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    posted a message on DIAMOND 5 TO LEGEND!!!

    Play Warglaives aggro DH, carried me from 4 to legend with 12-2 rekord.

    It beat every Druid handily, its even better than pre-nerf tempo DH

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    posted a message on Descent of Dragons Meta Decks - The Best of the End of 2019
    Quote from user-100357674 >>

    is pirate warrior any good without Anchaar?? i don't have it and i can't craft it :(

     Sorry, but no, it isnt any good without the Anchor. If you wanna play bugdet, go for token druid. The deck is amazing! (if you dont have the Tree guy for 7 mana, go with another Power of the wild or Tree Speaker

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    posted a message on Nerf Warrior suggestions?
    Quote from DSchu102285 >>
    Quote from guyopt >>

    Warrior (especially control, but also bomb) has the highest win % across the board and it seems oppressive and prevent deck innovations.

    Suggested cards to Nerf:

    - Eternium Rover - this should be 2 mana, its a mech with strong stats and great ability, better than armor smith.

    - Town-crier - 2 mana, this card is broken. (rush tutor smooth your early game curve, warrior has broken rush minions) - its better than novice engineer or loot hoarder.

     Thank God you don't work as a game designer, lol. Town Crier and Eternium Rover are fine, your loathe and saltiness about Warrior is clouding your judgment with unwarranted prejudice towards cards that aren't part of the problem.


    Actually they are not fine. There is a reason why CW has  a 58%  overall winrate (the best performing deck is at 64% WR). Thats insanely high. There hasnt been a deck that good in since uhm I cant even remeber.

    If you have Town Crier (65,8% WR) or Eternium Rover (66,1% WR) in your opening hand, the winrate goes even higher.
    Dr. Boom, a 7-drop, is even better to keep in your mulligan (67,2% WR).

    Numbers from the currently best performing deck  https://hsreplay.net/decks/Q8vE23Txwg2U3Ne9vGQpF/#gameType=RANKED_STANDARD



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    Quote from Inquixty >>

    Instead of this, Warlock needs more like "Discard your highest cost card, heal yourself that much."

     While I agree that Warlock needs healing, this would be way too insane with Giants in hand.

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    posted a message on From the deep of my heart, please blizzard, do something about Warrior

    I always hated to play vs Warrior. Not because its op, but because the matches are no fun at all. even after I win, I want to close HS afterwards, because I feel bored.

    You play a minion it gets removed, same goes for next turn and every turn after. You cant play more than 2 minions at every given time, so the boards stays clear all game long. 

    Thx to Dr.7 the Warrior never runs out of removals and the game either ends because he didnt draw Dr.Boom or you run out of threats.

    I piloted Mechhunter to legend last season and my overall winrate is quiet good vs Warrior, but everytime I faced one I just wanted to concede...

    Seriously, just change the effect to "Give Mechs in your hand rush". Its still very good, but not that opressive anymore!
    Omega Devastator is another topic and the Erernium Rover should just give either 1armor or be a 1/1/2 minion.

    And yes, I know, nerfing all 3 cards would be pretty devastating and be too much.

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    13360 Dust -_-

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows Card Nerfs - What Do Pros Want To See Smacked?

    Dr. Boom is a staple in any Warrior and he is a problem in any of them. Rushing Mechs is insanely strong. Doesnt matter what I play (besides mech hunter), I instantly want to quit turn 7.

    So yes, he is a problem!

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    posted a message on Single Player Content Announcement Coming May 9th

    In WoW its stretched way too far, but in HS its fine I think. SP mode one month after expansion is good imo.

    The 3 month of nothing afterwards is the problem :)

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    posted a message on HCT World Championship 2019 - All Player Decks

    I´d enjoy it once as well, but imagine one is the decider game and right after it, the next players choose Warrior first as well.

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