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Biscuits and Fireballs!

  • Last updated Jan 24, 2021 (Darkmoon Races)
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  • 10 Minions
  • 20 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Exodia Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 4360
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/25/2021 (Darkmoon Races)
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Hey Everyone!!  I thought Ice Block might be good in this meta so I decided to make an updated Fireball Mage list.   It's good against most control decks.  And Ice Block can help against any deck not running cards like Mecha'thun (assuming they don't eat it).  It will struggle against Aggro decks like Pirate Warrior and Secret Mage, but with the right draw you can beat 'em.   So please, CRAFT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

This deck has a lot of synergies and I don't think I've found them all yet.  I'll explain the basic combo here.  Keep in mind you can expand it if you're desperate and you're missing a few cards for a great lethal.  I'll try to explain that as well.

No setup required!!!  Just draw your combo, have 10 mana, and watch out for opponent secrets if necessary.  This deck works because you have lots of ways to gain armor, 2 Ice Blocks, and lots of freeze spells.

Cards for the combo: 2 Conjure Mana Biscuits, 2 Sorcerer's Apprentices, 2 Molten Reflections, and Archmage Antonidas.

Normally, you play both Sorcerer's Apprentices.  Then both Conjure Mana Biscuits.  Then, play the Mana Biscuits they create.  Play Archmage Antonidas.  Then play both Molten Reflections on a Sorcerer's Apprentice.  Now you have endless Fireballs, w/ two in your hand.

This deck can have hand-size issues.  You can lose/mill any combo piece except the Conjure Mana Biscuits and Archmage Antonidas.  This is because you have an extra Sorcerer's Apprentice w/ Simulacrum.  Also because you have a 3rd Sorcerer's Apprentice, you can afford to play her early to play several spells in one turn and help clear your hand....assuming you're not worried about Dirty Rat or something.  

There are many ways you can extend the your last turn by playing one or two Sorcerer's Apprentice, maybe even a Molten Reflection.  Then you can play Arcane Intellects or Research Projects to draw the rest of your combo.  And, you can still finish the combo in the same turn.  (You prob don't want to leave those Sorcerer's Apprentices out there.)

I'm currently trying out 2 Armor Vendors and Inconspicuous Riders over the old Mad Scientists.  I like the battlecry over the deathrattle.  Rigged Faire Game feels great, but 2 feels clunky.  I'm not against trying out 2 again though.  More than once Rigged Faire Game has triggered late after I played an Ice Block and having low health.  (Since your opponent often tries to set your health to 1, if you play a 2nd Ice Block, you won't take damage the next turn and you'll draw 3 more cards!)

I'm also trying one Ancient Mysteries over a Novice Engineer.  I'm not sure which is better.


You don't want your combo pieces, but one Sorcerer's Apprentice early can be fun.  I don't keep her though.  These are just my opinions here:

Against Aggro - Look for Armor Vendor, Ancient Mysteries, Inconspicuous Rider.  I like Arcane Intellect as well.  I usually don't keep any secrets because you want to tutor them out of your deck.  Really, you need to get a little lucky as aggro is your worst matchup.  Do what you can to survive.  Sometimes you can really extend the game and even come up with a win.  

Against Control/Combo - Look for Arcane Intellect, Ancient Mysteries, Inconspicuous Rider, Research Project, possibly Rigged Faire Game, but I haven't tried it yet.  Again, I wouldn't keep any other secret.


I hope this explains the deck for you.  There are definitely are few more things to figure out.  And I'm guessing I could make a couple changes.  Let me  know what you think.  I'm currently 17-11 playing in dumptser legend.  (I made this deck to try out against that damn Wretched Tiller deck.  Of course, since I switched I've only played against one of them.)  I'll post some updates if I see an promise with the deck.