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    posted a message on 12 Win Tempo Rogue

    Horrible. 0-3. This deck gets wrecked by freeze mage, zoolock, and big taunt warrior. Just no ways to remove minions.

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    posted a message on The Headless Horseman Rides is This Week's Brawl!

    Played one time. Lost. Once you "kill" him, his head becomes a 2/35 minion you can hit with spells that you have to kill. I did get a pack just for playing though.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Patch: Deck Imports & Exports, Card Stacking, Questing w/ Friends, & More

    Nice that Blizz totally didn't mention that some older iOS devices, including my perfectly good 3rd Gen iPad, aren't officially supported any more. It still works for now, but I'm guessing by the next release it won't. 

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    posted a message on Top 3 - Ragnaros on Turn 2!

    That would definitely work as well. Haven't tried it mainly because I don't have that card and can't justify crafting it right now.

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    posted a message on New Legendary Card - Soggoth the Slitherer

    Feels like a "win more" or just "lose a little slower" card. Great idea, but I agree with others, too expensive.

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    posted a message on *Now Triple* Double Legend Reno Warrior

    I agree that this deck can be tough against aggro if you don't have the right cards in hand. However, it's still a lot of fun to play. First time trying it I got Justicar Trueheart out as soon as possible and loaded up on armor vs a Priest. Baron Geddon was a rock star for at least 3 turns. I had Reno Jackson in my hand for most of the game but never had to use him because my health never dipped below 30 thanks to an insane amount of armor. I eventually found the Golden Monkey and it was pretty much all over from there.  Only threat the other player had was a late-game Ragnaros the Firelord that my Sylvanas Windrunner quickly stole. 

    I have always enjoyed Control Warrior but don't play it much simply because of how long the games run. This deck makes it fun, even with a long game.

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    posted a message on heroic sun raider phaerix

    Same here. Just conceded until I could easily mulligan the cards for this magic "combo" and it didn't work at all. If there was a bug, it has been fixed.

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    posted a message on The First Co-Op Tavern Brawl, Aggro Druid Deck Analysis, Gifts that Keep on Giving

    Every time I see him play Assassinate it always hits either the most recently buffed card, or the most threatening Legendary on the board. Also, if the other player disconnects, you get a win! That actually happened on my first game.

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    posted a message on HearthPwn Goes Mobile Friendly, Deck Spotlight: Mech Warrior, Not-So-Secret, TAC #105

    Viewing and posting from my phone. Looks great so far. Nice job. 

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    posted a message on Underdog Rules Brawl, The Angry Chicken #104, CDC #33 Finalist Voting

    Threw together a basic Warlock zoo deck. Lost first game to a Freeze Mage. Promptly dominated my next game. Overall, I find this brawl to be one of the more boring ones, especially since you only get 2-3 mana cost minions if you are losing. It would be more exciting if the entire pool of minions was possible. I got my free pack so I probably won't bother playing this one any more. So far, the only brawl where you have to make your own deck that I've really enjoyed was the one where you started with 10 mana. 

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    posted a message on Tavern Brawl Reincarnate Shaman

    Very similar to a deck I've been running. Haven't tried KT yet as I think he's actually too slow. I've had better luck getting Leper Gnome and Loot Hoarder out early and then wait to play Reincarnate on Piloted Sky Golem. That usually results in insta-concede from the other side.

    Shaman is definitely the way to get a lot of wins fast in this brawl. I haven't lost yet.

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    posted a message on Genimotion not working on MAC

    Got it. Thanks.

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    posted a message on Genimotion not working on MAC

    Same problem here. Don't suppose you have a handy link to the vbox for Mac?

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    posted a message on Heroic General Drakkisath Paladin

    Finally! After countless attempts with various decks, I got him with this one. That's not saying that this deck is any better than any others. As I'm sure you've seen by now, it's all, literally, luck of the draw.

    I decided to dedicate my lunch break today to getting through this and it worked!

    To save you time as you try to beat this guy, here are a few "auto-concede" situations:

    • He plays Twisting Nether
    • He clears your board with a Flamestrike
    • He clears your board with Kidnapper
    • He clears your board early with that damn spell that destroys a minion and gives him more shield.
    • You don't have Kel'Thuzad in your opening hand
    • You don't have Tirion Fordring in your opening hand

    If any of those things happen, there is a really good chance you are going to lose quickly.

    I got lucky and had KT and Tirion in my opening hand. Played Tirion on turn one. He then played Sprint and Kidnapperand threw it back. I put Tirion back out on turn 2. He survived by just losing his shield. I ran him into a minion to kill him and then played KT.

    It was all over after that.

    As others have pointed out, for some reason, if you have KT and a taunt on the board, Drakkisath simply won't attack. At all. He keeps loading up his board, but never does anything.

    So I just kept loading my board. Used the weapon to clear a few scary minions and then just went face. A few turns later it was over.

    But, as you see, the key here is that he never played Twisting Nether or bounced Tirion back with another Kidnapper or killed him with that annoying spell. He ran one Flamestrike at the end, but it didn't do anything or matter.

    Beating this guy has a little bit to do with your deck and hand and a LOT to do with his hand.

    Oh yeah, and I did it all on my iPhone. Screw you, Drakkisath! :)

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    posted a message on Heroic Rend Blackhand Hunter(After Nerfs)

    Nailed it with this one on the first try. I definitely got lucky though. Top decked the doggies right after he dropped Onyxia. Took him out with just 1 HP on my side left.

    Now back to that jerk Drakkisath...

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