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    Quote from BRinMilwaukee >>

    After I play this, do I have 6 mana or 10 mana?

      Depends, if it's already turn 10, you'll have 6 mana. If it is turn 4, you'll have 0 mana but 10 empty crystals for your next turn (your opponent will be at 10 mana too, but the immediate turn after you play Nozdormu).

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    Who cares  when  you can frostbolt his face every turn 

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    Of course there is restriction? it's an OTK enabler like cube druid or smth. 

    Or not even that, it could be like Star aligner where you gotta have exactly 3 of these, no less but no more either.

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    The reward hero power reads

    (2): Summon a 2/2 copy of a friendly minion

    I'm not completely sold on this card, it seems that the best application for this hero power is wild at the moment.

    With the scarcity of reborn minions (I'm confident there won't be more than 4[x2] playable), you can't run the quest in an aggro or tempo deck. Perhaps some kind of Undataka deck? You still dilute your deck with reborn cards that aren't that impactful, even if they grant an additional sum of a 4/4 body when you finish the quest.

    It's also a "nonbo" with Sir. Finley.

    Surely it looks interesting, though. Kinda usable with Banker + prismatic lens for comboes.

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    The priest Spirit of the Dead is basically a Sonya Shadowdancer that instead puts the minion in your decks, so you'll be drawing those cards too. Bowsmandi doesn't require you to have a lot of  1drops at all.

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    This card is terrible in paladin. Here's why.
    People comparing it to ice block don't take in consideration that paladin has just one OTK condition (and it sucks realiability-wise), and has no burn potential. 
    Ice block's strenght was to allow mage to hurr-durr face spells and completely disregard the board, as well as giving mage one more turn for their 100% reliable OTK, thing that paladin can't do at the moment.
    As long as there is no Auctionmaster Beardo to guarantee your OTK with Uther DK, or more feasibly a better way to kill your own Mecha'Thun, this spell is garbage. 

    Its true potential lies in Yogg comebacks :D

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    posted a message on New Warrior Weapon - Sul'thraze

    People comparing this to Fools' Bane didn't take in consideration the potential this card has in aggro warrior. In my opinion this card steals the slot to Arcanite Ripper because it is pretty much garanteed to hit face regardless of earlygame and midgame taunts. Fools' Bane could not hit face, and that's why it never saw play.
    This card also becomes insane with Upgrades.

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    It's not OP at all. You use 2 cards combination for killing a 2drop and summoning a 6/6 and a 1/1, cost 6. In constructed you need WAY more value from your cards.


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    why in the fuck you just used every possible font alteration to write such a random and boring sentence?


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    Can't wait for miracle freeze mage :>

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