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    posted a message on Blizzard to Update Deathstalker Rexxar to Include New Beasts

    Classic Team5.. Such an obvious bug and it just goes to show how unprofessional this team is

    Worst thing is that there isn't even a date for the patch because how bad their ability to roll new updates is..

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    posted a message on Shimmering Courser


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    posted a message on Control Rogue

    What a clickbait title.. this is NOT a control deck, Just the old boring tempo rogue that everybody knows.

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    posted a message on Savj N'zoth Mill

    There is a reason Savj deleted this deck.. It's just beyond terrible vs aggro

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    posted a message on Inkmaster Reno Mage - Easy rank 5

    I'm sorry but the fact that you changed 1 card (even though this card WAS used in some of the duplicate decks) doesn't mean that you created a special snowflake. 

    I mean no offense but I give credit when it's due, and replacing 1-2 cards from a very known deck is not how I envision deck building..
    If you come up with a cool new concept, or make a big change to a known deck (5+ cards) that's fine, but right now It feels like a copy paste with 0 effort.


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    posted a message on Inkmaster Reno Mage - Easy rank 5

    Look at the similar decks tab, now back to this deck. Now back to the similar tabs, now back to this deck.
    Realize this list was posted many times before and there is NOTHING special about it, nor any new insights. 

    It's the same Savjz Reno Mage deck that was posted on the front page of Hearthstone. Why do people keep up-voting duplicate decks like the author is some kind of a genius for coming up with the list?

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    posted a message on State of the game is really good and people should realize it.

    I'm kinda torn because I think Standard is at one of the worst states of the game so far and Wild is one of the healthiest.

    Standard is just BORING - there is almost no innovation at all. Just like the last 2 expansions.
    Blizzard put us in a weird position where control decks are countered by RenoLock\Jade Druid, and combo decks which counters Jade/RenoLock are in turn countered by aggro.
    So you are forced to play this vicious cycle of aggro (Warrior, Shaman,Rogue) or Jade Druid/RenoLock. 

    Now Wild is a completely different story - with each expansion it becomes better and better because new cards and new options are added. More variety = more fun.

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    posted a message on Control Warrior OP this season

    Honestly no offense but you can't really judge if your deck is good or not yet.

    At those ranks you can have high win rate with even a half decent deck.. The skill discrepancy between players is huge and there is far less emphasize on the specific cards.
    The real test for decks begins at rank 5+, when people really care about win rate and mostly play refined decks (with hundreds games worth of experience). 

    I've seen streamers and other players (including myself) try to make control warrior work in this expansion at high ranks and failed but I haven't seen the Reno angle yet so you might be on to something here..

    Keep pewpewing them, I'm curious to see if you can maintain a high win rate as you going up the ladder. I will definitely try it out!

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    posted a message on [Easy Rank 3+] Anti Meta Dragon Warrior

    Honestly I'm just mind blown.... So many up votes for what?
    Why are people so impressed and surprised by this deck? Like it's a new archetype or a secret combo nobody knew about. 

    This is a normal Tempo dragon deck. Many players and many streamers have been using that exact same list (at max 2 cards variance) for months and months now, and the ladder is filled with them. Just look at the similar decks tab..


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    posted a message on Six Shaman Cards Were Considered for Nerfs, Shamans Not Likely to get More Low-Cost Attack Increases

    LOL and I thought they were on top of things, play-testing for months, monitoring and debating which nerfs/buffs to include.

    Turns out those lazy/clueless developers did the nerfs in a few days as a response to the raging community.
    Do you guys realize how wrong this is? How unprofessional and insulting? 

    I ask as well - What exactly is team5 doing all this time? Really.

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