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    posted a message on Secret Passage is the best designed card in the last expansions

    It's actually pretty good design, plus a great visual effect.

    I think other people are discussing power levels over design too much... Right now it is definitely too strong, but OP has never mentioned anything this card as balanced, or he was just playing the game for fun.

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    posted a message on Kobald Librarian vs Tour Guide

    It's good with Odd Warlock I guess? If not for Odd Warlock, the class has Kobold Librarian already as Tour Guide I guess?

    But hey, it's much better card than that Kobold Hermit. Now I can finally play basic totem on turn 1 at peace.

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    posted a message on Whizbang should be added to the Classic set

    I think we don't need whizbang. We just need a feature to try out deck recipes (Like trial version) and call it a day.

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    posted a message on Thoughts on RNG

    RNG was super fun when the game was old.  These days now, they are just really frustrating and not enjoyable.

    The game is much faster that now the RNG decides the game in just a single turn... I absolutely remember the game wasn't like this.

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    posted a message on Card draw imbalance

    If priest or my favorite class shaman gets a good draw engine, I think they would be too strong. Both shaman and priest have a lot of good cards to answer back already (Silence, board control, cheap removals, etc.)

    Looking at that issue. Maybe if only the game were less fast and swinging than before, I don't think card draw would be too much of a problem. Though that's just what I'm feeling. So in the future, perhaps we might get a card draw when the game becomes super fast (And that might change blizzard's class identity rules.)

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    posted a message on Blizzard's current design philosophy

    Lightning Bloom is created already, so how would they nerf this one around? More overload, or delete the card?

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    posted a message on The Aggro v Aggro mirror is the best game of hearthstone. CHANGE MY MIND

    I personally like midrange vs midrange over other mirror matchups. The aggro can be nice too, but it can be completely decision based on their hand and card draw. For control mirror matchup, it feels the game will decide which one of us wants to win at the end (that's just my feeling.)

    Both mirror matchups can be nice when the game give us a chance to have fun together, but I prefer midrange over them all. Probably because I like medium-paced game over the other ones.

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    posted a message on Why Lady Vashj is the worse designed Prime for Ashes of Outland

    She's actually pretty good in my Odd Shaman... so... I like her alot.

    Odd Lady Vashj
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    Minion (14) Ability (16)
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    Goal of this deck:  Spam magic totems, control early and midgame, and you have two choices:

    1. Burst damage on your opponent face with Lady Vashj, most of your spells deal lethal damage and cheap, so you should able to have three playable cards on the turn prime lady vashj played.

    2. Or use this combo: Spell Totem (2 mana) -> use Ethereal Augmerchant on that totem (1 mana), Totemic Reflection (3 mana), results in spell damage +4 for 6 mana. Then play cheap spells from your hand or Lady Vashj's cost reduced spells.

    Not strong deck, but its fun. Still experimenting the deck, and its lacking card draw. So I need some help to improve the deck.

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    posted a message on If you could revert one nerf, what would it be?

    Flametongue Totem

    Might be a dumb aggro card, but it can be somewhat be a high skill requires by positioning with your minions. I really like this card.

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    posted a message on Why does Blizzard LOVE Big Priest?

    Because in the past,  Blizzard gave the big treats to priest players so they can stop whining and shut up for complaining having weak priest cards. This has been a long time.

    If they nerf it, priest players will start whining all over again. They just want their goddamn single class to be best of all. Man I hope these will quit the game forever.

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    posted a message on What will you play on week 1?

    I had one class that is the only level 60 in my account (Shaman) from Heartstone beta till now. So It's time for me to travel through all 9 classes. I'll see what the game offers all classes with new cards and new archetypes.

    But If I have to play all the classes. I'll have to spend a lot of dust, to enjoy them all with a variety of archetypes. I hope for all those who are hyped will enjoy their time on expansion!

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    posted a message on Why Does Every Single Priest Use the Same Net Decked Big Priest Deck In Wild Unranked???

    Because this is a common kind of whining priest players who want their class to be the best of all. Let these priests with bad breaths have their class reputation get worse. I don't worry as I have gotten used to it anyway.

    It's also another same thing as odd paladin all over again, so give them a no-choice win and let them feel they have reached their fake legend rank in casual games. Casual should have renamed to "Unranked" for this purpose.

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    posted a message on Possible interaction between Loti and predatory instinct

    Formed druid cards will work in your theory, it won't be a plain 1/2 Loti anymore and can be drawn and get double health from it.

    But if you want to make that deck work, it's going to be hard because Predatory Instinct is very expensive with just being a single card draw at 4 mana. Good theory though!

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    posted a message on The expansion will be out later today. Don't craft/dust anything for a week! Lots of OP cards incoming, see long guide/post!

    OP, your post is very interesting in with nice, clean, and useful information, but there are some obvious bad cards that won't see play. I'll disagree with Octosari and many neutral packfillers you mentioned. If you compare them with other cards in meta, these cards will get outperformed. I'll take Quicksand Elemental as a winner of neutral non-legendary minions you listed, it's THAT GOOD.

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    posted a message on Why is experimenting downplayed so much nowadays?
    Quote from ADXE >>

    I don't see how anyone can complain about losing hype for the game just because some streamers were able to test out some new decks.  

    Good for them.  Now you have 1 extra week to know what not to waste time trying.  

    And maybe you learned something about the card interactions that will help you in your own deck.  

    Saying this is ruining anything for you is like saying you have nothing better to do than sit and watch streamers.  

    Go out and live your life.  There is a whole world out there to see and you waste time complaining about stuff you yourself couldn't help but get sucked into.  

    Hearthstone is not a life, it's just a card game.  

    Those fucking salty players won't stop blaming and their cries at all. And there is nothing wrong with watching the stream, you just take a small peek and see how goes it out well. How is this experience ruining it? Moreover, If they are ruining your surprise, then why didn't you stopped watching this? What the fuck.

    Those kinds of them are fucking salty players and they will find any way to make the game look shit, at this rate when this expansion gets a lot more of hate, the next expansion will have the community flooding with tears or salts at any time. For me, it is now impossible to start caring this type of people.

    I'm done with those people who are against Hearthstone, this game could have a possibility of improving all features. Yet everyone already throwing curses nonstopping toward the game and developers.

    Fuck those who are worshipping the game as a main thing of their life. I'm just going to have some fun with new tools the game offers me while I can.

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