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    posted a message on The Desert Obelisk Fan Thread! ;-)

    And some more for all Obelisk-Obsessed!  (Well, if put that way, that might only be me...)

    I've cut a little video with some nice scenes of my Wild Obelisk Rogue in action. It's not a deck that aims for the "burn-down-Shadow-of-Death-OTK", but rather tries to put on firing Obelisks as soon as possible. It's actually quite fun, because you've got multiple ways of getting the Obelisks to work:

    Also some "nice-to-know"-facts :

    (might be obvious for all experienced players. Still thought might be interesting for some people...)

    Things that DON'T work:

    1.) Shadow of Death + Myra's Unstable Element

    One of my first ideas. I thought shuffeling Shadows of the Desert Obelisk into the deck and than drawing all cards should summon all the Shadows. Unfortunately only those cards count as "drawn" that would have actually ended up on your hand. I know: the rules are pretty explicit there and burned cards don't count as drawn...

    2.) Stacking more than one Drakkari Enchanter

    The card text says "trigger twice" - and that's an absolute number. Having more than one on the board doesn't multiply the effect. Having the card say "once more" would be cooler, but nope. So don't waste your ressources on trying to multiply those.

    So much for now. Also managed to get some Obelisks working with Hunter and Priest:

    WIll surely play around some more!

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    posted a message on The Desert Obelisk Fan Thread! ;-)



    The Desert Obelisk just made my day, so I simply had to share it!
    Just toyed around with some ideas to make this crazy card work and it's actually a lot of fun!
    Of course, it's far from being competitive. But just seeing these guys in action for the first time was really thrilling!
    So I kept on playing a bit and just wanted to share my experiences.

    Just some more pix as appetizers:


     I'll also try to cut a little "best-of" video. (Watching a whole game might actually be a bit boring...)


    Some stats and infos for anybody who's interested:

    - The earliest time to get 3 working Obelisks was round 5 for me
    - The biggest number of Obelisks on board I managed were 6
    - The highest Damage at once I was able to generate was 40 (4 Obelisks + Drakkari Enchanter)
    - Silenced Obelisks still count to activate the overall effect, but won't fire themselves (Yeah, that's quite logical. Still tried it out to make sure...)


    How did this work anyway??

    My main idea was to sneak out the Obelisks using the Deathrattle of Meat Wagon. This can be done to get hold of your first Obelisk, or later on to pull out more, once you were able to shuffle copies in. (Lab Recruiter and Togwaggle's Scheme)
    Other options of copying are provided by Carnivorous Cube and Shadowcaster, as well as Shadow of Death.
    (But caution! The "Shadows" generated by Shadow of Death are auto-casted spells, not minions! So that's nice to get some free Obelisks on the board in later game phases, but won't work with Meat Wagon!)

    How do you deal with Aggro-Decks???

    That's quite simple: you lose. But seriously, if you are lucky to blow-away a first wave of Silver Hand Recruits with Fan of Knives, you might actually stand a chance. But the Aggro-Matchup is just really bad!

    So what about you? Anyone else made any crazy stuff with those? Would really like to hear your impressions and experiences!


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    posted a message on Is hearthstone a stressful game?

    The only stressful aspect for me is the frustrating RNG of opponent-selection. Especially when I'm playing around with new deck-ideas and get faced with 10 Aggro-decks in a row (no matter if ranked or casual!), then that is actually somewhat stressful.

    Besides, it's a game I play for fun! 

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    posted a message on Wild - T1 - Big Priest

    Great. Finally an adapted SoU-version!

    *looking at deck list*

    Oh, wait... 

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    posted a message on Another Barnes-Nerf discussion... (Yeah! Seriously!)

    I know, there has already been a lot of discussion about different ways to nerf Barnes - primarily to make Big Priest slower. It's not that I "hate" players who are playing Big Priest, it's just that I dislike the fact, that those are about 90% of the Priest decks im facing (EU Servers, Ranks 5-2), which is quite boring. So tuning down their high-rolling chances might bring players to try out other decks.  I've always been a passionate Priest-player myself, but since this deck-archetype was born, I've actually been feeling a little ashamed for that. (I know, there were a lot of hard times for Priest! But this deck can't be the compensation for that...). But my personal feelings are not the issue of this thread, I'd really like to keep it technical.

    So long story short: I'd just like to propose a form of nerf I haven't read anywhere so far:

    Limit the maximum Mana-Cost of the minion Barnes is able to summon!  (Let's say 6 Mana, or maybe 7).


    If you think that that's some weird idea, just look at those cards for example:


    Limiting the power level of cards in such a way is not really uncommon in the game!

    Of course, the Mana-Cost of Barnes himself is also a possible way of nerfing him (and maybe even better).  But I thought, this might keep the general idea of Barnes as a technical card, while being a direct nerf to Big Priest.

