Patch 14.6 Now Live! Card Art Updates, Dalaran Heist & More




Updated June 2, 2019 23:45 GMT

Noteworthy changes

  • 10 new Classic & Basic cards announced last week are now live in the game, with Vanish and Mind Blast now in the Hall of Fame
  • Dark Bargain, Cleave, Multi-Shot and Forked Lightning can now be casted even if there is only one viable target on the board
  • Matchmaking has been improved for players who are new to Arena mode. These players will be matched against other new players with the same number of wins
  • Rafaam's Scheme and Dreamway Guardians can no longer be played if your board is full
  • Shrink Ray and Equality will now behave in a way that’s consistent with Sunkeeper Tarim in regards to stat-buffing aura effects, such as Stormwind Champion
  • Hunting Party will now generate golden cards if it is copying a golden minion
  • Cards generated by Shadowcaster and Sonya Shadowdancer will now receive the bonuses from Magic Carpet
  • Duel! can no longer be cast if both sides of the board are full
  • Wilfred Fizzlebang's cost reduction now works with all card-drawing hero powers
  • Shudderwock now randomly resolves any Discover spells cast by Drustvar Horror
  • Pilfer is now updated to match their recent changes to other burgle cards
    • Old text: Add a random card to your hand (from your opponent's class)
    • New text: Add a random card from another class to your hand

Saviors of Uldum Pre-Order Bundles

The preorder bundles for Saviors of Uldum are now available, don't miss our Saviors of Uldum Preview posted earlier today!

Tavern Brawl downtime update

Quote from Blizzard

Downtime for Tavern Brawls has been reduced to 1 hour per week. Tavern Brawls will now begin every week on Wednesday at 9:00 AM PDT and end the following Wednesday at 8:00 AM PDT  (times and dates will vary by region)


Card art updates

The following cards have received new card art:


Bug fixes

Quote from Blizzard

  • Fixed an issue where Summoning Portal and Reckless Experimenter's effects were being applied at different timings than other similar cost modification effects.
  • Fixed an issue where losing your internet connection while in the middle of editing a deck would sometimes not save the deck changes after you reconnected to the internet.
  • Creating Zayle and Whizbang decks should now properly show the card's deck header art instead of the class art.
  • [Mobile] Fixed an issue that could cause a blank page to appear if you changed regions while on the sign-in page.
  • [Dalaran Heist] Spirit of the Tiger now summons tigers with correct attack and health values while fighting in the Underbelly.
  • [Dalaran Heist] Cursed! cards from The Hand of Rafaam will now trigger their visual effects properly.
  • [Dalaran Heist] Hero cards that are transformed by Golden Candle will no longer retain their hero power tooltip.
  • [Dalaran Heist] Fixed an animation issue related to replaying minions affected by Bribery after they were destroyed.


Blizzard also announced a (partial) fix for the Psychic Scream bug via a Reddit comment:

Quote from Blizzard

This issue is actually resolved in this patch. Sorry it wasn't included in the patch notes!

Note that we were only able to get a partial fix in for this release, so you might see a little visual weirdness when this happens (but no more invisible cards). Expect that weirdness to be cleaned up with the Saviors of Uldum patch.

Dalaran Heist updates

Quote from Blizzard

Today we will be applying the following adjustments to the The Dalaran Heist solo adventure:


  • Moved some Normal and Heroic bosses to different difficulty tiers.

Adjusted the contents of the following starting decks:

  • Skulker (Captain Eudora)
    - Removed Stolen Steel and Unidentified Contract
    - Added Deadly Fork and Eviscerate
  • Dead Man’s Tale (Captain Eudora)
    - Removed Violet Haze and Southsea Squidface
    - Added Buccaneer and Violet Illusionist
  • Kobold’s Desire (Captain Eudora)
    - Removed Daring Escape and Shadowcaster
    - Added Dark Iron Skulker and Pogo-hopper
  • Boomin’ (Mr. Chu)
    - Removed Dr. Boom’s Scheme
    - Added Piloted Shredder
  • Disciplined (Kriziki)
    - Removed Lightspawn
    - Added Kabal Talonpriest
  • Shadows (Kriziki)
    - Removed Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain, and Shadowbomber
    - Added Crystallizer, Spirit Lash, and Shadow Word: Death
  • Visions (Kriziki)
    - Removed Lazul’s Scheme
    - Added Resurrect



  • Decreased the cost of Whirt the All-Knowing’s Prediction Hero Power to (1)
  • Decreased the power of Archmage Vargoth’s deck.



  • Decreased the appearance rate of Haro Setting-Sun.
  • Decreased the power of the following bosses’ decks: Carousel Gryphon, Applebough, Linzi Redgrin, Captain Hannigan, Xur’ios, Disidra Stormglory, Chomper, Anarii Duskgrove, Zuramat, Jepetto Joybuzz, Vas’No, Ranger Ar’ha, Tala Stonerage, and Kara Stamper.
  • Increased the power of the following bosses’ decks: Dalaran Fountain Golem, Lieutenant Sinclari, Flightmaster Belnaara, Nozari, Dagg Cruelmight, Sharky McFin, Queen Wagtoggle, Dazzik “Hellscream”, Draemus, and Madam Goya
  • Increased the cost of Applebough’s Apple Toss Hero Power to (3)
  • Increased the cost of Captain Hannigan’s Raise the Alarm Hero Power to (1)
  • Increased the cost of Chomper’s Chomp Hero Power to (3)
  • Decreased the Attack reduction on Haro Setting-Sun’s Darken Hero Power from -2 to -1
  • Decreased the cost of Whirt the All-Knowing’s Prediction Hero Power to (1).
  • Decreased the cost of Ol’Toomba’s Tales of Fortune Hero Power to (1).


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