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Demon Hunter

You better be prepared when you enter this forum! Discuss the Demon Hunter class here.
Demon Hunter Cant Use Rai...
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Harness the raw power of nature and learn the subtleties of the shapeshifting Druids in this forum. Free lint rollers offered at the door.
Nobody should be able to ...
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Fill your quiver and grab a few extra rounds before heading into the Hunter forum, and avoid putting any apples on your head.
Why does this interaction...
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Masters of the arcane arts and seekers of hidden knowledge, your library of information can be found within the Mage forum!
Tortollan Mage thread
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The stalwart defenders of the Light reside within the Paladin forum! Sunglasses required.
Bored of libram paladin?
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The Priest class forum holds the secrets of the Light … but every light casts a shadow somewhere.
Wave of Apathy issue
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Hey, where is everyone? Oh, right – this is the Rogue forum. Discussions on stealth and poisons are held quietly within.
Mill / N'Zoth Rogue - hel...
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Learn how to master the fury of the elements and their elemental aspects within the Shaman forum!
Odd Shaman Advice
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Summoners of demons and masters of fel magic, discuss the Warlock class within this forum … if you dare.
zoo vs priest
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Keep your blade close and your armor polished – you’re about to head into the Warrior forum! It gets a little noisy in here.
Best counter for bomb war...
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