Beta Season 2 Launched, Ranked Ladder Ready Decks, Weekend Tournaments

Beta Season 2 Launched

Beta Season 2 has officially launched!

Quote from Blizzard

Welcome to Test Season 2 of Hearthstone’s Ranked Play mode! At the beginning of each Ranked Play season, all players will have their ranks reset to Rank 25. Test Season 2 will last until the end of the month, which should allow you ample time to work your way up the ladder to become a Hearthstone Legend!  Your continued testing efforts help us make all of our games modes a better experience for all Hearthstone players, and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

During our Test Seasons, Ranked Play rewards will not be available.

Please continue to offer your feedback on our Ranked Play mode on our forums here. If you discover any bugs during your duels, our Bug Report forums can be found here.

Battle against other players of similar rank to ascend the Ranked Play ladder and become a Hearthstone Legend!

Ranked Ladder Ready Decks

With the launch of Beta Season 2 today, we've decided it would be a good idea to showcase some of the best decks from the community here on HearthPwn so that you can try them out while climbing up the ladder. Feel free to use these decks the way they are, or if you're feeling adventurous, as a base to create your own deck of mass destruction.

If you've got a deck that has been winning you games on the ladder, come give it a share over on our forums. To get started, login, add your deck to our deckbuilder, and then share your deck on the class discussion forums! Don't forget to write a description on how you use your deck. The class discussion forums are also a great place to go if you have any class specific questions you'd like to ask.

Stars on the deck banners below indicate how many legendary cards are required for building the full deck

Basic Starting Decks

These decks were created by Trump and can be created by anyone who has unlocked the class they'd like to play. They are improved versions of the default basic decks which can be found in-game.




Template Decks

Aishi, one of our moderators, has created a few template decks which are slightly more advanced than one of Trump's basic decks. They require some cards from the expert collection, so you're going to need to obtain some card packs, or craft them with dust if you are missing any.



Community Built Decks

Right out of the HearthPwn Class Forums, these decks are some of the best that have been crafted by our awesome members. For these decks, some will be linked to forum topic instead of directly to the deckbuilder. This gives you a chance to learn more about the decks before trying them.




Tournament Winning Decks

Here are some decks which have been used recently in high-level tournament play. We don't have guides on how to play them, but they may be a great place to get inspired!




Weekend Tournaments

This weekend is home to the twelfth MLG/ManaGrind North American and European Opens which will be happening on Saturday, January 11th at 2 PM EST, and Sunday, January 12th at 6 PM CET respectively. Signup for both tournaments is open to everyone with a Hearthstone beta account on the appropriate server, and more importantly, is free. Check out this thread on our forums for more information about the tournaments, or click the pretty banners below for links to signups!



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