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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Power of the Wild Ability Druid200
Priestess of Elune Minion654
Raging Worgen Minion333
Rampage Ability Warrior200
Redemption Ability Paladin100
Repentance Ability Paladin100
Scarlet Crusader Minion331
Scavenging Hyena Minion Hunter222
Sense Demons Ability Warlock300
Shadowstep Ability Rogue000
Shieldbearer Minion104
Silence Ability Priest000
Silver Hand Knight Minion544
Silvermoon Guardian Minion433
Slam Ability Warrior200
Snipe Ability Hunter200
Sorcerer's Apprentice Minion Mage232
Soul of the Forest Ability Druid400
Southsea Deckhand Minion121
Spellbreaker Minion443
Spiteful Smith Minion546
Stormforged Axe Weapon Shaman223
Stranglethorn Tiger Minion555
Summoning Portal Minion Warlock404
Tauren Warrior Minion323
Temple Enforcer Minion Priest666
Thoughtsteal Ability Priest300
Thrallmar Farseer Minion323
Unbound Elemental Minion Shaman324
Unleash the Hounds Ability Hunter300
Venture Co. Mercenary Minion576
Windfury Harpy Minion645
Wisp Minion011
Worgen Infiltrator Minion121
Wrath Ability Druid200
Young Dragonhawk Minion111
Youthful Brewmaster Minion232