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    posted a message on 3 Free Kobolds Card Packs Coming in January for Daily Quest Bug
    Quote from Oddling77 >>

    People in Puerto Rico going a month without power they pay for , thankful for the help they are getting and praising Jesus.  Meanwhile  all hell breaks loose if someone has to restart the game or wait awhile to get a quest for a free game they play.  Some people's children.........

    Hahaha indeed, the real first world problems pain is a very important topic that is constantly woven through almost every topic here:)))))))
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    posted a message on 3 Free Kobolds Card Packs Coming in January for Daily Quest Bug
    Quote from CyberDildonix >>

    As you may know, dungeon runs are more time consuming then any of the adventures before, and they are free. Speaking for adventures: people that bought them were not big enough crowd that played at one moment in this mode. Usually you're just took your cards and then play some constructed. But with dungeon runs it's another story.

    Many players could play in the dungeon runs at one moment (and I mean playing and not just sitting in the menu), cause of three things:

    - That's new content that's free. It could be played by players that never bought any of the adventures.

    - The run is longer then one boss. So more people could be in the actual game at the same time.

    - That's can be more interesting for casual players that don't have big enough collection and they just playing with cards that they never will collect for constructed.

    All this things are making too hard to servers of the known "Small Indie Company" to manage this payload.

    (if somebody want to ask why did single player content challenge servers so hard, that's cause of all of the AI work are taking to the server-side)

    P.S.  Hearthstone has dumb AI, but it's still AI x)

     I was just about to tell exactly what you just said;)
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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!

    Hey buddy!

    we from the united warlock association don’t approve your reply by insulting one of our most important members! 


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    Came back after 2 month break, instantly crafted this guy in golden, Cool versatile card!

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    posted a message on Acidic Swamp Ooze

    With the next expansion this card will become mandatory!

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!
    Quote from AndreiRO >>

    New expansion, new reset for the salt thread. Now people complain about their bad luck on opening packs and how some people are so unimaginative (or just low budget) that they still play the old meta decks. After this week, once the meta settles a bit, we will get to see awesome posts about how cancer the new meta decks are. As I see it, this meta has a lot of beautiful and broken decks but it's also more reliant on RNG and especially draw RNG than ever. Let the salt flow through you, guys :)

    P.S. Thanks for adding the Lich King to the game, Blizzard. Such a good definition of your card design: powercreep and RNG in one card 

     Hear, hear!
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    posted a message on Looking for Hearthstone friends? Post your BattleTag Here 2.0


    Battletag: oranjeboven#1976

    Region: EU
    Usual Play Times:24/7 ;)
    Level of Experience: Intermediate
    Preferred Heroes: Priest, Mage and warlock
    I’m Looking For: Practice Partner, Teacher - For wild games only

    I Have alot of people in my friendslist, but almost none of them plays ranked wild 

    Hopefully some experienced wild players want to add me!


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    posted a message on No more duplicate Legendaries starting with the next expansion!!!

    I can feel your pain bro!

    A collector here as well(spend over €2000 on packs), so kinda sucks. Only thing that sucks even more, no golden Elite Tauren Chieftain for me :((((

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    posted a message on Amazing pack


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    posted a message on Is this true???

    I'm trying to collect a 100% golden deck(yeah,yeah costed me a small fortune, but a man needs a hobby right).

    I'm more interested in the following: for example, i crafted two golden cards(ie Mirage caller in a priest deck), up until now i would dust all normal versions of the same card since one can only have two of each and i already have most cards double golden) that way i figured i got some dust back.

    But yesterday i heard someone tell me that if i do that, i will always have a chance to get the same normal cards again out of a pack, but if i just keep them i will (almost) never get them anymore. Is this true?

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    posted a message on The 96,000 Dust Deck

    I also have almost all (legendary)cards in golden, but i made several different decks with just legendaries, never really worked, how will this one be any different?

    I saw the vid, but it's really luck(no offence, apart from this vid you simply rule!!!!) i mean, how often does one draw 4 high mana legendaries, because then its game over.

    Curious if you found the trick to pull this off to actually make it viable.

    Greetings form a fan!

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    posted a message on OLD Play a Friend! 4.0


    Me like!

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    posted a message on Patch 8.0 - Journey to Un'Goro: Card Flavor Text, Free Card Packs, Brawl Chalks, Maiev
    Quote from CortezFP >>

    Doesn't seem to be live on iPad yet 

     Same here
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    posted a message on Addicted to collecting...
    Quote from Schukala >>

    ...and that's exactly why I decided, early on, that I would never care about golden cards ;)

    Seriously, I'm 'collection addicted' enough as it is with normal cards. I keep every useless card I open, even (especially!!) Legendaries. Hey I even kept Nat Pagle and Millhouse Manastorm... But as soon as I get a golden card that doesn't fill a hole in my card collection, it goes to the dusting bin. Else I could never keep up with the pace at which new cards are issued ;)

    I fully understand your point of view though! and I think I remember reading that Kripparian is very close from a full golden collection, but he's waiting until he has all the necessary dust to create it in one go. Maybe other streamers are also close to that point?

     Who is Kripparian?
    sorry for noob question, i was too busy collecting so missed out on all that
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