    Eager to hear your comments! (Yeah, also flame me if you have to...)

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    posted a message on Legend Rafaam Mage Updated

    Really cool deck! Thanks!

    I've never been much of a Mage-player, but this one really caught me. I like the versatility and the tactical thinking needed to pilot it. I don't own Dragoncaller Alanna yet, so I put in Medivh. As pointed out earlier, he doesn't fit in perfectly, but has enough big-spell-synergy to work with.

    Currently playing EU Servers, bouncing between 4 and 2. Though I think I got the general idea of the deck, there are still some aspects I'd like to hear your comments on:

    - how to you deal with Big Priest? Without any Polymorph-effects on board, I find it quite hard to counter him. If he coins out Barnes on turn 3 into Y'Shaarj into "Name-your-favourite-Big-Minion", I don't see a real way to react. Even Zephrys doesn't help much, because the AI doesn't seem to get the essence of Big Priest. I always get options to kill the enemy minions, while silencing or polymorping them would be much better. So how's your matchup against those decks?

    - another issue are early big threats in general. Played against some Hand-Buff Mech Paladin, who buffed a Flying Machine and just overran me on turn 4. Any plan on that? Or just "live with it"? As said before, I really miss some silencing (which I run in all my other decks).

    So maybe you could share some of your experiences. Besides that, I'd really like to see some videos of your deck in action!

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    posted a message on How To Deal With Big Mage?

    I am bit set back by the harsh tones issued here. 

    Though the initial question is understandable, it's also a bit blindsided. If you are facing a deck that constantly beats the deck you are playing then switch the deck!

    I know, in some cases you can adapt by adding certain tech cards. But in this case the match-up is just bad. So if you are especially "pissed off" by losing against Big Mage, I'm afraid you just have to stop playing Control Warrior... 

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    posted a message on The toxic nature of Hearthstone

    I don't think Hearthstone is designed to frustrate people and make them treat each other disrespectful.

    Of course, any game designing company should pay some attention to issues like addiction-potential and the like (Hello, WOW!), but in the end we are all human beings with free choices.

    It's a bit like blaming a cutlery-company for producing "murderous" weapons that could potentially kill people.

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    posted a message on This interaction seems inconsistent...

     I also think it's a bit inconsistent. If you got the Eye of the Obelisk completed (so restore 3 Health and give a minion +3/+3) and you have an Auchenai on the board, targeting an enemy minion with 3 Health or less won't kill it. It will apply the buff and the 3 damage simultaneously. 

    But it might still be, that the "choose one" effects are different, because they are executed separately. Then it will actually be logical and correct. 

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    posted a message on Zephry doesnt give lethal

    I think Zephrys is a great card! 

    So far he always offered me cards which were absolutely useful and in many cases gamechanging!

    This single card is absolutely worth the dust! 

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    posted a message on Probability of running a two of in a Reno deck

    This is so cool! I'm a real nerd for such statistics! Already thought about doing something like that.

    Thanks a lot! For my part, this really helps with my decision! 

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    posted a message on Anyone playing hearthstone while being kinda old? 30+?


    Already ordered my gravestone:

    "He died bravely while fulfilling his daily quests on the loo." 

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    posted a message on Headed for Legend - Wild - August 2019

    Rank 4 EU with Silence Priest!

    Works extremely well against Quest Mage (>80% against mage). And fun to play!

    Might not be enough for Legend, because of the now higher number of Aggrodecks. 

    Will try it anyway...

    Muddler's Sick Silence Priest
    Export to BBCode Export to Cockatrice Export to MarkDown Export to Html Clone this deck
    Minion (14) Ability (16)
    Loading Collection


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    posted a message on Is paladin going to be OP ??

    What you all don't get is, that Purify Priest is gonna rule! 

    Silencing your own reborn-minions will completely confuse your opponent!

    (Oh dammit, was that off-topic?) 

    Erm, the Paladin Quest will see some play, but won't be Tier 1. (just my guess) 


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    posted a message on Ranking Priest Board Clears

    I think ranking the boardclears without considering the decks you'll face is quite complicated. At times when you faced mainly 1-Health-minions (Pirate Warrior, older Paladin Archetypes...) spells like Spirit Lash and the new Holy Ripple would have been quite strong.

    Now just before Launch of SoU it's hard to tell which boardclears will be most useful.

    With suspected Murlocs or early buffed minions, the same spells might be rather weak. 

    Even Excavated Evil might see play again, because it deals 3 Damage and also messes with your opponent's deck. (could destroy some Highlander decks or archetypes relying on high cost spells.)

    But I'd be interested to run this poll in about 4 weeks. Then we might have a better feel for it. 

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