Old Gods Expansion Could Have Included Titans, Deck Spotlight: C'Thun N'Zoth Control Priest, The Angry Chicken #152

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Notice: Blizzard has opened up a job opening for a Hearthstone Associate Game Designer.

Old Gods Expansion Could Have Included Titans

The Golden Wisp podcast had Peter Whalen, Hearthstone Game Designer, on to discuss the design of the Old Gods expansion. There were a few interesting bits of information he had to share about the design around the expansion and card nerfs.

Hopefully Titans will one day be a thing in Hearthstone!

Quote from Peter Whalen

  • The team wanted to do an expansion featuring Old Gods vs The Titans but couldn't find room to flesh both out within 130 cards.
  • C'Thun and his buffing minions had used a keyword called Ritual / Ritualists.
  • They don't want to add too many new mechanics to the game - it can make it more difficult for new players to understand the game.

Card Nerfs

Deck Spotlight: C'Thun N'Zoth Control Priest

Poor Anduin hasn't seen much play on the pro-scene, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with him! Shock191919 brings us a Rank 5 Priest Control deck tonight which makes use of the Old Gods C'Thun and N'Zoth, with N'Zoth being more of a back-up plan.

The deck costs 5520 dust, and you can find the contents of it below. Check out the writeup to learn more about the deck.

Rank 5 Priest for Non-PROS
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The Angry Chicken #152: "Format Wars"

This week on The Angry Chicken, the crew discussed the americas spring prelims, the various competitive formats and what pros have to say about them, the usual crazy game stories, and your emails.

Watch episode #152 of The Angry Chicken below! You can find previous episodes over on their YouTube channel and you can give the cast a follow over on @TACPodcast on Twitter.

Don't forget Garrett, Jocelyn, and Dills will all be doing a live recording of The Angry Chicken at CreateCon in Orlando, Florida on July 30th. For tickets and information check out CreateConvention.net.



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