Popular Constructed Decks of the Week, Challengestone 4 Starts Today, Let's Nerf Some Cards!

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Popular Constructed Decks of the Week

Plenty of great decks that made it to the top of the most popular decks of the week!

Deck Author Cost
 Fast Druid Bloor 4500
 Tempo Mage LuckHearthStone 6420
 Dragon Priest! BrodosEU 8480
 Mryagut's Bloodlust Shaman Comeback_khv 2820
 Demonlock Xyrron 9620
 FACE is the place asidjat 1540
 Casino Mage! Nefiu 5940
 Forsen Asus PiC Hunter Deck Forsen 1420

Challengestone 4 Starts Today

Tempostorm is back with their fourth series of their Challengestone Tournament with top players that excel in both gameplay and deck building. This tournament challenges the 8 players to display their outstanding deck building skills and put them to the test by battling it out in a Single Elimination format.

  • Prizepool: $3000 (1st: $1800, 2nd: $600, 3rd & 4th: $300)
  • Time: Saturday, October 24th, 2015 - 12:00 PDT / 14:00 CT / 15:00 EDT / 21:00 CEST
  • Bracket Format: Single Elimination (Bo5, Finals Bo7)
  • Casters: Kripp and StrifeCro
  • Stream: Tempo Storm on Twitch

Deck Restrictions

Players will build decks with the following restrictions: 
  • 3 decks of different classes for conquest format.
  • All cards in the decks must be Epic, Legendary, or part of the TGT set. 

Let's Nerf Some Cards!

Kripparrian put out a video to follow up the recent Warsong Commander nerf and shared the cards he feels need to be toned down to the ground. He shares the way he would nerf them and the way "Blizzard" would nerf them as well. Sorry Force of Nature, no more charge for you!



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