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Dragon mage OP...easy climb

  • Last updated Jun 22, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 5920
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/5/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Hi all!! I am Uroshmeister and i present to you the ultimate dragon mage.

It is really strong in the current meta, pretty much there is no bad matchup. Your goal is to use dragon combo cards to gain control and once you get it, its pretty much easy to win. 

First of all, let me tell you this. I am playing hearthstone since the beta came out, and i guess when you play a game for a while it gets boring. I felt the same a couple months back. Same decks every day, same cards, same gameplay or no gameplay (huntards) and so i got bored of the game. And then a week ago, i saw Brian Kibbler playing this deck. At first sight i saw it has the pottential, but when i started playing it...WOW! The whole joy of playing this game came back again. I cannot explain how fun this deck can be, even when i'm losing i'm like: "ok, it was fun at least". I felt so good that i  needed to share this deck. I made a profile on hearthpwn just for it. I had to...

Card review: 

Zombie chow- Since this deck doesnt run mana wyrms for an obviuous reason, we need some kind of an early body to trade against aggro decks, and zombie chow is the best imo. Late game it can be a dead card but it doesnt need to be, the reason is that the point of this deck is not bursting your opponent down but controling the board, so even 5 health restoration isnt that bad if it leaves you with board control.

Mad scientist-we have secrets, sooo....also good for trading with aggro

Frostbolt- it can be used to kill early game minions, or to help deal with bigger targets late game. Almost never use it for face, except when you feel that you really need to stop that grim warrior combo or in other rare occasions (also for lethal, don't forget! :) ).

Counterspell- I find this secret really op, imo it's better than duplicate just because it can really mess up your opponents plan. Only time when its wasted is when the opponent has the coin or spare parts so try to play around them.

Ice barrier- 16 extra hp is huge, specially against huntards and zoo. Feel free to activate it anytime, cause there is no bad moment for activating it.

Arcane intellect- Besides azure drakes we need some kind of a card draw for those rare situations when you miss a dragon in your hand...it happens. Really.

Big game hunter- everyone runs Dr.Dre at least...

Blackwing technician- 3-5 body for 3 mana is ridiculous, even when you play it as 2-4 its fine.

Polymorph- good for dealing with thaurissan, belchers,or any other big threat.

Kezan Mystic- A lot of decks run them too, so when they steal it from you, just take it back. MINE! :) 

Twilight Drake- It's a dragon, obviously, and it can be played as a really big body. Of course this isn't magelock and you dont skip till turn 4 to drop it, but even if its, 4-5,4-6 it's a good body, Sure, it can be silenced but it really paid of a lot of times, as a dragon in your hand for combos, or just not being silenced.

Antique healbot- since there are so much burst decks now, it feels like every control deck needs to run at least one .

Azure drake- dragon,card draw, spellpower...seems worthy. 

Blackwing corruptor- 3 dmg battlecry is so good. Kills small minions or helps trade with big ones. Also 5-4 body is not bad.

Sludge belcher- this is your only taunt in this deck and what gives you more control than taunt? 

Sylvannas- its value is op, avoid playing it on clear board and dont hesitate to use frostbolts or blackwings on her if it steals you big targets.

Dr. boom- no need to say anything, really...

Flamestrike- Wins you the game if played correctly. Clearing the enemy board while leaving you with few strong minions is pretty much game over for the enemy...

Nefarian- it's battlecry can be game winning (sacrifical pact etc.). Try baiting out big game and other removals before playing it.

Ysera- This card...I think that this card surviving few turns is a nightmare every hearthstone player fears of. Also always bait removals before playing it. Even if it gets silenced, no problem, 4-12 is enough to finnish the work.

Pretty much there is no need to take every match up, one by one. You always go for the board, no matter what you're playing aggainst (Huntard or Handlock ). There will be a lot of long matches, but don't be scared, you're outcontrolling almost every control decks out there: warriors, druids, priests...doesn;t matter, just stick to your gameplay and play smart. There will be bad days when you dont draw a dragon in first 10 or more turns ( it happened, really) but most of the time it;s all about using your advantages the best way. Just get to know the deck first, feel it's power and enjoy the game, cause that's what the game is all about, right? Of course not! It's about winning and bm- ing your opponent and making them ragequit! Cheers and enjoy the deck! :)