Jades: he's gonna do most of the trading to avoid bloodlust lethal, just make obvious trades. Could Hex Aya, but best target to hex is Primordial Drake. Play around the swipes and the drake. Dont play around wrath, its not gamechanging. Most of the time he'll wrath a mana tide, primal or flametongue. Look for bloodlust lethal and keep his armor low.


Against hunters: Keep the board, any beast on board is a direct threat. Trade to keep his board clear and if you have a bloodlust in hand always count how much damage you can give. Doing a 15 dmg bloodlust is nice but if that means you have to leave his board intact, then don't. When playing stonehill defender, look for taunts like Sunwalker and Al'akir, or a Thing from below.


Against mages: Deal with his small minions, stay on board, play around secrets. Hex antonidas, alex or a doomsayer if your board is too big to give up. Watch out for counterspell while playing bloodlust! With Stonehill defender, if the match goes late game a Soggoth is a perfect drop against mages. They rarely have enough minions on board to deal with him right away.

Paladin: Same thing as with hunter, dont let his murlocs on board. Just keep removing them. Warleader is the first minion you should kill if he does keep a board. After that, tidecallers are a threat too. Deal with them after warleaders. Tirion loves the frog legs at the chinese takeaway, so a Hex is yummy in his tummy. 

Controladin: Play around his board clears, keep a strong board but dont vomit everything so you run out of steam after a pyro equality. Hex is still tirion's favorite. Be aware of a possible deathwing.

Priest; against control priest: watch out for dragonfires, most of the time if i get dragonfired i tend to vomit my hand and get back on board as agressively as possible. Watch out for the TKO. If he's building health on a minion, remove it or keep his health low.

Miracle priest; Same thing, just remove Lyra the second she enters the scene. That bitch can be a horror if she stays on board.

Rogue: Quest rogue: LOL who still plays that don't be silly

Miracle rogue: Can't devolve giants, hex is good for edwin or giants if you can't deal with them anytime soon. Keep removing Sherazin.

Shaman: as stated above, its almost always mirror matchups and like in any mirror matchup it just depends on who has the best starting hand OR can do the biggest gamechange play. Mirrors are boring af, but you know the minions in their deck and the plays he's capable of making. Keep removing his minions and hope you can out value him and stay on board for the bloodlust lethal or just make him run out of steam.

Warlock; KEK warlock isnt a thing anymore but hell rank floor shenanigans maybe? Clear the board. And you'll win. Warlocks suck.

Warrior; Pirate warrior; clear that damn board and look for taunts. Discovering an 8 mana Al'akir with your Stonehill defender is awesome, but going for such high mana costs against a pirate warrior is just stupid. Best picks are sunwalker or thing from below. If anything, more often than not i picked the sen'jin shieldmasta to play a taunt off the bat on turn 4.

Control warriors: frankly just hope he runs out of answers quickly.You have to either out value him turn in turn out or lethal him with bloodlust.

Quest warriors: Yeah well you're fucked. Just try the same thing as control warriors i guess. If he's scared or low hp maybe he won't use sulfuras. If he's at high hp with some board clear left and sulfuras used, i just concede.


I hope you like this deck as much as i do, and PLEASE keep upvoting, i would like to see this deck on frontpage! Good luck to you all!